Thursday 20 November 2014

HMRC Engagement Index Falls

My thanks to a loyal reader who has sent me the following gem posted by Lin Homer, about the 2104 staff survey results, on HMRC's intranet.

To summarise, the results are shite!

HMRC is behind other departments, the engagement index has fallen, there is a fall in satisfaction with tools to do the job (RTI perchance?) and the response rate is a pathetic 53%. I understand that many answers are between -10 to -20% worse than the civil service as a whole.

Trying to put a brave face on it, Lin is softening the blow to her regime that the engagement index (44% in 2013) has fallen to 43% in 2014 by saying that things were worse in 2012.

You couldn't make this up if you tried.

Homer and HMRC are wallowing in their own feculence!

Here is the text of her message to staff:
"The headline results of HMRC’s 2014 People Survey are now available. I’m writing to let you know what they are and about the next steps for us all.

This year, our overall engagement score – which analyses how you feel about HMRC and your work – is 43 per cent.

This is a one per cent drop from last year, although our score is still two per cent higher than in 2012. The overall score for the Civil Service went up one per cent and we remain behind other departments, particularly big departments of comparable size.

I’m disappointed that our engagement score hasn’t improved this year, but I’m grateful to every one of the 35,117 of you who took the time to fill in the survey. The ten-point increase in our response rate to 53 per cent gives us a much fuller picture of how people across the Department are thinking and feeling.

ExCom now needs to examine that picture very carefully, and work out where we need to make changes. To help us do that, each line of business will be looking in depth at what they need to do differently and I would like you to get involved in the discussion. What needs changing in your team? What can your business do to help each of you feel engaged?

Your business/team level report will be available very soon, and will be shared with you by leaders in your lines of business.

There are some clear messages just from the headlines, for instance a drop in satisfaction with pay ( down five per cent) and with tools to do your job (down 9 per cent). Whilst there are some similar messages across the Civil Service, we need to understand what this means for us.

In January, everyone will have access to the Engagement Compass, which helps teams to understand and analyse their survey results, and think about what they can change at a local level. We will let you know when that’s ready.

There are some difficult messages in the survey results – and we need to understand them – but I am really glad to see that 81 per cent of you feel positive about your teams, and nearly 80 per cent of you want to stay with HMRC for at least the next year. I hope we can build on those findings, and continue to make improvements as we work together on Building our Future.

Thank you.
Why is this woman still in charge?

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  1. Lin Homer "What needs changing in your team?"

    The team "You!"

  2. This paragraph is EXTREMELY important:
    ExCom now needs to examine that picture very carefully, and work out where we need to make changes. To help us do that, each line of business will be looking in depth at what they need to do differently and I would like you to get involved in the discussion. What needs changing in your team? What can your business do to help each of you feel engaged?

    What HMRC does with this is to use it as an excuse to make changes and this is exactly what Lin and the others will do.

    Remember a few years ago when the Steve Excom bloke threatened to close any offices where staff were negative about HMRC?

    I have heard Lin before use these as an excuse to make the big unpopular changes they want and it is disgusting that they blame the staff for saying things are bad and you have told us we need to make changes.

    The real concern for Excom is the number of staff they have got rid of in the last five years means they should have the ones who like it left and are loyal but it appears not.

    1. Spin Spin Spin...Excom don't give a f**k.....another box ticking exercise...the results are irrelevant...they have "communicated" with us...that's their bonuses sorted.

    2. But they do because this tick box exercise gives them staff approval to make changes, it is very very crafty they use the staffs feelings to say "we need to change this and change that".

    3. Loyal? Or without the gumption/ability to find another job?

    4. While there is still a decent redundancy on offer you don't leave, I hated it but knew what I was getting when they finally said go and I took all the money they wanted to give. The redundancy is still the best thing about HMRC.

    5. 47% cant even be bothered to pick up a pen and complain via the 'survey' that should tell ALL with half a brain what is wrong especially when you add that to the results of the 53%
      Homer, wake up and smell the stench of BULLSH@T you and your management team are still trying to sell to staff that are NOT buying it!

    6. 47% not responding just provides 'Charisma' Homer with an opportunity to spin the figures and claim that they're all deliriously happy with the way things are. If the staff aren't buying it, they're certainly putting down a hefty deposit by not having their say.

      HMRC is never going to be a good place to work. Anybody with their head screwed on needs to set their 'Engagement Compass' (and which twat thought that one up?) to find the exit door.

    7. Homers not thick, she just acts it! she know 'exactly' what the staff are telling her. she may be at the top, but she's not the one running the farce, she's just another puppet..... one with a bloody good bonus for 'toeing the line' AND selling a crap product.

  3. Working in HMRC………..DEATH BY A THOUSAND CUTS.

  4. An absolute disgrace! a total waste of life! sticking around purely for the redundancy! will the HMRC so called management ever start doing the job we ALL seem to want them to do? i.e Be professional, support the workers, and above all tell the upper bean counters when 'initiatives' wont work!


  6. we're a music show now! Dead man singing..... bit like HMRC dead department walking !!

  7. Hah Fecking Hah!
    Whilst we have all been cogitation and mumbling out pop the 2014 Civil Service Awards and lo and behold HMRC has won The Dame Leslie Strait hie Operational Excellence Awards, sponsored by BT for of all farming things RTI - Suzanne Newton RTI Programme Director "...led the successful delivery of RTI..."!
    Now, excuse me for stating the Fecking obvious but...Over to you Ken!

    Must balance this up with what appears to be a truly well deserved award for Richard Hill an HMRC local compliance planner for his voluntary work - well done Richard you deserve the award!

    1. If only a few more like Richard a good man who I've worked with (actually at around his grade there are still loads of good men & women). Sadly we are at the whim of those who slavishly follow the party line, say the right things to impress Excom & their acolytes , hoping this will catapult them up the greasy pole to some sort of a career nirvana. I've known enough of these to know that if they're lucky they will realize they are being used & get out. If not they burn out, sometimes rather horribly, at the SCS1 - 2 level, & get spat out - used goods for Homer. And seeing how the bulk of the workforce are treated like shit, its difficult to feel sympathy for them, even those who were once mates....

    2. theory has it that people get promoted based on ability, in HMRC they seem to get promoted despite obvious Lack of ability. YES men are in FREE thinkers are out. IF YOU have a brain, want to have job satisfaction, be able to relax instead of fear the future...... get your arse out of HMRC. The grass really is greener!!!!

  8. Now, about this survey and Homers 'spin';

    An ability to reduce the overall score when more staff have undertaken the survey takes the biscuit.

    I can't be bothered to analyse the results beyond bottom for engagement with VOA, and only beaten by 1% by the Border Farce! Wonder what, or more relevantly, who, the common denominator was...

    And this woman has the cheek to say her bonus was deserved - NO WAY JOSE'!

    101, isn't that the non urgent number for the Police? HINT, HINT!

    I am at a loss to understand why HMRC is allowed to be run in such a diabolical fashion, how much more can they get away with?

  9. Are we talking about the same civil service - this buffoon seems to think so. . You couldn't make this up folks.

  10. There is no way that Homer or Excom can have any credibility after this surely?
    Last is last, no matter how hard she tries to talk it up, spin, lie, whatever, the result remains the same, last, with the other part of the organisation hanging on its apron strings.

    Might as well privatise the whole sorry mess, the top end is, on a revolving door basis.

    Where next though, it already is the joint highest civil service department for stress absence levels, perhaps people can see why now? Dundee Tribunals showed how bad the management was behaving in relation to disabled staff, and the PAC/NAO has highlighted much ineptitude and poor management.

    It's been asked already, what will it take to change things for the better?

  11. About this "engagement" compass!
    Now, I have had a dabble over the years with hand bearing, steering, magnetic, gyro, electronic, GPS and even the widget on my phone, but I have yet to handle an engagement compass.
    HMRC being what they are will not be aware of the inherent errors associated with the use of a compass, be it variation, deviation, dip error or even parallax error, all of which conspire to put you drastically off course.
    HMRC are so far off course that I doubt a sextant and star chart would get them back to earth let alone reality.
    If the Polynesia n's could work out where they were without a compass by using shells and a bamboo frame with a coconut as a sextant how come HMRC need an engagement compass to work out their course?
    Don't tell me it's for formulating and implementing your engagement strategy, that's just adding to the geeks peak!
    HMRC, FFS drop the spin and cap, your badly treated staff have enough words on the bullshite bingo cards without adding another row! Homer and Excom, get it together
    and just do your job, you don't need a compass, you need a bloody lifeboat!

  12. The vital FOUR words JUST..........DO..........YOUR.........JOB no ones asking too much of them!!

    1. I take it you are referring to management and not the staff?

      Otherwise 4 simple words...get a reality check!

    2. YES of course, sorry thought ALL would know from previous comments.

    3. OKAY, good oh.!

      Let's get back om thread then...

      Dear Prime Minister, please extract your digit from your rear, kick your Chancellor back into responsible role and sort this feck in debacle out!

      Otherwise, it is likely to be close to immigration for UKIP to raise the flag over.

      Get a grip FFS!

    4. prime minister is not interested in us, the voters that were stupid enough to put him where he is today. Him and his 'gang' of Posh, rich prats will only ever start doing stuff when they want our votes again! WE have got to force the issue. expose ALL the shit that they serve up, ALL the lies, and ALL the corruption.

    5. It will be a Con/UKIP coalition as Labour will be stuffed as a result of losing seats North of the border.

      On that basis nothing will really change apart from Illegal Immigrant smuggling earning even more money for serious and organised crime enterprises.
      FFS I was looking for them in the early 70'S off Southend Pier, it's nothing new, the Chunnel has just made it easier that floaty boats that's all.
      HMRC these days is like a reverse version of Kiplings Smugglers Song with the words " the wall my darling while the gentlemen go by..." only in this case, the so called 'gentlemen' are actually HMRC management!
      "Them that asks no questions isn't told a lie"

    6. absolutely spot on, but I wouldn't insult gentlemen by including HMRC in that group

    7. Confusions stated that gentlemen should;
      Cultivate themselves morally,
      Participate in the correct performance of ritual,
      Show file Al piety and loyalty where due, and
      Cultivate human essential,

      That's why the word was in "parenthesis"

      I doubt this lot would be described as such by Confusious, Kipling or Kermit The Frog or the man on the Clapham omnibus come to think of it! ;)

    8. Please amend words to read;


      Whata mistakas to makas!

  13. "There are some difficult messages in the survey results - and we need to understand them -...".
    Obviously Homer & Co are reading a different set of results?
    The message is pretty clear, last again, unengaged from workforce etc.
    It's been repeated annually so many times they should know the results verbatim by now.
    These idiots and their spin doctors and media manipulators would talk up the end of the world as an opportunity to make progress and move forward whilst at the same time growing the business and taking customers views into consideration, blah, blah, blah!
    In the meantime, the circus rolls forward to the next performance.

    1. "Clowns to the left of me,
      Jokers to the right
      Here I am, stuck I the middle with you."

      Steelers Wheel

  14. Of course its all the staffs fault. Theyre negative disruptive, not interested?? They promote morons incapable of being managers and overlook anyone actually good at their job. Take on bullshit roles & you get promoted no matter how shit your work is. Then they make you redundant, cheers.
    Problem starts at the top. Get rid of excom theyre useless idiiots. But they already know that. Try to deflect the attention & ask staff ffs

    1. The whole strata of management is inept, pathetic and consistently out of touch with the workforce. There is an arrogance that borders on the psychopath side of anti-social personalality disorder with them.

      When it comes to moral and ethical issues they are a disgrace.

      When it comes to lawbreaking, they don't give a damn!

      When it comes to common sense, having one of these as a team leader is depriving some village of its idiot!

      I would not cross the road to pass water upon them if they were on fire.

  15. 22:41 couldn't agree more- if HMRC was a private company it would have gone to the wall long ago. That is because of the managers, not the poor souls on the work face. They are the detritus of all that is wrong with this country.

  16. law breaking, racial, victimising bullies, when they are that busy doing all this, as well as covering their own arse by blaming the workforce what possible time have they got left to 'DO A GOOD JOB' They are getting paid so why should they give a shit! thanks tax payer, bend over and take another one for the government!!!!

  17. Anybody been to the 2nd Round of the Building Our Future events?