HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

HMRC's £165K Role for a Head in The Cloud

HMRC is looking for a cloud transformation director, and will pay up to £162,500 for the right person.

According to HMRC's advert, HMRC had a "vision" (how very messianic of it) for the provision of online, real-time services to be accessible from any device, any time using the latest cloud technology.

Hence HMRC is looking for an IT leader who is "up for the challenge of delivering transformation on a massive scale". 
"HMRC currently has a hugely complex IT estate, ranging from ‘state of the art' data analytics platforms to 40-year-old systems. The breadth, variety and complexity of these systems and the business processes they support are on a scale rarely seen in other global organisations." 
HMRC wants to "take back control of its IT architecture".

The successful candidate will have to already be a "politically astute leader" (that is for sure true!) with experience of delivering £50m+ infrastructure transformation projects across complex IT systems.

The person tasked with the job will report to Mark Dearnley, and will be given a three-year, fixed-term full-time role.

Those interested can apply here.

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  1. Most of the staff have trouble contacting the 'cloud' as it is! Simple Excel spreadsheets on our own user profiles taking 2-3 minutes to open, crucial shared workbooks being regularly corrputed because of communications failures. Oh, and we have a brand-new piece of software which appears to be called "Microsoft Word Not Responding". They should sort that out before they go offering 'real-time' services to the public which will simply go wrong all the time anyway!

  2. Most of the things they want their system to have actually have nothing to do with each other. 'online' is meaningless, 'real time' is about integration of disparate systems, or the kind of functionality you're providing (or just buzzwords, again), and 'any device' is a UI issue. 'cloud' just means you don't want to manage your own servers.

  3. The long lamented Terry Wogan Show had a rabid group of supporters called TOG's or tired old gits!
    One of them was a lady living at Atlantic View, Norwich, whose name I recall was Edna Clouds, whether she was ever taken up the Oxo Tower (that sketch still cracks me up) is open to debate.
    What is clear however is that this lot have still got their heads up their rears and have about as much chance of reaching for the clouds as the tax gap reducing in reality.
    Things have obviously not improved...

  4. HMRC, 'Chinese Parliament', committee that designed the camel? Just pathetic really, what with Pacesetter and all the call centre crap, a place to be avoided if you value your sanity, and that includes a fair few managers at all levels!

    It would be interesting to read some of the parting statements of those that have left, maybe one or two reading this blog might contribute? Failing that the relevant Select Committee should start looking at the staff turnover figures, but there again, they could not care less.

    Ho hum, same old same old, nothing to see here, move along.