Thursday 3 September 2015

HMRC's APN Calculation Shambles

I would be pleased to hear from others who have had issues with APN calculations, please feel free to post you stories in the comments section.

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  1. I received several APNs for years where I was employed by a so-called "EBT structure".
    HMRC overestimated my income by over 50%!!! (which naturally resulted in a grossly inflated APN value!!)

    Reason? Instead of using the accurate figures at their disposal (everything was duly declared on my tax returns), the math geniuses at HMRC are very openly using a calculation "model" (APN value = declared PAYE component * a seemingly random multiplier) that results in a grossly exaggerated estimate - to the benefit of HMRC, of course!
    I had to laugh!!
    NB - this for tax of TEN years ago, they NEVER asked my any information, figures, etc, EVER!

    I can only conclude the focus is firmly on "maximizing the amount of tax collected" (and if NOT collected, it's the penalties that will be maximized!), and not on any kind of fairness, accuracy, or ethics.

    Unbelievable how low this organization has fallen!

  2. A good story here:

    "On going back to HMRC they wrote to confirm the figure was nearly 14 times what it should have been, and yet when the APN was sent it still demands the first, higher figure.
    Of the other 5 years in question, only 1 set of figures is consistent across all the calcs HMRC have sent me. The rest vary between 5% to 350% differences between the APNs and Settlement figures".

    FOURTEEN TIMES too high!!! Enough said.

    The other stories are worth a read too.