HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Frank Field Calls For Concentrix Compensation

Frank Field writes in the Huffington Post:
"I propose to HMRC that, as a postscript to the Concentrix tale, it proactively approaches those families whose tax credits were wrongly stopped with two offers: to pay back those lost monies as a lump sum or over a more gradual period; and to compensate those families in full for any additional charges, such as debt interest, that they incurred to ensure their children did not end up hungry or homeless."
I fully agree.

However, does HMRC know who it screwed over?

I suspect its records are amiss.

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. As most people are aware Hmrc do not have a good record with data so there could be an issue with identifying the victims. However, it really was criminal, how tax credit claimants were treated by Hmrc/Concentrix so I would agree with Frank Field that victims should be compensated for losses. How about this being funded, in part at least, by taking a percentage of money out of the wages of whoever was supposed to be supervising the contract at Hmrc and who was seemingly asleep on the job??

    1. Look, this particular HMRC scandal impacted on a very large number of individuals & families, throwing them into chaos. How about the HMRC senior management responsible for the incompetence do the decent thing and go? Oh no, silly me, of course not - they'll carry on collecting their huge salaries & bonuses, and hang around the organisation until they get a gong. They're not happy just destroying HMRC's credibility they want to diminish the credibility of the Honours system too.

    2. 'The credibility of the Honours system'? And what credibility would that be, exactly?

    3. Did Lin Homer do any charitable or community work that anyone knows about??? Just trying to think of what genuine reasons could have caused a Damehood to be bestowed on her. If it were given for her fairly short time as CEO of HMRC - where upon the dept were involved in a number of scandals and an internal thuggish violent bullying culture - then unfortunately the system is morally bankrupt. Now, was there someone called Mr Goodwin who had their knighthood taken off them?

  2. None now @ 18.10 The honour system ended for me when Homer received her Damehood. A less deserved "Honour" I gave yet to witness.
    Absolutely shameful-the nominees as much as the receivers.