HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Tax Credits Under HMRC's Full Control


Welfare Tax Credits:Written question - 58935

Asked by Rob Marris
(Wolverhampton South West)
Asked on: 06 January 2017
HM Treasury
Welfare Tax Credits
To ask Mr Chancellor of the Exchequer, which organisation will run the compliance process for tax credits for (a) 2017-18, (b) 2018-19 and (c) 2019-20.
Answered by: Jane Ellison
Answered on: 11 January 2017
HM Revenue and Customs will run and deliver the entire compliance process for tax credits.

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  1. I have this horrible De Ja Vue 'spidey senses' tingling sort of premonition...

    When you consider how bad their databases are at linking up you could have the situation where tax credits are managed and enforced outhouse with most of the 'Connect' data provided via 3rd parties trying to run on computers that are not any more fit for purpose than HMRC management and organisation.

    The following spring to mind;

    Customer Service - Do Feck Off, there's a good customer,, go online, I don't care that you dont have the ability to, just fecking do it (thats JFDI in LE 'speak).

    Chose any one of theses to describe the outcome of this;

    Feel free to use inter thinghy acronym search...

    Add to this all the benefits as seen from privatising any part of the system including buildings and, well, you know the rest really?


    1. Not sure if anyone realises that much of the Compliance work in Tax Credits is sort of handed down on licence to lower grades.Compliance work had always been carried out by minimum O Grade. In the past couple of years much of the work is conducted by AO's. In other words when on the phone they call themselves Compliance, their letters will tell you they are Compliance, their work is proper Compliance, but they are Compliance in name only, not in pay or grade. It's like the child's Sheriff outfit. He has a badge but a pretend one only.
      These PTU's ( Pretend Compliance Units) are put on tasks with no training. Thrown in at the deep end and making judgement calls weeks or months before you are given some sort of training.
      You start with just a few floorwalkers/checkers or two to help. Some of these are capable, constructive and do their best to help.Some are just FPC's(Firms Person Creeps).
      The Union are powerless to do anything. Even the few decent reps will realise that it's a thin line between diong work that is out of your grade to having no work and no job.In contrast, the many FPC's in the Union will be monitoring the situation to see if they can reap any gain for themselves.
      It's a state of affairs that lends itself only to deep mistrust, poor atmosphere, hate and ill health.

    2. The clerical grades are about the only ones actually working on the frontline, albeit the taxation one. Face to face let alone confrontation with the public is lessened across the civil service these days courtesy partly of IT, security guards and strong glass partitions.
      However, the clericals bear the brunt of 'customer' dissatisfaction whilst watching the executive grades chase their rears following whatever political dogma is currently flavour of the day.
      Unsure what the first division mob does in there, but it must be important as they have a seperate trade union FFS!
      The system has imploded and it has become obvious that papering over the cracks is not fooling anyone, except the managers and politico's.
      Probably get Homer back in charge in a year or 2 having gained further invaluable public sector experience.
      No wondewr Ken Dodd was knighted - to balance off her award.

    3. Re: 15/1 08:44 & 12:28 - these comments provide a good insight into the workings of Hmrc. Just to add to that, even among clerical grades and Band Os, most staff have little or no direct face to face contact with the taxpaying public they serve.
      From what I can imagine the only people in such roles would be frontline debt collectors, those doing traditional customs work and a very limited amount of compliance 'officers' (although most do this work from the comfort of a warm office drinking coffee, bullying and acting very self-important). This must impact on service as it means less than 2% of Hmrc have any real understanding of what the world is like out there for the taxpayers & general public they serve.
      As the above alludes to, the higher up you go the problem gets worse, as these people have never done a frontline work but make decisions which impact on millions of taxpayers.
      For all the publicising & promoting laudable issues such as diversity, equality & inclusion the state of affairs referred to above "deep mistrust, poor atmosphere, hate and ill health" is one of the numerous ignored problems created by management.

    4. As an ex frontline debt collector I can reassure you....nobody " in the office" had any understanding of real life, and these people were at best dismissive,and more commonly actively "anti" taxpayers.

  2. Tax credit claimants can rest easy then... its all back under the control of that very professional HMRC outfit... you know that stalinist acting (dis)organisation that loses data, fails to pick up the telephone, picks on small business while multinationals pay little tax, well yeah you know...

  3. The above comments, particularly feelings of de ja vue, are not a surprise to me. At risk of repeating what has been said on here before the problems run deep right to the very core of their integrity and lack of professionalism. As many including Richard Murphy have called for HMRC should be made a ministerial department. Currently the governance structure is all wrong, leaving zero accountability. When the CEO Lin Homer sent a dishonest letter to the M.P of a reader (about HMRC's apparent failure to abide the law), as commented on here earlier this week, it suggests a dept out of control and under the control of nobody - with all the predictable consequences. As an interim measure how about putting staff who deal real jobs, i.e. working directly with the public, on the HMRC board responsible for hiring, promoting & appraising the performance of senior management??

    1. re: Hmrc being out of control and their compliance or otherwise with the law of the land - is it just me or has anyone else experienced issues with them sticking to the letter & spirit of the law wrt subject access & foi requests?

  4. I see Lin Homer has just been allowed to work at Suffolk Council again (see made a right mess of it the first time. And she says she is doing it for free. How does that fit in with NMW?

    1. So she got a huge golden goodbye and a gong for her failures at Hmrc, and now she is going to be working for free at Suffolk County Council where she also messed up? The motivation for working for free doesn't sound right, I smell a rat... Mrs Homer should never be allowed near public office again. Do Suffolk council know of the bullying culture she authorised at HMRC?

  5. Oh dear-it seems no different from when a criminal goes back to the scene of their crime