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HMRC Is Shite
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Monday, 23 October 2017

The Best Laid Plans of Mice, Men and HMRC - Manchester Regional Centre Pushed Back

My thanks to a loyal reader who pointed me to a recent PCS statement regarding HMRC office closures.

It seems that there are scheduling changes, with the Manchester Regional Centre pushed back and closures elsewhere brought forward.
"HMRC has today (19 October) announced further changes to its ‘Building Our Future’ programme. These are essentially updates on two main areas: the Manchester regional centre dates; and updates for eight other offices.

Manchester Regional Centre

The estate negotiations on the location and buildings for the proposed Manchester Regional Centre are taking longer than the department had initially anticipated. This will mean that the Regional Centre will now pen at least a year late, and possibly even later than that. When it eventually opens it will now do so in two phases.

The overall capacity of the Regional Centre has not been confirmed, not least because there are considerations being made regarding the impact on HMRC jobs of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union.

As a consequence of the delay, the department has decided to extend the retention of Trinity Bridge House, Salford, until the 2027/28 year. Additionally, negotiations are being pursued to extend the leases for nearby Albert Bridge House and Ralli Quays.

Closure Dates Brought Forward Elsewhere
Further announcements have been made which affect members in nine other locations:
•    Netherton office is now planned to close in November 2018, and St Helens in January 2019. The proposed migration route for all three offices is to Imperial Court, Liverpool or St John’s House, Bootle.
•    Blackpool and Bolton office closures are being brought forward to January 2019 with the majority of members directed towards Trinity Bridge House or Albert Bridge House.
•    York is now planned to close in January 2019 with members moving to Castle House Leeds, and eventually on to the Leeds Regional Centre.
•    Worcester is now planned to close in January 2019 with members moving to Birmingham, City Centre House.
•    Closures of Royal House and the second floor of Regent House, both in Solihull, have been brought forward to January 2019, with members moving to Saphire East, Solihull before then moving to the future Birmingham Regional Centre.
•    Derby (Northgate House) is earmarked for closure in January 2019 with members moving to Castle Meadow House in Nottingham.
The best laid plans of mice, men and HMRC....

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  1. Yes that's me out of a job after 20 years. A big 2 fingers at their staff. While the senior managers do sweet FA on big money. The people who delivered this announcement were laughing at the staff at the time.

    1. Sorry to hear of your job loss. My experience of HMRC after service spanning three decades, forced out via vile & violent bullying & lawbreaking which caused mental breakdown & suicidal thoughts, is that HMRC management were quite prepared to allow manufactured evidence in order to fully screw me over (which can be proven) i.e. attempt pervert the course of justice, so as long as it got them off the hook. Do not trust this bunch. Ever.

    2. As per 15:50, sorry to hear, but not surprised.
      My circumstances very similar to 15:30.
      Has to be an investigation not an enquiry which tends to be a whitewash at best, at worst, they will have shredded and deleted as much as possible, forgetting the 'footprint' they have created, not forgetting texts on private as well as official and 'burn' phones or triple encrypted blackberries.
      Don't forget the furore amongst the leagl fraternity over disclosure rules breaking etc.
      It is better on the outside once the scars heal.
      Best of luck to you and your colleagues.

  2. New rules just introduced for commenting on the staff intranet: "no sarcasm or satire". Compared with HMRC, North Korea is a veritable beacon of free speech and democracy.