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HMRC Is Shite
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Friday, 29 June 2018

HMRC and Brexit

The National Audit Office has stated that HMRC has accelerated work on its contingency plans for handling customs declarations in the event of a “no-deal” Brexit next March.

The NAO said that if this work was successfully completed, HMRC would have the system capacity to handle customs declarations no matter what the outcome of exit negotiations between the UK and the EU; ie HMRC would be in a position to handle a "no deal" Brexit.

However, the NAO also stated that significant challenges remain and the success of wider customs preparations would involve many other dependent systems and processes at the border.

Civil Service World reports that auditors found HMRC has started to engage with 150,000 traders that import and export goods outside of the EU, but has not yet started the same communications with the at least 145,000 EU-only traders who may need to make customs declarations after March 2019, dependent on the EU exit deal.

Time and the outcome of the Brexit negotiations will tell if HMRC is up to the challenge!

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  1. Sounds great..., what could possibly go wron?
    Contract management,
    Design oversight,
    Poor management,
    Not enough staff,
    No risk assessment,
    Insufficient engagement - with 'customers' and/or users inc. staff,
    Lack of time,
    Revolving door breaks down,
    We leave EU and it all goes woTsITS up,
    Germany invades Poland,
    We end up in a close trading partnership with Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the Commonwealth (been there before, no problem),
    The WTO agrees on a no tarrif system worldwide and the UN imposes article wotever and takes over the U.S.
    Conspiracy theories proven to be true after all - like UK rendition involvement.

    Thought for the day, where did it all go wrong?

    1. It all started with speelcheck...!

    2. CANUK organisation?

  2. The queue at the border will look like Smokey and The Bandit. Parking that close together you will need a tin opener to get through.

  3. And on the same day as the Public Accounts Committee publishes yet another report on the continuing miserable failure to close the VAT gap on Import VAT in particular.

    And a "Consultation" on VAT split payment closes, a hopeless concept which HMRC have been using as a fig leaf for far too long.

  4. The word facilitation appears popular in HMRC reference to post Brexit border 'controls@.
    As facilitation is based upon trader compliance, honesty and integrity within the supply chain, what could possibly go wrong?
    Also, who will be undertaking the physical controls at the border, post import and at export (yes, don't forget the money that can be nicked by false exporting etc.).
    Get G4S on the case, then the forces can be called in to sort out the mess!
    SNAFU in extremis

  5. A joy to see that the Muppet Show is splattered all over the Sunday Papers again. I lose track about the things they make a dogs dinner out of.

  6. Have the Muppets approached the engagement with the wrong customer' base first, surely the greatest changes and effect will be on those currently/continuing to trade with the EU?
    Unless of course. those changes do not occur or are minimal (soft)?
    Be interesting to watch from the sidelines as this Brexit effect rolls out.
    Anyone remember those lovely days of Community Transit forms? Anyone that dealt with them for HM Customs used to believe the whole thing to have been a waste of time as most shipments were confirmed by reference to a shipping manifest'load list etc. Seals to 'secure' containers etc. were about as effective as the PCS/chocolate teapot and everyone remembers the ease with which organised crime defeated such 'contols' as existed.
    As previously stated, crime will have undertaken its reserach and already be planning for its new opportunities based oin facilitation of trade/trader compliance.

    Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive? (Sir Walter Scott)

    Oh yes, and then there are the NCA risk assessments relating to public sector employees.

    Here we go, here we go etc.

    1. Following above, the link to the NCA Strategic Assessment 2018 is;

      The very relevant parts are easy to pick out, a full rea should give you some indication of G Browns' 'legacy' when he car crashed various border related departments which ended up with one new department being unable for some time to agree on the important issues like common uniform and emblems of rank etc!
      HM Customs used to have a fairly comprehensive coverage of non-canalised areas until it screwed it up following the merger into HMRC. The failure to work out that the various commodities all used various modes of transport to cross borders.
      In-depth reading will support the previous contentions made hereon that Brexit will provide increased opportunities for organised crime that have already done their homework.
      Good quality research and presentation by NCA!