HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Thursday, 28 June 2018

"Building Our Future" Runs Into Resistance In Ealing

Ealing Council and Ealing Central & Acton MP Rupa Huq are fighting to prevent the closure of the borough’s HMRC office which could lead to the loss of 260 jobs.

HMRC has proposed that the office could close in 2020/21 as part of the latest phase of a restructure across the UK.

At a full council meeting on Tuesday (June 12) the council unanimously passed a motion to support members of the Ealing branch of the PCS Union, which is campaigning against the potential closure.

The motion read:
The proposed closure of the HMRC Ealing office in the year 2020/21 will mean the loss of approx 260 quality jobs, of which 75% are carried out by female and ethnic minority workers.

This will mean HMRC no longer have a presence in Ealing. The loss to the local Ealing economy is estimated at approx one million pounds per year. This loss will inevitably have a detrimental impact on other businesses in the area that staff use. We call on Ealing Council to debate this issue, oppose the loss of jobs in Ealing and join the campaign to keep the office open beyond 2020/21.”

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  1. Good to see the local MP and council supporting the Ealing office however similar campaigns to stop HMRC's madness have been run in locations across the country since the late 2000's and none have been successful.

    At least HMRC will still have a physical presence in London whereas in remote locations of the UK there is no HMRC office for hundreds of miles. Desk based compliance checks have their place but happy days for the cash-in-hand traders. Usually Senior Management get Honours for closing down offices and putting people out of work! Arise Sir Jonathan?

  2. Change the word 'proposed' to 'racing cert'. I expect the land will be worth a shiny penny.

  3. The words Impact assessment should be replaced by waste of time lip service review. It's not just HMRC who waste tax payers money on these consultations Royal Mail do the same closing p offices. It's criminality on a large scale as its our tax payers money they waste on these cruel straw clutching reviews.

    1. HMRC: Run by dishonest management who behave, well, dishonest. Leads to a corrupt organisation where casual dishonesty is the norm. And they have the attitude "oh well, it's only pesky tax payers money"...

    2. I really hate to correct you, but, it's not taxpayer's money, it's 'customer's' money.
      How many more times FFS?!

  4. HMRC: Useless 'consultations' with staff and customers, then HMRC do what they wanted to do anyway.

    Campaigns have been run up and down the country to no effect, and this will be no different.

    Any impact assessments on staff, customers and local economies haven't been made public domain (or made available to staff) to the best of my knowledge.

  5. The whole object of the exercise is to cull staff , drops in revenue can be covered by "future revenue benefit " ie imaginary accruals -the Wembley office was supposed to shut 2019-20 in fact Nov 2017 as the head lease was held by the DWP who knew damm well it was never going to be renewed as the site worth lot more with a hotel or flats , staff lied to continually -if you dont fancy Euston , swiftly followed by Croydon or Docklands then **** off is the message ..

    1. FTE (Full-Time Equivalents), bums on seats etc., with reduction 'objectives' or targets set to allow massive bonus payments for achievement of said 'objectives'.

      Be interesting to see Private Eye do a follow-up to the Mapely debacle and highlight any common denominators or further shenanigans.

      Of course, does anyone believe they had the foresight to retain experienced Customs & Excise staff used to dealing with the complex taxation legislation et. al. associated with import and export. Don't forget they will require offices and IT and other 'support'.

      Oh dear, 'we're doomed I tell ye, doomed!'

      p.s., won't there be an increase in calls to the 'call centres' as a result?