HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Is HMRC Deliberately Cutting Off Calls To Fiddle The Stats?

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  1. HMRC fiddling the figures? Noooooooo surely not, unless...?

    Well Fluck my old boots, there must be a reason, shurely?

    Maybe it is part of their SLA with Joe Public, the 'customer', not to keep them waiting too long?

    Could have come from a Lean problem solving technique leading to a Kaizen or maybe it was discovered from a hub group meeting of the chosen.

    Who cares, it is still Shite no matter how much you polish it up.

    1. ANOTHER FIDDLE : we the staff are told to hide our learning and development time...we are meant to put it down as losses...but are urged by management to sign out of out work hours and then sign back in again...this makes the stats look better for management as losses then are "hidden" but in reality could lead to the staff member being sacked for misconduct......this is tantamount to fraud and is being forced upon the lower's a disgrace.
      Is this happening in other HMRC offices ??

  2. Where do you work? Where is this happening?

    1. For fear of recrimination I can't say...but i assure you it IS happening....the whole atmosphere in this office is one of fear :(

    2. No doubt. Many are better off in the local nick.

  3. Where do you work? Where is this happening?
    Those that have sojourned about this blog would have no need to ask such questions for they have already been enlightened.
    Those that bang the drum and seek evidence do nowt but draw attention to themselves forgetting that "...absence of evidence is not evidence of absence...".
    Seek and ye shalle finde, failing which cast a critical eye upon this Telegraph article;

    An HMRC spokesperson said: “Our staff are trained and committed to providing advice and support for all customers no matter what their situation is.

    The penultimate lines, copied below, are evidence of HMRC's arrogant and vacillating 'understanding' of mental health issues. Remember, this article relates to 'customers' or taxpayers as the real world refers to them...
    “The assertion that HMRC does not have a good understanding of mental health is false.”

    When it comes to HMRC employees, ignoring mental health assessments or previous histories is at the bottom of the pile when it comes to mental health and HMRC (perhaps an oxymoron?).

    Perhaps Ken, M.P.'s, reporters, Solicitors or the likes of HMIC, IPCC, H&S Exec., or anyone with a modicum of common sense could begin to join the dots. FFS?! You do not need toi be a missile engineer to work this one out.

    1. The HMRC over the last 3 months have been gushing on the internal intranet how they "care" about their employees mental health...yet they continue to carry out systematic bullying of their lower grade staff....ffs is time for this to stop!!! Expose these monsters !!!

  4. Section 7 HASAWA 1974. Employeess responsible for their actions or ommissions affecting his own H&S or that of others. Managment employees can not either by actions (warnings intimidation threats) affect the health of AO grades and senior managers who fail to act (via ignorance) to keep managers obeying the law are equally guilty. Breech of contract and name and shaming is a good place to start. RIFE in HMRC and as for fiddling the figures. Portsmouth, Sunderland Peterlee and all the HMRC call centres are guilty with the instructions coming from Manchester. Join the dots folks.