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HMRC Is Shite
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Monday, 18 June 2018

HMRC Harasses Those With Mental Health Problems

HMRC has been criticised for failing to recognise mental health issues after it continued to target vulnerable taxpayers despite being issued with warnings from medical professionals.

The Telegraph states that is has been contacted by some of its readers who said their mental health had deteriorated because of the way they had been hounded for cash by HMRC.

In some cases this pursuit continued even after HMRC acknowledged that they were vulnerable. In one instance a high-profile figure attempted suicide after HMRC failed to correctly note his vulnerable person status and continued to contact him.

Others have been left unable to work after suffering anxiety and depression as a result of HMRC inquiries, while one reader asked solicitors to intervene on his behalf.  These cases highlight the lack of recognition and protection for those with mental health difficulties.

HMRC apologised for not meeting its own guidelines, losing letters and failing to return calls.

Andrew Neil, an IT contractor from Llandudno, sent multiple letters from doctors to HMRC, which ignored them.

HMRC acknowledged that Mr Neil was a vulnerable person in November 2016, but continued to send letters and contact him by telephone. The taxman also lost a letter sent by Mr Neil for almost four months and failed to call his wife back after she tried to intervene.

It has apologised for each of these oversights.
Mr Neil and others are among the thousands of people targeted by the taxman because of the way they structured their finances in the past, using loans instead of payments for their income.

These tax arrangements, which were generally considered legal at the time, have since been challenged by HMRC.

Those who have fallen foul now face large tax bills and penalties, sometimes in the hundreds of thousands of pounds. Because of the way HMRC is seeking to collect the tax, the “loan charge” payments due could be much higher than the amount originally owed.

HMRC told Telegraph Money it had safeguards in place to support those with mental health problems.That's all very well, but from the above it seems that HMRC does not follow its own rulebook on the subject of mental health!

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  1. No staff see! So no calls answered and few letters dealt with. To be expected. But EXCOM continues to lie, distort and pretend they are worth celebrating. Anyhoo, why would a member of the public think they deserve being treated fairly when EXCOM doesn't treat staff fairly? All aboard the skylark I mean gravy train. All's well.

  2. The fact that HMRC harasses those with mental health problems should be shocking but is sadly the type of behavior we have come to expect.

    As a survivor of HMRC's violence, I sympathize with those taxpayers with mental ill health who are are being hounded by HMRC. They do the same with employees.

    As a former HMRC employee, my experience was of HMRC causing anxiety & depression by their bullying. Once diagnosed with this condition, HMRC then saw fit to up the level of bullying further; with a manager even involving third party members of the public. This led to a diagnosis of PTSD from which I continue to recover.

    I very much regret not reporting the criminal elements of their misconduct to the police at the time, preferring instead to engage with their senior management and HR people (whose only interest was to cover up the misconduct and suppress the truth) and litigation, during which HMRC had constructed a false narrative based on fabricated evidence.

    Integrity is a quality which is lacking within HMRC management. Individual cases of HMRC mistreatment/misconduct, whether involving taxpayers or HMRC staff, however serious, will not obtain justice against this dishonest organization who have scant regard for the rule of law when it suits their agenda. How they sleep at night is a question often pondered.

    Somebody needs to join up the dots and get the authorities in there and follow the evidence. We need to see individuals inside HMRC, however senior, investigated and held accountable for their actions & inactions.

  3. Bit of advice to those being harassed by HMRC. Do a Subject Access request to get all the data they hold. There you'll see the shocking attitude they really have to mental health. #bullies #dinosaurs #uneducated #corrupt

  4. HMRC also creates mental health problems for their staff. I am surprised there hasn't been a suicide yet. In Personal Tax management are picking staff off one by one they started with the weakest & oldest members of staff. Anyone who can get another job, or retire is admitting defeat and handing their notice in. Staff leaving rate is currently running at more than one a week in at least one office as the regime is so bad. Staff have to be accountable for every minute they are on the premises, either with their KPI performance or call handling times. Team Leaders & higher grades too, sit watching 'the canvass' this means a manager is paid to sit and monitor what telephone codes staff are using and for how long in order to reprimand them. Staff members have even had to explain they were taking a dump! The 'pacesetter/lean' system is used to try & prove HMRC are hitting their promised targets, when they are not. The only way staff can survive the system is to lie about productivity. In Personal Tax they are not interested in customer service, or staff welfare, only stats to report to those in charge, no one cares how shoddily the work is done. As a staff member, if you do you are out the door for taking too long. Amongst the many ludicrous practices is staff only being allowed to read their emails /guidance updates etc during a pre booked hour long slot,which often gets cancelled. PT is not fit for purpose and the government needs to take a serious look at it. The staff are also expected to 'flip' from one involved area of work to another with no time allowed for refreshing their knowledge. The atmosphere is dire, staff crying in the toilets is common.

    1. This is happening in my office too...but we have had enough...we are using every tool in our armoury to expose these would not believe how management from Band O and above have closed's like big brother in here....crying is also a daily is intolerable.Show any iota of humanity and it is pounced upon as being weak.Managers who have any ounce of kindness are pulled to one side and told to use the whip.
      The A grades are being crucified by this bullying scum....the above poster is correct....stats are everything...and are unachievable unless you doctor your figures....customer service is rock bottom...if we have I.T problems which happen frequently we still have to acheive our targets...losses are not counted....
      I will say this are committing fraud with their figures at the expense of the lower grades...making them fill in stat sheets by telling them to time out and time in again and not recording losses in the losses fabricating the figures !!! This has to stop
      It is like a concentration camp in here !!! HELP US PLEASE !!!

    2. @ 20 June 2018 15:15. Do speak to your local C.A.B, raise your case with your MP and get some independent legal advice. The reason the bullies run riot in HMRC is 'cus too many fail to stand up to them. Like all bullying scumbags, fail to stand up to them enables their misconduct.

    3. If this is going on, you should have ask for a 'Stress Risk Assessment' which will happen as a one to one with your manager. This document has to be signed off by a senior grade (SO/HO) and is departmental policy.

      Make sure you are familiar with the ACAS Code of Practice, which is all available for free on line. Quote anything that is relevant to your personal circumstances. Equalities Act 2010 for example. There is an email address on PCS website if issues can't be dealt with at local level within PT. Escalation Routes.

    4. In terms of 'monitoring', HMRC should be adhering, completely, to the GDPR legislation. Which replaced the Data Protection Act. Ensure that they are. All available on ACAS site too, plus other recommendations.

    5. GDPR Principle (a) "You must use personal data in a way that is fair. This means you must not process the data in a way that is unduly detrimental, unexpected or misleading to the individuals concerned".

  5. A culture of casual disregard for law which is designed to keep employees safe runs through the heart of HMRC. Years of getting away with it as seen this culture now put onto taxpayers. What will the government do about it?

  6. HMRC certainly don't follow their own 'rulebook' when it comes to basic standards of human decency. Its only a matter of time before they apologize for the 'perception'of harassment. Not good enough.Perception is a buzzword which the thickos believes gets them off the hook, as though there's no objective standard of behavior in their universe. If HMRC 'customers' or staff have been subjected to violence from the thugs then surely thats a fact. We need them to apologize for the reality and ensure the guilty are disciplined/prosecuted where there is evidence of criminal wrongdoing.

  7. READ AND WEEP › News › Wales News › Matthew Tvrdon

    I recall telling one manager in Law Enforcement at Ty Glas that Excom needed to be made aware that the Disability Discrimination Act had been overtaken somewhat by the provisions of the Equalty Act as all HMRC 'guidance' referred to the DDA not the EQA!
    My MP has proof in a letter from Lin Homer still referring to DDA post implementation of EQA, just in case anyone doubts the contention...

    When the proper investigation is commenced maybe ear-defenders will be required to dull the sound of skeletons rattling out of cupboards and the cries of 'lessons will be learned...'

    Join the .......... FFS! Join the F'in dots!

  8. Let's not forget the huge back log of customer correspondence, due to the fact telephones are ALWAYS priority. Management are too stupid to realise that if they let staff work the post, there would be less telephone calls asking why in June they have had no reply to their letter sent in to HMRC in February. The system us in meltdown :)

  9. HMRC have specialists in covering up bullying and harassment. Big shout out to the grievance 'investigators' at Nottingham Castle Meadow and the HR team at Manchester. Shame on you and your lack of morals, honesty or integrity.

    1. There is no HR team in Manchester.

    2. The civil service HR casework team based in Manchester were complicit, along with HMRC management, in the cover up of my case...

  10. Just a thought - how many MPs have received complaints from HMRC employees (current & former) and taxpayers relating to bullying and harassment? Wonder why nobody is joining up the dots. A criminal investigation is required to uncover what's been going on inside HMRC.

  11. Its not just MPs, don't forget the complaints that have electronic footprints within both HMRC and the next to useless and complicit PCS. Then there are the complaints made to the various aspects of the media, solicitors {especially where advice sought}, and the vast stories laying 'hidden' within NHS GP records, psychiatric and councelling records.
    Also, waiting in the wings will be a fairly large number of current and ex. colleagues and families of those affected.
    Whether the dots are joined or simply the sheer breadth and volume of allegations and claims can no longer be ignored, the fact that HMRC can now be shown to be treating employees and 'customers' alike has come to the surface.
    A watershed moment may occur when someone, in a position of influence realises how much these crimes are draining the public purse, money that should and could be spent more effectively. Then, perhaps only then, will that indidual stand up and be prepared to say ENOUGH, STOP, INVESTIGATE.
    it is after all money that could be spent on schools, hospitals, the aged or simply knocking a few pounds off the National Debt.
    There you go 'someone', there is your challenge, please don't ignore things any longer, you know it makes sense.


  13. As many know HMRC are a violent organisation. Try standing up to their nasty & un-lawful ways and one learns they are also corrupt. People thinking of working for the mob should AVOID. Taxpayers don't have that option. The electorate should demand that change from HMRC.

  14. Take a look at:

    HMRC/Civil Service propaganda about bullying. Followed by hundreds of comments. Bear in mind they moderate so the really bad ones will not be allowed.

    One example from an "HMRC staff member":
    "Jayne, your comment 'I think bullying in the CS is endemic and there seems to be no departments that are free of it. I also feel that bullies are encouraged as they are often management favourites.' sums up my experience so well.

    It seems to me that bullies are seen as people who 'get the job done' in the 'you can't make am omelette without cracking a few eggs' mould. So a blind eye is turned to their behaviours because more senior managers (i.e. SCS) are concerned that without them the job would not get done.

    I've also heard many times, including last week, that the bullying behaviour is 'strong management' and people are complaining because they don't like to be effectively managed. When people are called names in meetings, ascribed negative traits based on their gender, or more serious active undermining of people and their careers is undertaken behind their back because they are 'outside' the favoured group, then this can never be 'strong management'. SCS need to get to grips with this and end their support for people they know are bullies because they are worried about meeting their own short term performance targets."

    1. A Grade 6 Assistant Director mocked the mental health condition which HMRC inflicted on me. Taking into account the seniority of that scumbag its not surprising that HMRC has little regard for taxpayers. HMRC are not human.

    2. Re: HMRC bullying and the above. There is an update into their so-called 'review' at

      The 11% reporting bully, harassment and discrimination pales into insignificance compared to the 29% reporting the same where I work in HMRC.

      A comment from KD says:

      "There is a clear culture of failure to recognise and support employees who raise these issues and all to often this is with the tacit approval of HR, who are too close to management to provide impartial assistance or too busy to get to grips with the problem.

      This requires a root and branch revue of practices with a full voice given to those employees who have been on the receiving end."

      "P" replied saying:
      "HMRC has been like that for decades KD. They often move the person being bullied and not the persons bullying. Thus the bullies choose their work colleagues. So much for a selection and recruitment policy. For decades, Management in HMRC have had their 'head in the sand' about bullying and harrassment. Some even acquiesce and use it to their own advantage. HMRC bad management, has been the norm for a long time. A lot more could be said, but it would give to much away. I'm sure you understand KD. All the best."

      This all resonates as my partner was constructively dismissed by HMRC following bullying. I am hoping to get the local newspaper to run a story on it soon. Wonder what HMRC's press office would say to that.

    3. @ 21/06/18 17:27 Very interesting that an HMRC employee posting on the CS blog in response to another HMRC vicitm finishes by saying "A lot more could be said, but it would give to much away. I'm sure you understand KD" Fear??? Fear of repercussions is the last thing protecting those HMRC staff guilty of misconduct and covering up misconduct. The evidence exists. The victims have suffered and lost a lot. Maybe one day it will the turn of the guilty parties to lose their careers, livelihoods and homes. Those guilty of wrongdoing must face justice.

  15. What happens in the HMRC is that those in charge bully from the top and it's like a domino one has the balls to challenge the higher grade and it becomes endemic.....20+ years in the HMRC and i have never known it as poisonous...we are at each others eat is was so much better when we were separate Inland Revenue and Customs !!

    1. HMRC will tell you that you are not being bullied and that it is just your "perception". The spineless violence enablers have been throwing that word around for years as their get out of jail free card. When confronted with evidence the cover up operation begins. Stories of managers breaking the criminal law unchecked is the reality of the organization. Have you spoken to PCS?


  17. Post your bullying here please !!!

  18. And before anybody suggests that bullying isn't a problem and quotes the staff survey, remind them how far SCS can drill down to determine who has completed the survey, and that surveys can be skewed by fear of exposure

    1. Fear of reprisals is a common reason people fail to resist HMRC's bullying. When I submitted a complaint to a G7 manager about my SO line manager, the scoundrel sent thugs round to home address to intimidate. All reported to HMRC, my local MP and others, but all swept under the carpet by HR and Management.

    2. I am in the middle of a case against HMRC management...I await the cold shoulder,the closing of ranks and more bullying...but i don't care...they can't treat me any worse..i am now immune to it...i will keep you all informed of my imminent demise as yet again it will be swept under the is a truly horrible place.

    3. Good luck!

  19. Wow. is the lid blowing off at last?
    Well done to those that have joined in the furore!
    Now, what about someone actually kickstarting the long overdue investigation, there are an awful lot of people peeking out to see which way the wind bloweth!

    1. The majority of HMRC staff are totally pissed off with management and will back you up verbally....but once it comes to doing something them disappear into the mist...they are too afraid.

  20. HO staff will only ensure any reports are swept under the carpet. PCS are complicit by not using SECTION 7 of HASAWA against HMRC as failure by mgt employees to adhere to section 2 of the act is breech of contract. Where is internal governance in this? All institutionalised bullying.

    1. Problem with Internal Governance is they will only investigate cases referred to them through 'appropriate channels' which is basically HR and senior managers. Therein lies the problem. They will not refer cases in order to protect the guilty. In my case Mr Gordon (the so-called grievance investigator) failed to refer an SO manager to Internal Governance even though there was evidence of:-
      1. Dishonesty
      2. Bullying and Harassment
      3. Failure to follow internal guidance
      4. Fabricating retrospective documents
      5. Third party involvement
      6. Serious mental health injury
      7. Law breaking - both civil and criminal.

      An unscrupulous local PCS TU rep was also complicit in the cover up.

      There is no governance hence a toxic and dangerous environment where bullies run riot.

    2. Tried and failed twice with Hartnett and Homer to get allegations of civil and criminal lawbreaking investigated. Strange thing is, if ever it does get investigated the failure to act upon the allegations is an offence in itself.
      Perhaps the voiceprint scam will open up a can of worms at last?

  21. I am sure there are a few Blue Meanies twitching with involuntary bowel movements this morning reading this. WWG1WGA

  22. Thought for the day...

    Has anyome else noticed how many posts this oft repeated subject seem to generate each time it rears its ugly head?

    The 'persom' on the Clapham omnibus might rightly conclude that something is amiss and that what HMRC say as compared to what they do are poles apart. In fact re-reading HASAWA again following 22nd 07:02 post above, the words '...act or omission...' appear to resonate quite clearly...

    So, whilst pondering thought for the day consider some truth related quotes to brighten and enlighten your day...

    Three things cannot be long hidden;
    The moon,
    The sun, and;
    The Truth

    Truth is like the sun.
    You can shut it out for a time, but it ain't going away.
    {Elvis Presley}

    A lie, told often enough, becomes the truth.

    Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth.

    There are many similar quotes out there but always be reminded of this one...

    "Don't believe everything you read on the internet"
    {Abraham Lincoln}

    Keep up the good fight peeples, it looks as through the the truth is coming out at last. Never, ever, give up!

  23. Agree. Shame is an incredibly powerful weapon, remember that. As is "Reputational Risk"

    1. I am not giving up this fight....they may cruicify me...but enough is enough..i will see this through to the end !!
      The HMRC is a bullying organisation.....10 years ago it wasn't..wonder why...i urge you readers to read Jon Thompson's twitter account...especially the @ kitterati one ....this is what taxpayers money is being thrown at...pure bollox !!!!

  24. eg

    (Or google HMRC and the key words here)

  25. A taster of the above. This is a public judge! Public judge and public money.

    Unfair dismissal
    36. This dismissal was a travesty of a fair process. It was spectacularly unfair.
    In the first place, it was unfair, absent any explanation, to place the Claimant in
    jeopardy of losing her livelihood in circumstances where the appointed specialist
    investigator had decided that the case was one of “minor misconduct”.

  26. If in any doubt as to the extent of bullying and harassment in HMRC, see

    A comment from a year ago:
    "I stumbled across this today but reading it makes me very sad as it is all too late for me. My 28 year career where I was regularly recognised as a high performing manager recently coming to an end due to my "inefficiency". The reason; finally cracking after years coping with an unrealistic workload and unreasonable management behaviour. I made the mistake of raising a complaint of bullying which in turn led to me being victimised. Opportunities to support my return to work were ignored whilst those I had complained about closed ranks to protect their own interests. I am staggered by the lack of support I received and the lack of interest in the HO anti-bullying policy. So here I am on the scrap heap at 47 waiting to hear if I qualify for Ill Health Retirement whilst preparing my Personal Injury claim. I doubt you will publish this. You will probably assume I am just a disgruntled member of staff with an axe to grind. That may well be the case, with good reason, but I truly hope lessons are being learnt and that others will not have to go through what I have had to go through in the last three years. Maybe the work you are doing will make a difference though I fear it may just be another box ticking exercise unless there is a genuine effort to ensure senior managers are following procedures in an unbiased and effective manner."

    Too many of HMRC's victims are not receiving justice due to the corrupt culture of dishonesty, closing ranks etc. HMRC have absolutely no interest in tackling these issues.

    It would be a big step forward if HMRC management, HR etc who have created false information to defend HMRC in legal proceedings e.g. employment tribunals are dealt with in accordance with the law. Seems to be an offence of such a serious nature it should not be ignored especially by those holding public office.

  27. M.O.S. TODAY


    Yes, you read that exactly right, HMRC has been reported to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) under the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), possibly for breach of the law requiring active consent to be given for any private data to be stored.

    Could make for interesting ECHR litigation and appearances before European Courts for Excom and above? Evidently callers are duped into the process by being informed that they can avoid standard security questions involving dates of birth and account numbers simply by using their voice.

    From what I have seen about phising/Spam phone calls the clever organised crime people only need one word to gain your electronic voice-print identity whilst HMRC require you to say 'My voice is my identity' 5 times to get the system operating.

    Dear Ken and everyone else, including 'The Muppets', suggest you get a family size bag of popcorn for this one, it has the legs of a marathon runner.

    Hang on tight, YCNMTSU what a clusterfeck of the highest order. Even if HMRC believes it has dispensation to undertake this, the public outrage is going to cause a shitstorm with people (customers).

    1. The departmental record with all things data related is exemplary. I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

    2. HMRC didn't care less that a bullying management scumbag who was abusing data to a criminal degree, so why would they be concerned about the pesky GDPR law?

  28. It's time to put on make-up it's time to dress up right. It's time to raise the curtain on the Muppet Show tonight.

  29. Put Dear Leader in a pointy white hat and he looks like Swedish Chef.

    Chickee in the baskie. Bork Bork Bork.

    1. Put dear leader in a yellow hard hat and he looks like one of the village people

    2. They wouldn't allow him in the band with that mustache, it looks ridiculous. Looks like super glue under his nose then rubbed his face on a carpet.

  30. The misconduct of HMRC officers which led to horrific consequences in my case was fully know by Messrs Homer, Hague and Thompson. All turned a blind eye. Senior managers have behaved negligently and disgracefully.

    How many cases of bullying and cover-ups will there be before the guilty are prosecuted???

  31. Are the architects of HMRC bullying themselves mentally ill? Perhaps they should get help for their own issues instead of psychologically injuring staff and customers. From the outside looking in at HMRC have to agree with others that they are cowardly scum.

  32. Apparently HMRC CEO Jon Thompson is a Christian according to twitter. Well his Christian values are very different to mine. Honesty and decency are at the core of Christian faith. HMRC are displaying none under his watch. Doesn't not even pretend to care about HMRC bullying. Nasty, nasty.

  33. Another Employment Tribunal against HMRC:

    Interesting to read point 5.23 which states: "The claimant raised matters with HR himself and in particular with Tim Stonehouse
    of HR and had some correspondence with him. Tim Stonehouse subsequently visited the Newcastle Office but did not speak to the claimant and that upset the claimant.
    From 16 December 2015 the claimant fell ill and was away from work thereafter and did
    not in fact return to work before his subsequent dismissal."

    "Tim Stonehouse". That name again. Rings a bell as in my case Tim Stonehouse of HR became aware that I was being hounded out by a bullying manager who had committed criminal misconduct. He was aware of my concerns of collusion between the guilty management and the HR people. He was aware of my request to meet with somebody independent away from the management span. Mr Stonehouse did nothing.

    Who is Tim Stonehouse? Why does he seemingly have such little concern for the welfare of HMRC bullying victims? What about the failure of management to comply with the internal rules let alone the law? My partner was left suicidal due to HMRC's vile behaviour so I wonder is he a part of the HMRC cover up operation?

  34. More HMRC bullying. It appears that Osita Mba, who was previously an HMRC lawyer (2007-2013) and who was subjected to appalling & inhumane behavior by HMRC management, and whose case went before the PAC, applied for employment with HMRC in 2017 but failed to make it through the sift despite what he considered to be a strong application.

    It resulted in the following employment tribunal claim:

    Does HMRC's bullying ever end?

  35. Very sad to all the bullying related issues with HMRC. In days of old, the Inland Revenue and HM Customs & Excise were both well respected Departments. Why did it all go so wrong ?

  36. Presumably PCS are still totally useless, duplicitous and/or timid in 'helping' victims of HMRC's violent bullying of staff?

    1. Sadly the PCS are like a chocolate teapot these my case I am using them not in the hope that they will ride to my rescue..but to get the bullying at least out in the open....then hopefully others will come forward...we need to light the touch paper.


  38. Any news on HMRC's internal bullying, harassment & violence issues? What about other corruption like cover ups and perverting the course of justice - any prosecutions of HMRC staff, dismissals or successful employment tribunal outcomes?

  39. I have stock piled painkillers because of them, I cant take much more, I wouldn't care if id actually done something wrong, they have been harassing my family for over twenty years, they owe us money but stand a cat in hell's chance at getting it back, they came after us for 20 grand for a pizza company we'd never heard off, we're actually a construction company, yesterday I got a late payment fee for £1,200..... IT WAS PAID ON TIME but the don't care SCUM OF THE EARTH!!!! someone said on here they are surprised there haven't more suicides well that's how I feel they wont listen. I'm done