Monday 10 October 2011

An Inspector Calls

The ICAEW reports that Mike Clasper (Charmian of HMRC) popped in to ICAEW Council last week for a wee chat.

Clasper told members that improving service standards and the "customer" experience were priorities for the department. He also stressed the importance of 2012 to HMRC as a number of changes are implemented.

This is his first visit to Council and he acknowledged the difficulties that have existed within HMRC since the merger between Customs and Excise and the Inland Revenue. He also stated that HMRC plans to become more efficient, increase tax revenue and improve the "customer" (ugh, the "C" word again!) experience.

Clasper said:

With the recent Agent Strategy Consultation, there is a huge opportunity to build on the relationship with agents. Speaking to council today enabled me to emphasise this opportunity and I would urge ICAEW members who would like to become involved to come forward and let us see what they are experiencing on a day to day basis with HMRC.

You heard the man, tell him what you are experiencing!

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. OK what we are experiencing is HMRC issuing unsolicitored P800T tax calculations for 10-11 when a 10-11 SATR has already been lodged! Clients are getting two repayments and some getting refunds when they owe tax "computer says PAYE and SA records not linked". FFS!

  2. Just spoken to a colleague, his Mum, a widow, ex. Public Sector, having been fighting a battle for years since her retirement and eventually getting confirmation that yes HMRC were wrong, you don't owe us we owe you £X amount has just received a letter demanding payment for untaxed income circa £100K p.a.
    Its a good job the old dear is made of stern stuff as this could cause much stress in many OAP's and others.
    My advice, following what I have seen posted on this site is for her to write to her MP and create havoc for this atypical disaster by HMRC!
    And they want more power - get lost says I, you can't handle what you have got let alone more powers.
    Is it just because they is compliant pensioners or "customers" eh?
    It is about time this imbalance between the majority and the few in the way in which they are treated was changed.

  3. HMRC please note, I am a "tax payer". I am NOT a "customer". Why do you persist in labelling tax payers as "customers"?

  4. Can someone please explain how come Clasper is made chairman of HMRC when he does not know anything about tax?

  5. "Clasper told members that improving service standards and the "customer" experience were priorities for the department."...

    Just not as high as cutting costs!!!

  6. @17.52 Clasper was brought in to bring his experience to the private sector to give both HMRC staff the benefit of his experience.

    @17.47 - totally agree with you, its not as though you can take your custom elsewhere is it ?

  7. If it is accepted that HMRC is not a widget/production based organisation rather a service based organisation with a captive audience what should their priorities be?
    Not getting so many basics wrong would be a good start along with providing a decent service on tap wrt its FTF or call centre ops.
    Add to that improving its image as a matter of urgency mixed in with improving its staff morale and engagement by some hefty amounts and there you have it, a world class public service.
    Oh yes, and drop Pacesetter - you know it makes sense!

  8. Calling taxpayers customers, It is all stems from pacesetter they act like they are trying to manufacture and sell car parts not provide a service to taxpayers. It's the same reason the morale is non existent, managers are rarely tax trained now they are people managers who know nothing about legislation and so on it is ridiculous.

  9. Managers are just not up to it, they cannot make decisions without referring it up the line, no wonder they are delayering to, is it 8 levels instead of 13?

    Someone said the job is something to do with right amount of tax at the right time, can't be that difficult can it.

    If you owe it, pay it, or else!
    If you don't owe it, here's a book token, thankyou.

    FFS get it sorted!