Monday 16 April 2012

Hanging On The Telephone

My thanks to a loyal reader who dropped me this note today, concerning the running sore that is HMRC's call answering times:
"More evidence, if such were needed, of the ridiculous waiting times at HMRC. 

I rang them this morning at 8.45am and after a wait time of 40 minutes I finally gave up. I wouldn't mind as much if it hadn't taken 5 minutes of listening to various options before I got to the correct menu! 

I decided to try again a 11.00am but this time they kindly didn't make me wait at all !!! 

Instead they told me to ring back later because they  'could not deal with my call at this time'. 

Since HMRC assure me that I am a 'customer' let's hope that British businesses don't treat their customers this way."
Still, the good news according to Danielle Stewart of Baker Tilly is that HMRC's postal system is working spiffingly!

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. And I looked on the HMRC intranet this morning and noticed that for the 2012 HMRC People Awards, there will now be a nomination for the 'Leslie Strathie Award For Customer Service'.

    I thought April Fools Day went by a couple of weeks ago!