HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

HSBC Recruits Dave Hartnett

I see that HSBC has recruited Dave Hartnett (who retired from HMRC last year) who, along with others, will head a new financial crime committee that will be set up to ensure tighter compliance with tightening global regulations.

The setting up of the committee follows HSBC's settlement in December of allegations by US regulators that it had moved billions of dollars in cash from its affiliate in Mexico to the US, despite concerns raised with HSBC that the money could only have involved proceeds from illegal drugs.

The $1.9BN fine was the largest ever imposed on a bank.

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  1. Tighter compliance, my arse! Rearrange these words BOLTED HORSE DOOR SHUT AFTER STABLE

    Biggest bank fine ever FFS!

    Let's see, this is the chap, previously accused of lying to M.P.'s, who earlier in his career couldn't hold a case against a comedian (even with the help of the geezer wot ran The Leveson Enquiry) who went to India at great expense?

    And he gets employed by HSBC with a CV like that?

    Now, just who bailed out HSBC, was it HMRC's valued customers?

    Gissus a job, I can do that. (Boys From The Blackstuff)

  2. One is, of course, reminded of Tom Lehrer's remark that political satire became surplus to requirements on the day they awarded Kissinger the Nobel Peace Prize...

  3. Yeah, along with Al Gore, Arafat, Jimmy Carter and the EU!

  4. Outfuckingrageous.!

    When he was the head of HMRC Hartnett was repeatedly accused by MPs on the public administration committee of lying over a £10million settlement with Goldman Sachs as well as being ‘cavalier’ with taxpayers’ money.

    His new job at HSBC is to ensure that the bank will now operate with ‘the highest standards, in particular in relation to combating financial crime’. and the committee on which Dodgy Dave will serve will have a remit to cover group standards ‘regarding tax transparency’.

    It was reported that Hartnett getting the job at HSBC was " so sensitive that the Prime Minister had to rubber-stamp the former civil servant’s new job.".

    Clearly Cameron must be satisfied that the renowned liar Hartnett is the ideal person to ensure that the money laundering bastards at HSBC behave honestly in future.

    Perhaps he sought guidance from Lord Green the Minister of State for Trade and Investment. Lord Green was the CEO and Chairman of HSBC before resigning to become trade minister at the end of 2010.

    Though he was in charge when HSBC was laundering billions of dollars for drug cartels terrorists and pariah states Lord Green has stated that he is "proud" of his banking career. So proud that he refused to appear in the House of Lords to to answer questions on what he knew about the scandal, though he conceded that he shared the "regret" expressed by the bank for the incident.

    Well that's alright then!

    Why do we put up with this shit.

    As the writer H.R.Mencken once said "Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats."

    I agree, when shall we start?

  5. Hartnett is an arse-wipe and HSBC have scraped the bottom of the cesspit in recruiting him. Anyone with an HSBC account should move it elsewhere.