HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

HMRC's 0845gate

My thanks to John Stokdyk Editor of AccountingWeb for crediting me with playing a small part in outing HMRC's 0845gate:
"Credit Ken Frost for this one    1 thanks
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The inveterate blogger has been banging on about HMRC 0845 numbers for years and highlighted the paragraph in December's NAO report that confirmed the tax department had no oversight into the amounts its telephone supplier was collecting from the helplines.

His persistence may well have filtered through to MPs like Austin Mitchell. Unfortunately, it seems that bad publicity and embarrassment are what it takes to effect meaningful change within the tax department."
Sadly it is the case with mismanaged public sector and private sector organs that the only way to push them to change for the better is to push them in this manner; inept politicians, executives and inept "political managers" only react when a bright light is shone upon their incompetence!

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. 0845 is a start, and has had a very effective result although I get the impression that this was pre-emptive on the part of HMRC for some deeper reason.

    NAO hoodwinking has been going on for some years within HMRC and it is probable that false leads are given to NAO thereby diverting them away from the real problems.

    If you are diligently seeking the obvious then the elephants in the corners move past you with disdain and ease.

    Seek & Ye Will Find

  2. Yesterday's men, yesterday's organisations

    "As with previous years, on 1st February 2013 we will be publishing a summary dataset of organisations scores here and on We will also publish a further analysis of the Civil Service results at this time."

    The departments already know, the press will know tomorrow but be embargoed, we will all know in less than 2 says!

    Standing by

    1. Oops, says or days, who cares, we will all know when ze cat iz out of ze bag!