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HMRC Is Shite
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Monday, 15 September 2014

Contact Centres Survey Report

HMRC have recently published "HMRC Contact Centres Survey Report2013-2014", wherein out of the 4,225 individuals, 77 agents and 118 business callers surveyed 73% of business customers gave positive responses about their experiences, down from 87% over for the previous 2012-2013 period.

Callers who had to speak to HMRC advisers more than once were also asked for detailed reasons for this:

- 36% indicated this was because HMRC had made a mistake;
- 38% said this was due to HMRC not calling back or them not hearing back from HMRC;

Most respondents only had to call once to get through to an adviser (69%) and the call waiting time was on average 4 minutes (median), although (35%) reported waiting less than 3 minutes and (35%) reported waiting more than 10 minutes.

The most common suggestions respondents spontaneously gave for improvements were:

•  Improve the time taken to get through to an adviser (32%)
•  Have better trained / more knowledgeable staff (14%)
•  Remove the automated messages at the start of calls (10%)

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. These 'improvements' will no doubt be part of the Westminster hallelujah choral event?!

    Makes her bonus all the more justified?

  2. There is now a billet doux quietly tacked on to the end of the unnecessary one minute plus automated message on the agent helpline. It advises that the current 0845 number will shortly be replaced by the, previously optional, 0300 number. On my small business tariff that's an extra 17p connection fee for each call. Does anyone know whether HMRC get a cut of this, or am I just daft for even asking?

    90% of my calls are made not for their assistance, but because they are so inept.

    In the old days I just rang the international number, then call centre staff started refusing to deal with calls on that landline number, getting very flustered because I wasn't abroad; then it was blocked, and then they started blocking it even if I blocked my own number first when calling. Why would they bother doing all this unless they are getting a piece of the action?