Friday 12 September 2014

Dundee Strike

In the days leading up to the Scottish referendum, HMRC staff at the Dundee contact centre will strike over the threat of job losses.

STV reports that members of the public and commercial services union (PCS) have voted by 183 to seven to take industrial action.

The action will include a series of walkouts next week, commencing with a two-hour walkout on Monday September 15 at 12pm. This is to be followed by daily half hour walkouts for the remainder of the week.

The contact centre, located in the Dundee Technology Park, primarily takes calls on the HMRC tax credits helpline, where recently there have been examples of 300 calls waiting at times.

HMRC are seeking to make redundant 38 members of staff, employed on fixed term contracts.

The ball game will change somewhat if Scotland becomes independent.

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. HMRC will do whatever the politicos tell them to do, if that involves asset sripping (although I'm not sure they have any assets left these days), or simply leaving a totally closed system North of the Border forcing a newly independent Scotland to start from ground zero!

    9th September saw a couple of us "Loyal Readers" raise this issue on the discussion around 'Scottish Independence - Whither HMRC?' There should be an absolute moratorium on any closures or further staff reductions until after the vote.

    As for Dundee, this appears to be an office where staff are treated worse than the Llanishen Open Prison, unless the staff have more bottle pro rata to take the management tw@ts to court. See Dundee ET rulings past!

    Go for it Dundee, make sure your supportive media reporter is behind you and get good publicity. Make Salmond become interested?

  2. Just noticed the HMRC Latest comment re. bomb scare at Llanishen on 9/11 of all days! Hope it wasn't someone's banana sandwiches and dicta phone again!

    Anyway, even though they are the last remaining example of these government building in the UK they are not due for demolition, just yet! The redevelopment plans have not been drafted, yet?