HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Mike Potter Joins HMRC

Mike Potter, NHS Blood and Transplant Business Transformation Director, will be joining HMRC in November this year as digital transformation director.
Potter's responsibilities will include developing HMRC's digital strategy and leading HMRC's new Newcastle-based Digital Centre opened eight weeks ago.

In all, Potter's responsibilities will cover:
  • HMRC's Digital Strategy
  • Development of a multi-channel Digital Tax Platform that will host HMRC's digital offerings
  • HMRC's current suite of digital services
  • Two digital centres in London and Newcastle, where the new services are being built

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  1. They hire someone from a blood department of the NHS, so let me be the first of many to say "HMRC one again sucks the blood of the taxpayer", I bet he will be nicknamed Mr Vampire. Let no one accuse any Excom of wanting anybody's blood again.

  2. Another director?
    How many do they need?

  3. Let us hope his efforts won't be in vein and he won't B- about things!?
    At least he should be OK working with a bloody mess.

  4. Because the NHS is such a model of great IT delivery .....

    More comedy gold from Excom

  5. no doubt he'll suck the blood from the staff too. If they have any left that is.

  6. Someone bought in to givea transfusion for the dying patient, what about transplanting excom out of hmrc. Talk about bringing in new blood...I'll give him a year.

  7. This confirms that EXCOM is full of leaches.

  8. A little more detail:

  9. Has he got any form?
    Can he fix my outlook/ cloud access issues? ;)

    1. My Outlook/Cloud didn't work six months ago, it didn't work when I left the department and it probably still wouldn't be working if I was still there, mind you my telephone didn't work either and that was broken for nearly four weeks before they gave up because the office was going.

  10. Angels and Dragons, Vampire Squids, Blood sucking leeches! Makes you wonder if any member of Excom casts a shadow or has a reflection in a mirror.
    Stakeholders next along with the Lean Acolytes and more than a few zombies in the management strata, it's a true House of Horrors in there!
    Digitally transform - that would be shape-shifting then?

  11. This would not be the same Mike Potter who was programmes and projects director at the Rural Payments Agency from 2007 to 2009.

    Readers may be interested to know that in his time there the Agency was involved in a Farm payment fiasco could cost the taxpayer £620 million

    Farm Payment

    Under his watch the IT department also apparently managed to lose CDs and tapes containing the personal information of around 100, 000 farmers including bank details, addresses and security passwords

    Lost Records

    Should fit in perfectly with Homer's term of all the talents

    1. Yes but surely at HMRC he would be extremely careful and not lose any discs after all imagine if HMRC lost loads of the publics data on a disc, it would never happen, Thank Goodness we all know are data is safe and secure under HMRC.

  12. 4 areas for improvement from the PWC report on his previous area of influence in the blood business April 2014;
    1 Listen more to stakeholders
    2 Be open to new ideas
    3 Build on opportunities
    4 Do more to engage with minority groups

    1. a PWC report.... no vested interests there then!

    2. Couldn't care less if Homer wrote the report, look at what was stated re. The 4 areas for improvement, by default these are areas of shortcomings or failure. Now view these 4 areas from the perspective of his role in the 'bloodbank'.
      Comprende, capiche?

    3. Unfortunately I appear to recognise the situation better than you!
      So PWC has identified some perceived areas of improvement, I am sure for "a fee" PWC will point the "bloodbank" on a course of action that will improve these shortcomings, but won't! As the main purpose of the report is to extract money from the public purse to private profit making entities!
      Seen it all before!

    4. Agree wholeheartedly with your comments, however what is apparently overlooked by all is the irony of the situation.
      He was a Business Transformation Director, the report covers part of his tenure in the blood bank and he is now a Digital Transformation Director in HMRC.
      The 4 areas for improvement were highlighted on his watch and indicate some pretty basic corporate communication issues. In fact, applying Lean precepts, items 1-3 should be an integral part of any Lean organisation.
      Re. item 4, in this day and age given our greater understanding of minority group issues and equality legislation I am amazed by its inclusion.
      So, all in all, a great experience and ability to bring to the table to lead HMRC's transformation, albeit the digital part?

      On a separate issue, what price the future of Dundee office now?

  13. As I thought another inept reject shuffled out rather than sacked. Expect more cock ups - mismanagement and downright incompetence in HMRC.

  14. He'll be there for six months, leave, and then get paid hundreds of thousands.

  15. ...and done F all

  16. Coming from the blood bank he will be well suited to working with management 'clots' like those in Excom.

  17. He should have fun engaging with Toyota Lean philosophy in there. Reuses has just reported another Toyota recall, this one to do with a mere 20,000 cars but it is fuel related so potentially pretty serious implications?
    Not sure if I can work out quite what it is about Lean, but for Toyota it seems to ensure consistency in safety failings with inherent huge costings and some reputational damage over the years.
    Meanwhile, the lemmings and evangelists blindly follow it's application within HMRC almost as though there is some form of common purpose?;)

  18. Reuses should read Reuters.
    A little known fact about one of Toyotas main vehicle faults is that Toyota failed to follow best practices re. critical software causing deficiencies on electronic throttle control systems. Was this a bad Lean driven issue from a whiteboard or a hub or bad
    5S or Six Sigma gone cuckoo?!

  19. So the Digital transformation issue is to be Newcastle......and London. Thought that we were supposed to be moving most civil service functions out of London?

    Management/Government by Fad once again.........