HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Thursday, 4 September 2014

HMRC Pays Better Than Treasury

Giving evidence to the Treasury Select Committee on Tuesday, Sir Nicholas Macpherson, the most senior civil servant at the Treasury, said that better pay being offered by the Bank of England and HMRC made it hard to prevent talented junior staff in the Treasury from jumping ship.

He is quoted by the Independent:
In the last year we’ve lost twelve people to the Bank of England.

It’s slightly frustrating that the Bank of England’s a nationalised industry... but these guys just pay a lot more than us.

It’s frustrating for us to be some sort of feeder second division Belgian football team which provides really good people for Premier League teams like Chelsea and Manchester United.” 
Moving on to HMRC he said:
We have a lot of staff in their late twenties who will go and get a job at HMRC because they can get £10,000 more a year.” 
Only 13% of Treasury employees felt they were receiving reasonable pay compared to people doing a similar job in other organisations. The comparable figure at HMRC was 23%.
So there you go, it seems that HMRC outranks the Treasury in terms of pay.
Drinks all round!

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  1. Thanks for feeding the right wing media yet again Ken. As an AO (second from bottom rung, but with the way things are going, bottom rung soon) the recent increase in the personal allowance can sometimes be worth over half as much as any payrise (and in one case outperforms it!). Not only that if I was being paid £10,000 more than a treasury colleague then in some cases the grade equivalent in the treasury would have been paid a negative salary!

    AO Pay Increase PA Increase @20% %Pay v PA
    2011-12 £250.00 £1,000.00 £200.00 80%
    2012-13 £250.00 £630.00 £126.00 50%
    2013-14 £230.00 £1,335.00 £267.00 116%
    2014-15 £210.00 £560.00 £112.00 53%

    Remember Ken, the AO's are the hearbeat of HMRC when it comes to personal tax issues. If anything goes wrong it's usually caused by a senior civil servant (paid 4-10x as much) gorging on too much fat and upsetting that heartbeat.

    1. I was writing the article with an air of irony/disbelief, hence the tongue in cheek "drinks all round" comment. It seems I failed to convey that!

    2. My annual payrise could barely pay for a round of drinks in the capital :P

    3. I'm assuming he was talking about HMRC offering Treasury people jobs on promotion. I can't seem to find the Treasury pay scales online, but as far as I recall, discrepancies between rates for equivalent grades in different departments rarely if ever go above a few hundred pounds.

      Interesting he didn't refer to the private sector poaching people. It'd be a lot more than £10k then, but that doesn't fit with the narrative of civil servants being overpaid, of course...

      Stew G

  2. Not only that, the Bank of England is far from Nationalised. It operates within the City of London, which as everyone knows has it's own set of unspoken practices and does the spokesman not care to remember that it has effectively been independent from the treasury since 1998. If it's fleecing the goverment then it is doing so without oversight - which is what the government wants. Once industries become privatised they can just keep pointing fingers at eachother until the cows come home and prices rise for the consumer.

  3. Was one of a number of AO's on max. salary in the late 70's, doing shifts and on milk tokens!

    Surely the figures indicate that work is easier in hmrc than hm treasury?

    Either way AA and AO rates of pay are shite, and the difference can't be that great in the civil service surely?

    Best bet seems to be travel to Calais and throw your passport away, get back to the UK and claim to be a refugee from an oppressive state and employer (true), you should end up with free housing and benefits, a new nine and be better off...?

    BTW, anyone know how many of the Rotherham officials, be they Council, Care, Polis or other are Common Purpose graduates?

    1. Oops NINO not nine!

  4. I'd imagine there aren't too many low grade staff, if any at all working at the treasury

  5. If that's true then the treasury must be paying below national minimum wage and should be investigated.