Saturday 11 October 2014

Significant Announcement Planned

A significant announcement from HMRC's Workforce Management team is planned for 11.30am on Thursday 16th October.

Please shout if anyone has more details on this.

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. Colleagues,

    We have been made aware of a significant announcement from HMRC's Workforce Management team which is planned for 11.30am on Thursday 16th October. We will be contacting local representatives in the affected areas to arrange for them to be supported by a member of the Group Executive Committee on the day of the announcement and subsequently for any member enquiries. We are pleased to confirm that reasonable Facility Time has been agreed for this purpose.

    The timing of the announcement is, in our view, regrettable given the delicate nature of on-going talks designed to resolve our dispute with HMRC (see R&C/BB/206/14). However, we are hopeful that serious engagement with the employer will provide the machinery and confidence necessary to ensure that member's interests are protected when dealing with the practical outcomes of the announcement. Meanwhile, should the talks fail to provide sufficient reassurances or acceptable solutions, PCS will be required to revisit its group wide industrial strategy. To that end, GECLOs have been asked to contact Branches to gather specific and detailed information which will be used to inform future tactical decisions. If your Branch is yet to hear from your GECLO, Branch Secretaries are advised to contact them directly and refer them to the related emails they will have received from the Group Secretary dated 30th September and 8th October.


    Peter Middleman
    R&C Group Secretary

  2. The sound of silence has been deafening, the silence of the lambs?

  3. PCS top brass aware, briefed and sworn to silence, mainstream press to be briefed ahead of staff and embargoed?
    When the time comes those that swallowed hook, line and sinker the Lean edict will get their just deserts! Trouble is, the innocents at the work face will be totally screwed by what is to be announced.
    Fail to understand the lack of interest in subject?
    Also, My CSP now 51% control by the private sector.
    Doomed I tell ye, doomed!


  5. More doom & gloom

    Main headlines......14 more offices to shut and 690 AAs to be offered voluntary redundancy.

    Thanks useless shower of sh*te

  6. This year's staff survey due soon. A other cluster funk on the way if these posts are under threat.