HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

HMRC Staff Survey

My thanks to a loyal reader for this insightful comment about HMRC's staff survey (the deadline for which has just passed):
"Lin Homer refers to sustainable cost savings. 

That remains to be seen. 

As HMRC shrinks and staff are obliged to do their own jobs and fill in for those that have taken early retirement, got out in disgust, or been "invited" to hit the road, we shall see. 

Morale is rock bottom, and it will be interesting to see what the People Survey (an internal survey of staff) has to say about engagement, trust, morale, etc. The deadline for completion was last night. 

Since senior management complacently follows the line that everything improves all the time (and beware if each member of staff does not do the same) no doubt the results will be massaged to fit their view. 

As we head for another round of staff assessments where 10% MUST be marked as falling in the bottom category, morale is bound to sink further. Any positive results are a tribute to what HMRC can do despite its senior management."
Would anyone care to predict what the results of this year's survey will show, and be spun to show?

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  1. The lower morale becomes, the better for them. Grind people into the ground is HMRCs staff policy. When you grind 'em down, people crack and leave. And that gets HMRCs lower staff count that little bit closer.

  2. The Carry on Call Centre saga just keeps on rolling on up the Khyber, I,m grabbing my exit package and running. I cant describe the elated feeling Ive got just knowing I can kiss all their crap goodbye soon. The psychophants and incompetents that are left are sinking fast but they dont care just give them £20 shopping vouchers every now and again and theyll be happy.

    1. It's great when you get the exit package and you know you are leaving, I hope you can find a better future and that there is much better out there.

  3. Past performance indicates that no matter what the findings there will be no change. The whole thing is nothing but political window dressing and a waste of staff time and taxpayers (not customer's) hard earned money.
    With the exception of the overpaid under performing management tw@ts, good luck and well done to anyone managing to escape from her majesty's rancid cnuts!
    The survey is there to fool the staff and has as much effect in reality as an empty box, anticipation followed by disappointment, dismay and in this case, de ja vue!
    The bigger effects will come from the realisation that HMRC IT shortcomings will screw up HMG's flagship Universal Credit. Then you will hear a gnashing and a wailing and see heads roll and doors revolve!
    Whether the truth emerges before or after the election is irrelevant, my money would be on before...

  4. To anonymous posting at 18:59, how on earth are you getting out of the call centre, as they're not offering any voluntary exits? Any info would be appreciated, because I would like nothing more than to follow you out the door!

  5. Survey is a joke. They take no notice. Its not quute annonymous we were told off for our team giving negative answers in the past. I see this year theyve changed more questions to try to spin it towards positive outcomes. They dont really invite comnents ad they used to- they dont like them.
    Homer should go, sooner the better. Trouble is she'd just be replaced by another lazy idle overpaid ignorant cnut as thats what most of management in hmrc are like!

  6. How anything positive can be gleaned from what is got to be another damning year for HMRC is highly debatable. But I would bet the shirt on my back EXCOM will place so much spin on the results that everything will be tickety boo and its workforce could not be more happier working for such a progressive organisation. In otherwords more complete bollox.

  7. 25 years’ service and if offered I’d take a package in a heartbeat. No-one on the frontline is happy, morale is rock bottom. No pay rises, PMR and incompetent management are making people wake up and look for alternative employment. Excom would be trampled in the stampede if a company wide redundancy program was offered. I was once proud to work there, I’m now ashamed.

  8. I totally agree - its a shitpit of misery.

  9. HMRC……. Death by a thousands cuts.

  10. Rise up and sort the shit out! !

  11. And don't get me started on BOF.