Friday 10 October 2014

Simon Bowles Leaving HMRC

My thanks to a loyal reader who has posted a comment that Simon Bowles (ex Arthur Andersen who joined HMRC in March 2009 as CFO) is leaving HMRC:
"More rats now deserting the sinking ship - chief finance officer Simon Bowles has announced he is buggering off. Place your bets on the next one.........."
In June 2010 David Cameron released a list of civil servants who were paid more than him, Bowles was on that list:
Simon Bowles
Chief Finance Officer
Director General
HM Revenue & Customs
£185,000 - £189,999 
As far as I can see the details (eg date, future plans etc) have not yet been made public.

Please shout if you have any further details, thanks.

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  1. So where is this parasite going to steal a living next then.

  2. Call centre privatisation along with certain aspects of direct taxation - Tupe or not Tupe, that is the question.
    Last one out turn off the lights!
    PCS watching their income shrink, better sell those new headquarters.
    One good thing, less staff at the bottom equals less managers in jobs!

  3. I can see us recruiting the former Finance Director of Tesco. Someone with a track record like Homer