HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Thursday, 22 January 2015

HMRC Loses Tax Records

Those of you with long memories will recall datagate 2007, when HMRC lost data records of around 25 million people.

Stepping forward to 2015 and HMRC have managed to lose some more data (not of 25 million people, but data of one person). Unfortunately for HMRC the data they lost is that relating to David Savil who is an accountant and head of Bishop Fleming a business services firm.

Mr Savil (who has not moved home for 17 years) received a letter from HMRC telling him that HMRC was "unable to trace" his records.

He is quoted by Accountancy Age:

"Having paid considerable sums in tax every year for three decades, and not having moved home for 17 years, I could not believe that HMRC has managed to lose my tax record.

Despite the millions of tax assessments that they get wrong each year, HMRC has been seeking the power to grab funds from our bank accounts. I'm an accountant, so I've been ardent in providing HMRC with my tax submissions every year. But, somehow, they've managed to lose track of me on their radar screen.

If they can make so simple an error in my case, it underlines my belief that they should not be permitted to have their proposed power to grab money from the bank accounts of tax-payers that they decide have under-paid."
HMRC has been asked for comment.

Does anyone have any viable theories as to how long standing tax records can simply vanish like this?

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. HMRC couldn't trace me either and I worked at HMRC for 15 years, I lost out on agency work as I could not get a reference from them as they had lost any trace of me took 3 weeks for them to sort if and £50 worth of phone calls.

  2. Yes I KNOW exactly how they went missing..... staff cut backs, multi skilling, one job fits all, demoralised work force, poor management, systems that don't work correctly, and loss of credibility.
    Have I missed anything?

  3. The HMRC really is a f@cked up set up, WHEN O WHEN is someone going to have the balls to sort these incompetent idiots out?
    incompetent, dishonest, bullying, fraudsters AND they think they are above the law!!
    parasites living off the Great British public

  4. Sounds like they've pissed the wrong people off on the inside and this guys details have been fucked in the brown waste bag.

  5. Yeah, it shows the real HMRC at their worst, no I correct that, at their NORMAL.
    They CAN and WILL get WORSE. Time will prove me totally right.

  6. They're not lost.... Only misplaced !

  7. Yeah like joe publics trust respect and loyalty to a f@cked up system that they are constantly assured serves them and works!!!!
    stevie wonder in a brothel...... not a lot of use eh!!!!

  8. HMRC lost records 1991-92 & 2000-2006. Now they are found they have the f---ing cheek to tell me that they won't pu n the employer's NI contributions (% of which goes into my pension pot) as there is no proof that the employer paid them!!!

    1. Absolutely disgusting, but it really is no surprise. I sent a letter to my tax office a few months ago recorded delivery, they signed for it, but then managed to lose it in their office. Does anyone actually think HMRC have ANY integrity?