HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Monday, 19 January 2015

Building Our Future II - 650 HMRC Staff Made Redundant

Last week HMRC announced that 650 people across 70 offices in the UK will be made redundant.

As per PCS:
"This includes almost 200 administrative workers in 'local compliance' offices, helping to ensure taxpayers pay what is due.

It means officials in higher grades will have to spend more time on support work, such as handling post and taking deliveries, leaving them less time for their normal duties."
Meanwhile, a loyal reader advises me that members of the public are turning up his HMRC office doorstep wanting help on tax related matters.

Fair enough, except that this particular office is undergoing an internal move/reorganisation, wherein 130 staff are being shifted to 2 floors with "tiny desks". Thus they are a tad tied up.

The task of the day, so that they can fit into their tiny desks and less space, being "declutter"!

In other news Building Our Future II is looming, wherein the laptops required for the event are delivered only one day beforehand (so as to maintain secrecy).

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. I think you are missing the point Ken, there is no physical help, you cannot turn up to a HMRC office anymore and ask for help they are gone forever.

    So it wouldn't matter if they weren't tied up moving face to face is gone, there is no exception for one or two who knock on the door.

    1. Maybe the staff at this office are still their best to try to be helpful, even if its only to tell taxpayers that they can't help them anymore.

  2. Funny how nearly all of those being asked or made to leave or those at AA grade, while those on the much higher salaries can keep their bums on their seats.

  3. Here we go, the meltdown starts to burn through the containment vessel at last.
    Officials in higher grades having to spend more time on support work...who were the twats responsible for getting rid of the administration staff that has created this debacle?
    Having said that I don't see most of the little sites in management dirtying their hands undertaking the work their staff used to do. They are only good for daily hub séances.
    Public service my @rse, and where has the media been regarding these 650 redundancies, oh yes, it's the public sector, cutting jobs saves money, not! Most of the administration staff will be hitting the benefits buttons.
    As for Joe Public, serves them right, it's been on the cards for ages, now it's happened, too late suckers!

  4. Officials at higher grades on 27-60,000 a year are going to have to spend their time doing recently departed AA grades work. Oh my God that's terrible. They are going to be scanning and sorting post. Bloody travesty if you ask me.

    1. Nope!!!
      Incoming post scanning= outsourced
      Outgoing post printing & sorting = outsourced

  5. The customers (joe public) hasn't been served for years. now it'll be cheaper to not serve us, the service will get worse and eventually implode. HMRC management deserve ALL they get!!! the grunts I feel sorry for, but you HAD the power, you should have got your fat arsed union prats to sort this!! TOO LITTLE TOO LATE NOW. happy job hunting.