HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Phone Fun With HMRC

Kudos to HMRC for displaying a sense of humour wrt its agent helplines.

As per AccountingWeb one particular helpline had a recorded message that had been advising callers that "the number will be changing". However, the number the message was telling the caller to phone was the one that the member had originally dialled.


Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. They wont have a sense of humour when they lose their next botched case!
    The daily costs are already calculated, its 189 days so far and all I have to do is enter the final number of days into my spread sheet, press print.... and there's your bill HMRC.
    Our servants at HMRC don't know when to quit because there is no case to answer, so they need 'educating' and convincing of the 'error of their ways'
    The TAX PAYER pays again for HMRCs incompetence.
    £50,000 not including legal costs as we speak. I WILL keep you informed, it'll be my pleasure

  2. Keep us informed, sounds like another total fuck up by HMRC, we all know it'll be swept under their magic carpet!!!!

  3. £50k, don't make me laugh, they don't give a damp. Their bullying incompetent harassing managers blew apart a small team of 6 some years ago and with the costs of training others and replacing staff who left, extensive sick leave and answering various grievances and MP letters to Chairmen the cost was over £500k.
    It was followed by an extensive list of unfounded counter gie vanes by the manager involved against people from O to G7nmust have cost a few more £100k or so by the time the manager got retired before pushed.
    Absolute twats, and Excom are leading the pack in being useless ones!

  4. ok no worries, I'll take the £50,000 costs add the legal bill to it and not give a sod!
    I hope they try this again this year, it beats working for a living!!!!!!!