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HMRC Is Shite
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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Lin Homer Tingles About Empowerment

My thanks to a loyal reader who pointed me in the direction of a recently posted article on the civil service blog by Lin Homer, entitled "Empowerment: advice from a pot to a kettle!".

Homer, in her own words, was apparently "still tingling from the helpful and challenging 360-degree feedback I read last night."

Well then!

She struggles with her interventionist streak:
"I know, within my team, that it’s important that I give strong permission for people to wrestle the controls physically from me, as my character will revert to its more directive style."
However, apparently, things at HMRC are improving thanks to Pacesetter:
"HMRC has used a continuous improvement process, which we call Pacesetter, and using those basic skills, but also empowered by the confidence that that Ruth will support them, the teams have come up with hundreds of simple and effective changes. The results are improvements for customers, efficiencies for HMRC and a great sense of value and purpose."
Given her confidence, I am "surprised" that the comments made by HMRC staff members don't resonate with her view from the top eg:
"HMRC is definitely not an inspiring place to work! As for empowerment, I can honestly say I was more empowered 5-10 years ago than I am permitted to be now! Until the civil service abandons the universally hated PMR system, with its associated ‘guided distribution’ (which translates to ‘quotas’ – certainly within HMRC anyway), then I doubt all those good things like empowerment, morale or engagement will ever reappear!"
Views and comments from the frontline are always welcome!

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  1. This pacesetter sounds brilliant! Anything on youtube to show us pacesetter in action?

  2. This from a woman who would consistently be in the bottom 10% going by her track record. Hypocrisy at its worst!

    1. Just to rub salt in to the wounds, Homer got a bonus over £20,000 for 14/15. Thats on top of her £185,000 salary. She got an exceeded marking for her PMR lol

  3. How can she possibly get a bonus for the next reporting period, It will be an absolute travestiy if she does.