Wednesday 19 July 2017

HMRC Rip-off Credit Card Fees Banned From 2018

Tax does have to be taxing.

Professional Cover Against the Threat of Costly TAX and VAT Investigations

Insurance to protect you against the cost of enquiry or dispute with HMRC is available from several sources including Solar Tax Investigation Insurance.

Ken Frost has negotiated a 10% discount on any polices that may suit your needs.

However, neither Ken Frost nor HMRCISSHITE either endorses or recommends their services.

What is Solar Tax Investigation Insurance?

Solar Tax Investigation Insurance is a tax-fee protection service that will pay up to £75,000 towards your accountant's fees in the event of an HM Revenue & Customs full enquiry or dispute.

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  1. hmrc social mobility champions? ripping off poor tax payers who have to pay by card to keep the bully boys & girls from threatening to take their stuff = nasty champagne socialist hypocrites more like.

    1. Pay the tax on time and the credit card wouldn't have to be used would it.

  2. Just posted on the PCS site:

    1. A rare 'victory' for PCS. The costs must be spiralling out of control though at HMRC when it comes to salaries and these pay outs.
      I knew of one small Compliance office where there were 6 Senior Officers (SO) 'managing' around 30 staff of grades from Admin Assistant to Higher Officer. A ratio of one manager to just 6 staff. How can this monstrous organisation justify to the hard pressed justify that? And what did they do justify their salaries of £35-45k per year? Casework? Little or none. Other than various pointless meetings (they love them) their day mainly consisted of sitting there, drinking coffee after coffee while chatting about their holidays, French holiday homes, discriminating, scheming, and slagging off the staff. A bloated and wasteful outfit. It really is as toxic and poisonous as the number of other accounts I hear about would suggest.