Friday 14 July 2017

Steve Lamey Hits The Headlines

Steve Lamey who held positions of CEO & CIO @HMRCgovuk and who was appointed CEO at SLC on 16 May 2016.
What's going on?

Student Loan Company...

Student Loan Company suspends chief pending investigation via @FT //Something doesn't ring true

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. A £200k per year taxpayer funded gravy train job by all accounts; very similar cushy number that the hmrc elites enjoy. He is reportedly suspended over concerns about 'management style'. We know none of the details of this particular case, but await the outcome with interest. What we can say with certainty though is that the management at HMRC allow a culture of bullying, law breaking and subsequent cover ups. We could name some of the guilty right now, but lets just say they know who they are...

  2. Will any managers or so-called HR personnel (names not mentioned here to protect the guilty) at HMRC ever be suspended & investigated for their part in covering up misconduct and attempting to obstruct natural justice? They have inflicted unimaginable suffering on others and are a disgrace to the integrity of HMRC, the Civil Service and the concept of the rule of law: the public who pay their wages have a right to know about their behaviour!

  3. Yeah but.... Didn't they do well!

    Done a lot of moving around hasn't he - do you think his management style may have been an issue there too. He's a bully and a wrong un, venal and nasty.
    Lamey was a former chief operating officer at HM Revenue and Customs and chief executive of benefits and credit within the Revenue service.

    He left the civil service in 2012 to join London-based IT service provider Kelway UK Ltd as chief operating officer, and stepped down seven months later.

    In 2013 he joined services giant Serco's bid team for the UK Government’s Independent Shared Services Centre 2 contract to provide back office operations before moving on to join financial services software specialist, Equiniti.

    He then set up a consultancy firm, Chessdale, in 2014, billed as a service helping Public Servants “mutualise their current business units”. (what is plain English does the fuck that mean!)

  5. Chessdale was dissolved on 2/5/17... wonder why?