HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011


The Electric Commode
Taxation reports that HMRC staff members may boycott the department's next employee satisfaction survey.

For why?

It seems that offices that score poorly in the survey may be first in line for closure.

I guess the "incentive" scheme devised by HMRC management, of closing low scoring offices, is meant to encourage employees to improve the "engagement scores" etc.

How amusing that it has so publicly backfired!

The issue of low scoring offices being closed was reported on here in April. At the time HMRC back-pedalled furiously, to try to extricate itself from its own shit.

HMRC told Taxation:

"The... survey helps senior managers to understand what the key issues are for HMRC’s employees. We do not use the survey’s results to select offices for closure."

All very well, maybe, if the survey results are genuine and if the results are passed on to senior managers and Excom without being manipulated.

The question is, are the results genuine, and are the results passed on without being manipulated?

Feel free to comment.

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  1. "The... survey helps senior managers to understand what the key issues are for HMRC’s employees".

    Theyre liars. I was lucky to get out a few years ago.
    They would lie to the staff as easy as they would to the tax payers.

    No matter who you are in HMRC, no matter how hard you try in your position, they will lie to you or write you out a blank cheque in order to placate staff.
    They stopped investing in anyone 5 or 6 years ago.

    Theyre only interested in getting thousands out, end of story.

  2. That is why they are facing so many Tribunal cases across the country.

  3. Not so long ago when HMRC was broken down into regions, I was friendly with one of the board members of HMRC Wales (SCS grade). He was in charge of finance and personnel. He was horrified at how many breaches of employment law managers at local level made. He said he was fed up with the amount of cases ending up before employment tribunals and how HMRC lost every single one. The only reason it was not more widely known was because he ensured confidentiality cluses were written into the eventual settlement.
    He would have much prefered to retain the staff but by the time the cases came to him all bridges had been burn't. A genuinly nice bloke that I'd known well for 10 years. Then he was seconded onto Workforce Change and had a desk next near mine. We chatted regulary about his job and how he said it was just meaningless paper pushing. One day Simon Smith came and told us to fuck off as he wanted to close our office. My 'mate' later that week told me he was central to all this and help draw up the plans but kept his mouth shut for an easy life. What a cunt. 3 months later he left HMRC on promotion (now working from home!).

  4. 3 August 2011 12:22


    Shows you have to be careful with some of the characters you come across in there, no matter what grade they are or how normal they appear.
    The insecurity, fear and anxiety that department has created means that certain people are willing to shit on anyone if it means the muppet management will smile on them or look favourably at them when thousands are told to fuck off out.
    You can sit back and watch the arse licks getting ready to pounce.

  5. Feck me, if the last survey results were not true and were manipulated just how fecking bad were they?!

    Mind you I heard from someone recently who said her colleagues had been offically warned that anyone found writing (defacing) a whiteboard would see the issue escalated or something, evidently someone had attempted to introduce humour onto a virtually unused board that everyone passed but this was a disciplinary!

    It is true the top has not got a fecking clue what is going on at the bottom. No wonder HMRCISSHITE and in the mess its in. They sure have got their priorities wrong!

    Some people certainly being in this organisation are depriving a number of villages of their idiots.

  6. I shall ofcourse be using the survey for my annual slagging off of these cretans.
    i think all barring the hardiest of arse lickers will do likewise.
    So fingers crossed they will shut the cesspit down and set us free of whiteboard obsessed, graph infatuated and meaningless statistics absorbed fuckwits.
    I,m at the point where i wish i,d chosen a career cleaning the sewers with my tongue rather put up with the daily deluge of managerial bollocks that goes on in Carry on Call Centre every day.

  7. I am a member of ARC TU and they are balloting members on action short of a strike to not complete the survey. ARC is the union for G7 and above so that proves that even people at that level are against further surveys after this.

  8. When I completed last years survey, in the box entitled "what can be done to improve things" I wrote sack Leslely Strathie

    With her current absence maybe they are acting on my suggestion !!!!.

    This year I will complete it with the same honesty as I do every year.

  9. If the negative completers boycott the next one and the toadies ar@elickspittles who view the chocolate starfish of management at close quarters vote positively, guess what - Excom will get Knighthoods for turning round a disaster - you will play right into their hands, it would be better for ARC & PCS to send out their own surveys, and that would be interesting.
    BTW Ken, how come HMRC were omitted from todays Daily Mail diatribe on reduncy vs. recruitment tables? Seems strange given all else?

  10. HMRC's day of reckoning is dawning!
    Just like all the charlatans of recent past - Blair, Brown & Co., those MP's who have gone to prison and now the current bunch.
    The real truth comes out in the end.
    The excuses may be even more incredible than the crimes.
    Although " I was only obeying orders..." is a wee bit worn out.
    C'mon HMRC, its not too late, admit its crap and start the long haul back.

  11. What the hell are those 2 unions doing about this state of affairs?
    Are they really only interested in keeping people in jobs and anything else can go West?
    It looks as though there has been systemic breaking or abuse of the Law of the Land within HMRC.
    Is it time for an open inquiry?