HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Post Haste

Post Haste
The ICAEW Tax Facility has published an update on what HMRC is doing to improve its snail mail handling.

As loyal readers of this site know, snail mail delays are one of the gripes of both HMRC staff and non HMRC staff alike.

Re SA and PAYE post processing

HMRC is quoted by the ICAEW:

"The post on hand position for Self Assessment and PAYE (individuals) continues to improve and we hope that agents are starting to see this. Although receipts remain high (as expected at this time of year) the overall post on hand has fallen below 500,000 and every effort is being made to maintain or improve this position.

The age profile of the post also continues to stabilise with over 98% of the post currently on hand received by HMRC within the last 40 days. Of that, 85 per cent was received within the last 20 working days. The recent introduction of the single PO Box addresses will enable us to handle post more efficiently.

Agents have told us that they would benefit from seeing HMRC performance statistics – specifically expected turnaround times – published externally. We’re exploring how best this can be achieved with our HMRC colleagues.

The ICAEW makes a rather "cynical" comment:

"If these statistics are to be believed we welcome the improvement..."

Do I detect a hint that the ICAEW does not believe HMRC's statistics?:)

".. The figures will become more meaningful when we have year-on-year statistics showing post volumes throughout the year (as volumes of post will vary depending on the time of the year). (It should be noted that these statistics do not cover corporation tax, employer matters or other post.)"

Re Time taken to receive correspondence from HMRC

HMRC at last proposes to review the process to see what can be done to reduce the time lag.

Suggestions welcome!

HMRC is also interested in receiving examples of lengthy delays.

Therefore please feel free to post your experiences here, because HMRC do read this site.

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  1. "HMRC at last proposes to review the process to see what can be done to reduce the time lag".

    Which individuals in HMRC created the current process.
    Why didnt they leave, a system which worked a lot better before 2005 alone?

    There are assholes in HMRC who for one reason or another can't leave proven administrative procedures to continue, whether its dealing with post or how you record data, green, amber, red performance boards etc.
    They have overcomplicated an already complex system probably in order to further theyre own selfish ideas and how they see themselves inside the department, while at the same time shitting on people who had nothing to with the results.

  2. To be fair they couldn't leave the systems as they were in 2005. The MPs we voted in introduced massive staff cuts and reduced the budget every year.

    Not defending the shambles just stating the obvious.

  3. Get the whiteboard monitors to do something constructive with the postage stats then.
    Put thee problem into the 3 C's box, you have paid a fortune for Pacesetter - use it, solve the problems FFS!
    The answer is in your own hands HMRC get it sorted (sic)!

  4. Pacesetter and the whole mentallity that surrounds it is the problem.
    Get rid of all the hopeless management tiers to leave a less oppressed work force who can and will do a much better job without all the absolute bollocks that pacesetter imposes.

  5. Get rid of Clasper, Strathie, Hartnett and Lamey for starters. Sack them and that's a million farking quid saved from the wage bill in the first year alone!!!

  6. Actually I think you'll find it's 660 thousand farking quid.

    (Source: 2010 annual report. There are also bonus figures for senior staff in there, which may interest you.)

    I suppose we can call it rounding.

  7. Anon @ 10 August 2011 10:11...

    The point is, these twats and their cohorts on the Board and ExCom are a "luxury" no-one can afford.

    As for rounding down, quite!!! I merely follow the lead of Dave Vodafone Hartnett who has set a fine example of rounding down in favour of the taxpayer (to the nearest few billion, LOL).