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HMRC Is Shite
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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Homer Shortlisted

Talking of awards, my hearty congratulations to Lin Homer, HMRC’s recently appointed Chief Executive Officer, who herself has recently been "ranked/shortlisted" by the media.

In this particular case Homer has been listed seventh in a list of 100 ‘people to watch in 2012’ published in The Times the other day.

As The Times put it:

"..managing Britain’s tax collectors is a tough job at any time but Revenue & Customs is under pressure to justify the deals that it has made with big companies and has the lowest morale of any Whitehall department."

Homer, doubtless is an ideal appointee to the role of HMRC CEO; aside from having no experience at all wrt tax (beyond being a taxpayer), she also has a fine list of accomplishments:

"In 2005 Birmingham was declared to be a "banana republic" by the Election Commission.

For why?

Wholesale electoral fraud in the council elections.

The Election Commission ruled that Labour had been responsible for “massive, systematic and organised postal ballot fraud.”

He then made a few choice remarks about the Chief Returning Officer, also the chief executive of the council.

She had "
thrown the rule book out of the window”.

To whom did he refer?

Why none other than Lin Homer.

Labour helped her out by making her head of the UK Borders Agency.

This being the very same UKBA that threw the rule book out of the window and relaxed border controls.

Lin, clearly a career minded woman, moved on from there this summer (just before the shit hit the fan) and became Permanent Secretary at the Department of Transport."

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. She has written a article introducing herself to the all at the coalface. Could really have taken her photo and name away and replaced it with dame Lesley? GOD/Jack etc...etc...etc.. I agree she will be one to watch I bet she delivers the goods for this site too LOL

  2. Agree with the last poster, one to watch if only for the fact that she is another in the line of incompetant idiots. I'd give her a year before she goes off to 'persue other opportunities' after making some high profile balls up.