HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

HMRC's Auto-Wrap-Up - UPDATED

My thanks to a loyal reader who advises me that on one of HMRC's systems, if the officer is on the call too long, the system goes into 'auto-wrap-up' mode and will cut the call off if the "auto-wrap-up" is not heeded.

He has no further details.

Has anyone more details on this please?


Thanks for the comments thus far.

Based on the ones on the site so far (four as at the time of writing), it appears that this is bollocks (I am of the view that the tip off was genuine and that it was unintentional misinformation/misunderstanding, rather than a deliberate attempt to mislead). I will leave the post here, to see if someone comes forward with any more information that might explain it.

However, apologies for wasting your time and thanks for pointing out it that it appears to be bollocks.

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. I don't believe this is true Ken, they use mostly the same sytems as everywhere else. The advisors are under enough pressure to reduce call times without inflicting this upon them. Think someone has been spinning you a yarn

  2. This is make believe. Have worked in contact centres in hmrc all my career and there is not one bit of truth in this.

  3. But why are we not surprised that Ken's whiskers twitched?

  4. Getting 'wrapped' up is the least of the public's worries.

    It appears that they can't get through at all at least 25% of the time

    One in four who ring the taxman hang up in frustration

  5. This isn't true but there are much worse things going on. I've been an employee for 6 years and everyday it has literally gotten worse. I work in the debt recovery section and we used to be told it wasn't target driven however nowadays If we don't get a certain amount of payments from customers (despite the fact that you can't force someone to pay if they can't afford it) we get talked to - and continuation of this can potentially lead to conduct and discipline. Along with warning of legal action in every single call - even when it's not necessarily relevant. Most of us that work there empathise and do all we can to help but a lot of the time or hands are tied with strict and ridiculous guidance that we need to adhere to to keep our jobs. I've been bullied by my manager for the past year and have been off sick because of it and upper management did nothing. Intact they even said it was my fault. Management do not care at all about staff and treat us like children. Complaints are ignored. Often when a ridiculous process comes out hundreds of staff have advised of all the problems and implications however it falls on deaf ears then management leave us to deal with the outcome. Even if a payment is wrong we are told to try as hard as possible to collect it in the meantime as customers can reclaim it later - even though we do not have guidance for how long this takes - though it seems a minimum of a month.

  6. Motivation is at all time low. HMRC is corrupt inside and out. Recently a manager won advisor of the year for debt recovery though she has not been on the phone for over a year. HMRC staff are devalued and treated like crap. I'm not sure if this is the case of other departments but certainly debt recovery centre. Recently two advisors left and sent out department wide email about how shite it is. It's a horrible state of affairs when the employees hate the place as
    Much as the public. Countless times I have listened to justified complaints on the phone and agreed and apologised only to be given into trouble for this later by management. I've read comments before with people saying things along the lines of don't worry it's not like they can fire you but ubfortubatwly this is not the case lately. With many departments downsizing management are using any excuse to out staff on warnings and referrals.

  7. Staff have been out on conduct and discipline referrals for stupid things such as taking too long wrapping up calls - regardless of how difficult the call was or how much work was required to deal with the outcome - and also people have been questioned on toilet breaks. It's very very common.
    As soon as I can find another job I am leaving and I know a lot of people are in the same boat.