HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

HMRC's Secret Board Meetings

I was having a nose around the HMRC site yesterday, and cast my eye over the HMRC Board Committee Summary Minutes page.

Can you spot what is wrong here children?

Yes, that's right, there have been no minutes posted since November 2011!

Does this mean that there have been no executive board meetings, or does this mean that the minutes simply haven't been posted?

Does anyone have the answer, if so, please share with the rest of us?


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  1. April, June, August and September are missing too. It’s all to do with the dodgy tax deals inquiries by the NAO, the PAC and the TSC. The whistleblower reported this Goldman Sachs deal to the NAO in March, so from April HMRC’s Board started deliberating how to cover it up. Of course late Oct and early Nov saw the big PAC’s hearing when Hartnett was branded a liar and Inglese forced to swear the bible .... As we speak the NAO, forced by the PAC, are doing ‘further work’ on the biggest 5 dodgy settlements. HMRC’s board don’t want nosy parkers like you acquainting themselves with the modus operandi of Whitehall cover-up, do they?

    1. I have tweeted a question to HMRC and HMT asking where these minutes are. If they respond I will post their reply:)

  2. Perhaps you could ask the NAO why they've changed the report date for their further work on the big 5 dodgy deals to the summer.

    they promised the PAC and the public back in January that they would report in the spring. Now, it's summer. How long does it take to review 5 settlements?

    Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

  3. I hear the NAO's work may lead to some unintended consequences. Of particular concern is the multi-billion pounds Vodafone deal that George Osborne approved just before he went to India to beat the drum for Vodafone in 2010 but which is now looking flaky to say the least ...