HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Saturday, 17 November 2012

HMRC Staff Survey Results

My thanks to a loyal reader, who has advised me that the HMRC staff survey results will be out on Monday.

However, I understand that Directorate and Group level results will be released 2 weeks later.

Why the 2 week delay?

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. Bit like TV the amount of repeats of this particular programme from the Muppet Show archives?

    Anyone with even a partial memory will recall that this type of methodology when adopted by the Muppet script writers means the results are so bad they have to be able to say they have already put measures into place to prevent a repitition, to prevent a repitition.

    An individual with a good memory and a wee bit of cynicism would lay heavy money on those areas, for there will be more than one, upon which the light of recognition is once again shining.

    Me, I lay a sportsmans bet that E&C/Intelligence/CI are the bad ones along with "Customer" services. We shall see!


  2. Because there are hundreds of thousands of surveys and therefore millions of pieces of data to process (assuming most civil servants did it).

    They release the headline figures first, then the more detailed analysis later - it's the same for all government departments (same survey done at the same time) and in large private sector organisations.

  3. Correct me if I am wrong, but it wouldn't matter a hoot how long you process the data (as opposed to falsify the data) the Muppets would still find themselves at the bottom of the pile.

    And as for the same survey done at the same time I seem to recall thw Muppets published the data themselves not so long ago!

    A pile of manure is a pile of manure no matter what you conceal it with.

    It will be interesting to see what happens after all the results for the Muppet Show and its myriad "directorships" are published, perhaps the smell will be so bad something is actually done for a change with the pile of manure rather than shuffle it around the farmyard hoping the smell goes away.

    I detect a few "lambs" being lined up for the abbatoir before this is laid to rest.

    It couldn't be worse than the last one surely?

    1. You're probably right around time needed for analysis etc, but your criticism of this should go to the private company that runs the survey; the results release/analysis is done by them, rather than HMRC or any other government department.

  4. perhaps the time for a "divorce" has finally arrived?
    Brown has been off the scene for long enough now that the Gov'nt could easily order a split to commence, should be fairly simple;
    DHS/IR vs. C&E
    No need for an MA in Astrophysics, and BTW ditch the idiots that sniveled around Lean/Pacesetter at the same time and also introduce a Director, nope, Commissioner, of Common Sense to have oversight of "customer", nope, taxpayer engagement or whatever.
    Can I have a nite hood please?
    "Sword Sharpner"