HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Thursday, 15 November 2012

To Dream The Impossible Dream

I am gemused to see that despite HMRC's propaganda drive to convince us that its flagship Real Time Information (RTI) is ship shape and Bristol fashion, not everyone has fallen for the BS.

Step forward my own professional body, the ICAEW, which is scathing about RTI calling it:

 “at best unrealistic and at worst impossible” 

ICAEW quite correctly notes that whilst the transition may be "relatively straightforward" for larger companies, SME's are really going to struggle.

The ICAEW is of the view that due to restrictions under RTI, employers have to submit a return within seven days. Frank Haskew, head of ICAEW Tax Faculty, is quoted by Economia:
"It will not work for many businesses.

It’s not yet clear what HRMC will do if faced with widespread non-compliance by employers – will they apply penalties or turn a blind eye? 

Either way, the requirement could inflict serious damage to the credibility of the UK tax system.
A poll of 1,700 firms by the Federation of Small Businesses last month found that 25% had never heard of the new RTI payroll system, with only 16% fully aware of it.

In addition, two thirds of respondents to the survey were sceptical that RTI will achieve its aims and more than 60% of firms have not had any communication from HMRC about the changes.

Ship shape and Bristol fashion?

I don't think so!

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. "...the requirement could inflict serious damage to the credibility of the UK tax system."

    Does anyone in the real world believe there is any credibilty left in the UK tax system?

    The majority of MP's from all parties are bombarded daily with complaints from their constituents who are taxpayers (not customers) and may be pensioners, employed, unemployed, benefit recipients, employers all conneected by a common thread - HMRC.
    Whether it be complaints about the phone system, multiple incorrect tax codings, incorrect rulings or simply poor and inept service, MP's in trays are overflowing and it won't be long before the public will shout enough is enough.
    The last straw for MP's has been the barrage of lies and deceit emanating from HMRC as evidenced at PAC's.
    Watch this space o ye of little faith!

    1. It's good to hear that MPs from all parties are being bombarded with complaints, after all the state of HMRC is all their fault!