Wednesday 14 November 2012

Lean Goes From Strength To Strength

In October I mused on the "success" or otherwise of Lean, and what it had done for the once fine brand of Toyota:
"Toyota, you may be aware, has had to recently recall "some" of its cars because of a production fault over a number of years.

How many cars?

7.4M (manufactured between September 2006 and December 2008), it is in fact the largest recall in the company's history!

Mind you, it has had other recalls in earlier years; again because of failures in production.

Oh dear!

What does this tell us about Lean?

At the very least it tells us that Lean is not a panacea for the ills of the public (or indeed the private) sector. The evangelists and zealots who spoke at last month's conference (after they have counted their earnings from the conference and Lean consultancies) may care to reflect on that!
One month on and blinkey, blonkey, blimey, Toyota have had to issue yet another product recall. This time Toyota will recall 2.7 million cars worldwide because of problems with the steering wheel and water pump system. The recall affects nine models, including the Toyota Corolla and the second-generation Prius.

Lean goes from strength to strength!

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  1. Now, do you suppose the PAC let alone the poor customers who pay for this crap have got any idea how much the whole sorry mess has cost the public purse?
    Politicians and Swivel Servants alike have blindly bought into this evangelical form of snake oil salesmanship whilst blinded by the light of goodness knows what!
    There has been IIP and Mission Statements and now Pacesetter/Lean - IT DOES NOT WORK PEOPLE, its a mirage and the Emperors New Clothes rolled into one with more than a touch of Grim (sic) fairy tales experience at the workface.
    Wake up Muppets it won't work no matter what it is not suited to the public sector (service).
    You have lost all the good managers and are left with a third rate bunch of swivel servants and a host of cut and run private sector implants.
    The staff and the customers deserve better, start by dropping customer in favour of taxpayer and stop paying lip service to avoidance let alone evasion - collect and protect, remember that?!

  2. Toyota should get in touch with HMRC, there must be something in the 17 or so pages devoted to explaining Pacesetter jargon that HMRC have available that could be of help!!!

    Best things to have come out of Japan are the Nissan Skyline twin ceramic turbo car, Yamaha XJ 650 Turbo m/cycle and The Bullet train.

    Other than that, I don't think their business failings or ethics give any cause for pride, otherwise why build nuclear power plants on a Tsunami shoreline (must have been a 6 smegma decision), and as for their wholesale slaughter of whales and dolphins they should once again bow their heads in shame.

    So, congratulations HMRC, this is what you are associated with, no wonder you treat your staff and customers so badly, you just don't care.