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HMRC Is Shite
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Monday, 5 November 2012

HMRC's Call Handling Performance

As loyal readers know, the issue of HMRC's call handling performance often features on this site. On that well worn theme, HMRC last week published (and will continue to publish) quarterly contact centre performance statistics as part of "wider efforts to improve HMRC’s service standards and in particular highlighting concerns with the existing call centre performance".

According to HMRC, the data will comprise basic performance and management information and customer experience results.

The data released last week for quarter ended June 2012 (bit slow to release Q3 are they not?) shows that there were over 22M call attempts in Q2, of which 15M were "handled".

Factoid: "Handling" means being answered by an adviser or "dealt with successfully by an automated message" (does the latter mean "the line is busy please try later"?).

It seems that 43% of calls were answered within two minutes, but 27% were not answered within 10 minutes.

Paul Aplin, chairman of the ICAEW Tax Faculty’s Technical Committee, told Tax Journal that call centre performance had been a major issue. Publication of the figures was "an important step in terms of transparency".

We shall see, as I noted above where are Q3's figures (given that Q3 ended over a month ago)?

Statistics are only of any use if they are timely.

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. There are lies, damned lies, and then there are HMRC "statistics".

    Anyone know where the companies due to operate/actually operating, the call centres are based for tax purposes?

  2. The observant will have noticed the "phoenix" syndrome of the once thought to be extinct "customer" adjective again, believed to have been extinct following its non-mention during a recent select committee meeting.
    It is thought that the DNA for this resilient and somewhat tenacious self-replicating virus lies within a six sigma cluster of evangelist practitioners addicted to its use in whatever form available, oral, rectal or by injection through thick dermatology.
    A cure has been found in the common sense tablets beginning to circulate more freely.
    Get a grip HMRC, get a grip.