HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Hypothetical Case Study

My thanks to a loyal reader for posting this hypothetical case study in the comment section of yesterday's article:
"Hypothetical situation:-

A manager known to be a bully with a record of appalling staff mistreatment and proven cases against him/her, who had caused a potential risk by social network "naivety" and who had several recent records of complaints and grievances against him/her with a trail of staff suffering from stress absences and transfer out or resignation is in the evidential chain, also other managers are accused of criminal and/or civil law breaking..."
How should this be professionally handled by HMRC management, were this situation reality and not hypothetical?

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. Sounds like a hazard at work that is so potentially dangerous it has to have flashing warning lights around it.
    Probably should have an orange panel on the individuals door with a black X on it, indicating harmful/irritant.

  2. HMRC actually allows someone as described to manage people and work in the legal side, surely not?

  3. Clearly an outstanding candidate for promotion (I would like to think that I am wrong bit I suspect that I am right).

  4. This is fantasy, people should be happy that they have a job at all in the current climate. I am sure this could be put down to "robust management" and that people simply can't handle being sworn at or marginalised let alone subject to stress.

    Managers are there to manage and the workers are there to do as they are told.

  5. hear, hear anonymous. They don't know when to be grateful, do they, the sheep?

    Seriously, get rid of him/her. There are procedures to follow. Do it and get them out.

  6. If the procedures are anything like the staff engagement then there is not much chance of them working properly. Perhaps that is one reason the figures are so poor?

  7. It would probably be identified as needs improvement in the annual review and their manager blamed for mismanagement of the manager

  8. Yes, sounds about right, hypothetically of course!
    Again, hypothetically, if this had happened to lets say enough people to field 3 or more soccer teams plus reserves, and at a variety of venues over a long period of time, someone would have joined the dots of the common denominator between so many complaints, grievances, sickness absence levels, transfers etc. and realised something was deeply amiss or an awful lot of people were making false accusations and allegations, which would be investgated, hypothetically of course. Eitherway, if it had occurred I am sure HMRC systems are resilient enough to cover civil and criminal legilative issues correctly.
    Yep, hypothetically, seems about right.

  9. You would almost begin to wonder if there is a reason why that individual is still in his/her hypothetical management role, let alone a hypothetical job.

    Indicative of a far worse problem in their systems, and that would be deemed factual by the man/woman on the Clapham omnibus.

  10. No smoke without fire. Perhaps Govt. should put the IPCC and HMI in there full time as the current self-policing is not working.