Wednesday 6 February 2013

Taxpayers Pay HMRC Twice

Last week's Sandtander/HMRC tax BillPay snafu has had another repercussion. It appears that taxpayers who used the system had their tax bill debited more than once from their bank accounts.

HMRC are, apparently, aware of the problem.

A spokesman for HMRC is quoted by the Telegrpah:
At the end of January, Santander experienced technical problems with their BillPay system resulting in some people making more than one payment. We have already started repaying overpaid tax to those affected and we expect to have this work completed by tomorrow. 

Santander will cover any bank charges incurred by HMRC customers as a consequence of this incident.”
Please let me know if you were affected.

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. Weeeell, as if to prove a point made in the previous blog...

    Or, to quote from Rumpole..."I rest my case your honour."

    Or, as I might put it..."This lot should not/could not be trusted to organise a booze-up in a brewery!"

    Better get some 6 Smegma's operating in there pretty quick, throw in a Kaizen Blitz and the other 17 pages of pacesetter crap and away to go!

    Get rid of the higher levels of mangagement, it is obvious they are not competent. Giver the middle managers a warning that they must improve, get rid of the lower management, totally incompetent.

    If HMRC were a horse, it would have been put down years ago, and therein lies the answer - time for change before it gets worse, split Get rid of the yoke of pacestter and lean, wrong type of environment for kung fooey. LOL