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HMRC Is Shite
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Friday, 15 February 2013

Out of The Box - HMRC's 7,000 Tablets

As HMRC moves towards its paperless dream, it will hand out 7,000 tablets and laptops to employees in an effort to improve their mobility.

CIO Mark Hall wants the workforce to be more mobile.

Hall told Computer Weekly that HMRC wants to introduce "out of the box" consumer devices.
"The ultimate number will be about 7,000 – but we don’t at the moment know how many of that will be iPads, laptops etc.

We are doing a piece with HR at the moment about mobile working, and how we can make our VAT inspectors more mobile, for example.
An initial iPad pilot is taking place with a dozen HMRC executives.
Then we will pause and reflect and look at user cases for the next tranche. Once we are ready, we will move quite quickly.” 
Those of you who are worried about another Datagate occurring should sleep peacefully. Seemingly the devices will work on non-restricted information, classified at Impact Level 2 security levels and below. HMRC will also work closely with the government security arm CESG, to ensure that security will not be compromised.

No worries then!

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  1. "HMRC will also work closely with the government security arm CESG, to ensure that security will not be compromised.

    No worries then!"

    Given HMRC's proud record concerning its stewardship of confidential data, what could possibly go wrong?

  2. You mean that "desk visits/audits" don't work then, whatever happened, someone have a "Road To Damascus Moment"?

  3. Hmmm lets see..a bog standard IPAD is what £350+ , so by the time procurement and support are added probably looking more like £1000 a tab, £7m down the much for the spending review.

    1. Are those figures vat inc. and with a bulk discount, don't forget even the Muppet Show can claim vat back!

      It's amazing how loose someone can be when spending other peoples money!

      Reckon it is a budget pend it or lose it use of unused taxpayer contributions (customer spend) before the end of the year.

  4. They don't actually say ipad. And I can't believe they will be providing Mac laptops, given the price.

    Anyone want to guess they have bought a job lot of Blackberry Playbooks 7" :)?


  5. Funnily enough I have one, got it for under £110, would do the job very well esp as they are getting bb10 os. But no HMRC will go down the well trodden route of paying more for less like they always do.