HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Farewell Windows XP

Just to reminded everyone, as from yesterday Microsoft stopped providing free support for Windows XP.

Here is what I wrote about it in February:
"HMRC has 85,784 PCs, of which 85,268 are moving off Windows XP and 58,631 are ditching Internet Explorer 6.
As from 8th April this will present a security weakness, as Microsoft will stop offering free support for XP and will no longer provide any protection to block malicious codes and potential hacks that steal users' data. As from then Microsoft will charge an outlandish £122 per desktop for year one, £244 for year two and £490 for year three.
Suffice to say HMRC will not be paying for this service.

However, not to worry, an HMRC spokesperson is quoted by the Guardian:
"HMRC takes security extremely seriously and has many controls in place to guard against online threats. HMRC is already upgrading our IT software and our systems will remain secure whilst this is happening." 
No problem then, except for the fact that the upgrade from XP and Windows 6 won't be completed by April!"
As a loyal reader reminded us yesterday:
"Don't forget the vast majority of us working in HMRC are still running windows xp (no longer supported by Microsoft) and using ie6 as a browser!"
I dare say in the months to come, this security weakness will be fixed!

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  1. Ken. The "loyal reader" - aren't we all! - isn't kkeping uo. The Government has entered into an agreement with Microsoft to extend support for Windows XP for a year.

  2. So HMG saves £20th by central purchasing negotiation.
    I am impressed, imagine how much taxpayers money could have been saved by not letting HMRC sign anything looking remotely like an IT related contract with "The Professionals"?!
    But wait, haven't I seen something about this on this blog Before?
    No, 'twas my imagination after all...
    HMRC must have cost the taxpayer billions as a result of their useless contract negotiation abilities over the years.

    1. £20TH = £20TH


    2. damn that bleedy productive taxed!
      should have read £20m
      BTW, how much extra did this "arrangement" cost?
      Can't say, commercial confidentiality dear taxpayer - bullcrap!

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