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HMRC Is Shite
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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

HMRC Fixes Dashboard

As noted in March, there are a number of technical issues wrt RTI such as the creation of duplicate records.

HMRC have now stated that it has fixed the errors in its employment records:
"The issue affected some employers who employ an individual to do more than one job within the same PAYE scheme. In some instances, the issue resulted in these separate employments being merged in error. This has now been fixed.

Before HMRC corrected the issue affected employer accounts will have been incorrect on HMRC's Business Tax Dashboard.

HMRC has updated the employer records affected and the Business Tax Dashboard will shortly show corrected figures for the affected employers as follows:

  • Employers who have been paying the right amount of tax (based on their payroll) should see their accounts now balance on the Business Tax Dashboard. Prior to the records being updated they will have been in a credit position.
  • Dependent on individual circumstances, employers who have been paying the amount that the Dashboard said that they owed (rather than the amount based on their payroll) may end up in debt position when the record is updated.
  • Some employers may see no change at all.
If an employer will have difficulty paying any extra money owed, they should follow the guidance below:
Problems paying HMRC
HMRC are sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause."
Please let me know as to whether the "fix" has worked or not.

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. Hi, I am a Director (and the only employee) of a very small company. At no time have I been employed by the company to do a 'different' job and I have been there all throughout the year. So should be very simple and the 'excuses' from HMRC don't seem relevant. However I can assure you that this dashboard problem is not resolved. My 'dashboard' currently only shows correct data for months 1-3 in 2013-14. In months 4-12 it has omitted logging 4 payments altogether (although the Helpline admits they were made and are on the system), attributed 2 payments to us which we did not make, and I cannot make any sense out of how they have randomly allocated other payments. The bottom line is that the helpline agree the figures are all wrong on the dashboard and I should just ignore them! We have apparently overpaid by a 4 figure sum - but can only get that back by writing and pleading with Newcastle apparently, despite them being well aware of their problem.

  2. only today (15/08/14) I have been told by HMRC that the dashboard should not be believed, they do not know when issues will be resolved and in fact a new system is being developed !! We also had over paid and were told it would take 6 weeks before they even confirmed the over payment and at least 3 months before we would receive repayment
    Why is this complete cock up not more widely broadcast - why as no newspaper got involved ?
    this is the first site on the internet I could find that even dared to mention all was not right

  3. I've still got a problem. I made a late year end submission as an Earlier Year Update Submission. That was on 19th May. This is STILL not reflected on the dashboard, which still shows the old specified charges. I spoke to HMRC in mid June and was told that the submission had been correctly received by them and that their systems reflected this, however due to a technical problem the dashboard is showing the wrong figure. I was also told that I am not the only person with this problem.

    It seems that HMRC can't get even basis accounting correct, and yet they would like the power to seize money from people's bank accounts .....