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HMRC Is Shite
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Monday, 14 April 2014

Lean On Me - Toyota Issues Another Recall

As loyal readers know, Toyota (the company that bequeathed the world and HMRC "LEAN") has featured before on this site wrt its seemingly regular recall of its cars.

Sadly for Toyota it has had to recently issue yet another recall.

Toyota is recalling 6.4 million vehicles globally, over five separate issues.

Some 3.5 million vehicles are being recalled to replace a spiral cable attached to the driver's side airbag. It may be damaged when the steering wheel is turned and result in the airbag not being deployed in a crash.

Other issues include problems with seat rails, steering columns, windscreen wipers and a glitch with the engine starters that poses a fire risk.

Now if LEAN doesn't work effectively when used in the industry for which it was intended, how on earth can it be expected to perform effectively when applied in HMRC (a civil service department that does NOT manufacture cars)?

Answers on a whiteboard please!

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  1. Nice to see you got onto the Toyota recall eventually Ken, better late than never...

    A quick browse of Toyotas current marketing on their web shows the following strapline " There's always a better way " which appears to be part of an altruistic voyage of discovery that Toyota wish you to join aboard with them in the voyage.
    Clicking on Discover Safety brings up an interactive map of Toyotas journey through safety - change Toyota to HMRC and let your imagination run riot as the car careers around the map.
    Then there is THUMS. Suggest you watch the video and see what the next generation of Excom/crash test dummies are like, yep, almost human.
    Enjoy your voyage of discovery, just watch out for the minefield named recall or the large iceberg adjacent to it.
    Lean, my @rse!

  2. I wasn't asleep, honest!😊

  3. "bequeathed"? - interesting choice of words. Toyota may be recalling cars, but I suspect rumors of its demise are greatly exaggerated. :)

    Stew G

    1. Obviously a bit short on pages in your thesaurus!
      Try for some non-end of life associations that are relevant.

    2. You must be a particularly loyal reader to wish to pick a fight on this one! :)

      Though I'd normally be happy to knock about the finer points of the language (like when the term "tax avoidance" is willfully misused ... which admittedly I've not seen done on here for a little while), I'll assume that, like mine, your comment was in jest.


    3. Fight not a do I pick!

      Do not assume anything Obi-Wan. Clear your mind must be if you are to discover the real villains behind this plot.

      Rumours of the misuse of the word demise have been greatly exaggerated.

      People always ask me, "Were you funny as a child?" Well, no, I was an accountant.
      Ellen DeGeneres
      Now thats jest ;(