Saturday 15 July 2006


You may recall an earlier article in which I lambasted Nanny's ever efficient and helpful chums in HMRC (the tax man), re their request for a P60 (statement of earnings) for the tax year end April 2005.

The trouble with this request was that the P60 had been supplied twice to them before.

Now the issue has arisen again.

We received a communication from Nanny's HMRC stating that the P60 "could not be traced", ie they have lost it!

I rang to find out what the hell was going on, and pointed out that said P60 had first been sent in July 2005 (returned by HMRC) then resent at their request (they had lost the copy they made of it!) April 2006.

Nanny's jobsworth informed me that we would have to supply a statement of earnings, in other words we would have to waste more of our time sorting out their mess!

Not once did I receive an apology for their error.

After some pointed discussion with the jobsworth, some common sense prevailed and HMRC have graciously allowed me to send a photocopy of the missing P60.

Totally useless!