Monday 4 February 2019

Mark Nellthorp - The Silence Will Fall When The Question Is Asked

As many of you are aware, the Guardian published an interesting article on Friday about the dismissal in September of Mark Nellthorp an HMRC deputy director and diversity officer.

Nellthorp was sacked for a catalogue of sexual misconduct claims made by five junior female employees.

Additionally two female assistant directors at HMRC who worked closely with Nellthorp were suspended on full pay last February, after being accused of helping facilitate his behaviour. They are still being investigated.

An independent report carried out by former John Lewis HR director Laura Whyte, found that HMRC employees tolerate a significant amount of “low level” poor behaviour that would not be acceptable in other environments.

It listed “swearing, breaching confidentiality” and “ mocking colleagues” among the actions demonstrated.

HMRC on Friday (coincidentally) published the review’s report, which recommended an “urgent redesign of the grievance process” including more use of “mediation and early resolution”, among other changes.

It said the review did not find “any individual within HMRC who had confidence in the grievance process”. Staff felt they tolerated a lot of “low-level poor behaviours” not accepted in other workplaces, including swearing, breaching confidentiality and mocking colleagues.

The Nellthorp article "amuses" me in one sense (not regarding his conduct etc), namely because I submitted the following FOI to HMRC in October 2018:
"Dear HM Revenue and Customs,

Please can you advise me of the following:

1 Is Mark Nellthorp still in your employ?

2 If he has left please advise when?

3 What were the reasons for his departure?

Thank you

Yours faithfully,

Ken Frost"
The response from HMRC was "amusing" in that they refused to answer it, and noted that they could
neither confirm or deny that they had information about him.
"Under section 40 of the FOIA I can neither confirm nor deny whether HMRC holds information falling within scope of your request. The fact that section 40 has been cited should not be taken as indication that the information requested is or is not held by HMRC."
Ironically I have made other FOI requests on a number of occasions relating to connected issues, none of which HMRC were particularly keen to answer fully. The FOI's and HMRC's response can be viewed here.

In addition to that, Nellthorp has featured a few times on this site over the years, eg this gem from November 2011:
"My thanks to a loyal reader who dropped me a note about an event last week for Senior Managers in Personal Tax, which was held at Lawress Hall, one of the subjects being "Rebranding Pacesetter".

Apparently one of the speakers was Mark Nellthorp, an HMRC deputy director (he is also diversity officer).

Anyhoo, I am given to understand that Mr Nellthorp's speech about rebranding Pacesetter allegedly included suggestions that old people have poor hygiene and smell, and how cornflakes stop you masturbating.

When asked by someone about an email he sent concerning job relocations, he allegedly made reference to Hitler and modern warfare.

I dare say that, "in context", the above all made perfect sense.
Here's another from September 2017:
"My thanks to a loyal reader who has written to me about multiple staff survey responses being submitted by a certain manager in a certain HMRC department (the results are published on the HMRC intranet).

"...You see ***'s (redacted by Ken) group in **** was around 100 staff at that time.
At the close of the staff survey period the published response rate for ***'s group was 130 responses out of 100 people. i.e. 130%!!!!
Generally around 60 responses would be expected.
This is fully checkable as number of responses are published with the survey.
Unsurprisingly his groups scores on certain key questions were 10-15 points above the HMRC average.
The point is that apparently you can submit multiple returns on the survey (the system does not stop you), and many staff in ***'s team are fully aware he and a few close 'minions' submit multiple positive responses for his area and have been doing so for several years.
Unfortunately the past couple of years he has gone over quota a bit.....
It not who votes that counts. It's who xeroxes the ballot paper."
Are there no depths to which HMRC will sink?

Ironically, despite the manipulation, *** still managed to score 20%+ response rate on the bullying question (people who felt they were being bullied or had witnessed it) over his team of 100!!
The question that you may ponder is who helped the manager put in multiple responses?

Posts about Digital Evidence Capability (DEC) also are worth a read.

It is therefore clear that HMRC knew about Nellthorp for quite some time.

There are of course many questions that might be asked about the details, being an experienced auditor/fraud investigator such questions that I would ask if I were conducting a review/investigation include the following:

- who were the enablers?
- were promotions made on the basis of merit or favouritism?
- were roles advertised before they were filled?
- was there an internal cover up?
- what went on a Lawress Hall one night?

But I don't want to bore you, and I'm sure that HMRC have this well covered.

However, here is my advice to members of staff, taxpayers, MPs and journalists if they want to determine if HMRC really is rotten or not.

Ask one question of Sir Jon (sorry Sir Jonathan) Thompson.

But what is it I hear you ask?





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  1. Nice work Ken.

    That is indeed the $64,000 question!

    I didn't come across Nellthorp in my time with HMRC but have encountered many similar odious characters who clambered to senior positions.

    The fact that they exist and thrive for so long ruling by fear and dishing out favours is outrageous.

    It's a sad indictment of a public service organisation that these tyrants treat their divisions like their own little kingdoms.

    I would love to see those that facilitate it (turn a blind eye) also get dismissed.

    1. The question is who was his Director since 2010?

    2. Link to Ken's wonderful poem on national poetry day. David (fucking) Richardson.

      Noone has mentioned Andy Ray yet! Dr Andy Ray, one of Nellthorp's most trusted managed move to head up Internal Governance. Coincidence? Me thinks not!

  2. It appears that this sexual misconduct may amount to sexual offences. We don't know enough because HMRC are being strangely secretive about matters which are in the public interest. These are obviously matters so serious that outside bodies should be involved. I would ask HMRC:
    were these matters reported to the police?

    When I was the victim of a bullying female manager who committed a criminal offence, HMRC covered it up in-house and did not report to the police. In an era after the disgusting behaviour of (Sir) Jimmy Saville at the BBC, NHS etc has been brought to light, it would be highly alarming if HMRC did not refer the Nellthorp case to the police but would not surprise me.

    These tyrants need criminal investigation.

  3. Copied an pasted from previous thread.

    Unknown4 February 2019 at 11:02
    I'd be interested to speak (anonymously) with you about this. Trying to get multiple sources on some things I've been told about Nellthorp and others.

    You can reach me on or 07768864928. My twitter is @willhumphries_

    1. Nice Andy Ray implemented.

      What about Simon Chaplin. Half the victims ran through his team and he didn't know?

      Alison Holiday - what did she know?

      Michael Conroy - what did he know?

      The list really is endless.

  4. It is truly a horrible place to work.

  5. What about Mike Skelton (G6 - Field Force) who was sacked last year?

    1. Can anyone verify that Mike Skelton was indeed sacked last year? His Linkedin page still states he is 'Head of Field Force'.

      I am aware from personal experience that these two 'gentleman' do not have a good reputation with front line staff. It would interesting to have Skelton's sacking confirmed and details of what the misdemeanor was.

      The reality is that bullies and miscreats run riot in HMRC with impunity. The cover up culture is alive and well. Sackings for misconduct are very rare as HMRC's preferred resolution to workplace violence is to turn a blind eye - especially if the perpetrator is management.

      Management view staff with utter disdain and anyone who attempts to stand up to them will be crushed by their cowardly thugs.

      The fact there are some pretty serious governance issues with HMRC has been ignored for far too long.

    2. I hope it's true about Skelton. A really nasty, creepy, bully who was allowed to get away with his terrible behaviour by senior people. In Field Force he had his poodle from Bolton, and they created a myth about collecting billions - what a joke and never challenged. Was my worst 3 years when I had to work for him, just treated like dirt and had to leave. Suppose his poodle now has changed to get a promotion! HMRC just protects these people.

    3. Speak out. Not just on here.
      The Respect at Work review is making me sick. Speak to Will Humphries at the Times. More stories he can get the better.

      I urge every single person commenting on here to do the same. Get it out there. Unions will only take winning cases for fear of losing money.

      People's lives are destroyed.

      It's not right.

  6. In the light of HMRC Sexual Misconduct coming to light, media organisations might be interested to know that HMRC staff (e.g. Field Force Officers) who visit taxpayers, including at home address, have not undergone Standard or Enhanced DBS checks. The most they will have had is a basic criminal record check which is inadequate.

    Pressure needs to be put on HMRC to change their level of vetting as these officers will meet vulnerable people in their day to day work.

    Hopefully some good can come out of HMRC's current crisis.

  7. Deep indeed the swamp is.
    Drain it must be!

  8. "A separate Guardian investigation in November revealed that HMRC had received 362 complaints from staff about alleged sexually harassment and bullying since 2016, and that only a fraction of staff had faced disciplinary investigations as a result."


  9. I read this report today on the internal HMRC intranet.....damning....but what will happen? Sweet fuck all.... it's another box ticking exercise... senior management have engaged...they don't give 2 fucks....the old adage "no such thing as bad publicity"....these bastards will twist this story to their own ends..... despicable scumbags.

    Where the fuck are you hiding,Sir Jonathan....get out from under your stone,you coward.

  10. What's the NHS link?

    1. The BBC seemingly failed to report concerns about Jimmy Saville to the NHS trusts he volunteered at...

      In more enlightened times you would think government departments of all people would be a little more proactive and treat these matters with the seriousness they deserve...but HMRC did not inform the NHS at Portsmouth about this 'gentleman'.

    2. He got himself a stomach band operation in early 2015 courtesy of Portsmouth NHS Trust.... Hang on. He was a non-exec director of said same and only waited two weeks as a non-emergency case. Top surgeon the lot. That is why he is no longer marginally portly shall we say.

  11. Non Executive Director with "limited access to patients" at Portsmouth.

    Following text taken directly from Guardian article:

    The trust said he left the board at the end of his tenure and neither he nor HMRC had made it aware of the allegations against him.

    A spokeswoman said: “The trust was made aware of allegations against Mark Nellthorp several months after he had left his roles. We immediately contacted HM Revenue & Customs, who confirmed that they were conducting an ongoing investigation into allegations against Mark Nellthorp while he was employed at HMRC.

    “We took swift action to assure ourselves that the trust had received no reports of similar allegations against Mr Nellthorp during his time as a NED [non-executive director] or interim chairman"

    1. It's is f*ucking disgusting that HMRC did not inform the NHS of the sexual misconduct allegations.
      This man was left to roam free on NHS premises - how negligent can these twats be?

  12. Replies
    1. No reports does not mean no victims.

      Extract from office of national statistics report re sexual assault. "Those who had experienced rape or assault by penetration (including attempts) since the age of 16 were asked who they had personally told. Nearly one-third of victims (31%) had not told anyone about their most recent experience, while 58% told someone they knew personally and 30% told someone in an official position. Around one in six (17%) had told the police"

  13. That offences have been committed by HMRC appears to be beyond reasonable doubt, at least to the 'person' on the Clapham omnibus!

    The fact that there is so litle mention of this around the numerous instances of HMRC actions and/or omissions recorded here and elsewhere should be a cause for concern.

    Amazed that media appears to have let it slip by.

    Just consider this definition taken from Criminal Law Act 1977;

    The offence of conspiracy.

    [F1(1)Subject to the following provisions of this Part of this Act, if a person agrees with any other person or persons that a course of conduct shall be pursued which, if the agreement is carried out in accordance with their intentions, either—

    (a)will necessarily amount to or involve the commission of any offence or offences by one or more of the parties to the agreement, or

    (b)would do so but for the existence of facts which render the commission of the offence or any of the offences impossible,

    he is guilty of conspiracy to commit the offence or offences in question.]

    So, what's happening folks, smoke and mirrors, deceipt, obstruction, cover-ups or something else...?

  14. Said it before and I'll say it again: HMRC are law-breakers. They need to be subjected to a serious criminal investigation in the public interest. I would certainly give evidence wrt to the misconduct committed by management and the intellectually-challenged cretins working in HR who actively conspired to suppress the truth and block justice. Put them before the courts.

  15. How many other sexual predators, criminals, bullies and dishonest staff are working for HMRC?
    Nobody knows. HMRC are, as ever, secretive. They cover-up misconduct of management and those who are helpful to management's bullying.
    HMRC don't even carry out enhanced DBS checks on public facing staff who visit taxpayers at their homes. Surely this has to change in the wake of the Nellthorp scandal?

  16. Keep digging folks. The truth is there. Not far to go. Keep at it.

  17. A veritable Pandora's Box from which an effluvium doth emanate that is gathering substance and momentum that effecteth many within Excom and other evangelical types doth slither!

    What price now the whteboard or 'hub time' whither goest thine BAKA-YOKE, GENJITSU striketh or perhaps your ISHIKAWA is inserted incorrectly and the MUDA has become MURI time to practice the art of NINJUTSU and some POKA YOKE as there are too many WATER SPIDERS and insufficient VISUAL MANAGEMENT...


  18. what is a water spider?

    1. Water Spider is one who performs a wide range of tasks which allows workers to perform “value-added” tasks.


      Arigato Kemosabe! ;)

    2. Hahaha,

      Reminds me of an AO i worked with who spent her time basically soaking up any AA work that needed processing. Scanning mail, sorting mail etc. Bit soft in the head but the fun went out of it when the merger happened and myself and other AAs began to run out of stuff to do due to restructuring and office closure cock ups.

      She was the "best paid AA in the building". :)

  19. why too many of them?

    1. 'Tis difficult to impart satire or other verbal inflection into this electronic environment which causeth all who doth dwell here to lose any ability to deal with humint at basic levels. (L.2)
      Clues should have been the use of capitols, exclamation, ;) or humour.
      An ability to do what I did and search for the Lean terms, as was indicated and attributed, might have proved fruitful. had it been noticed.
      Without wishing to cause offence and with absolutely no sarcasm whatsoever, you are not a fast tracker by any chance?
      Ah well, time for a waxer and a swing of the lamp, is that the dinner gong Chief?
      Halcyone Daze! ;)

  20. On the other hand just because someone flings mud it doesn't mean its true. In a large organisation there has to be a balance. There are some sick and disturbed people who accuse as well as those who do actually commit offences.

    1. So in an organisation of 60,000 employees in which engagement scores have been rock bottom, and approx 15% have experienced or seen bullying -we have seen less than a handful of senior people sacked in a decade.

      It's now emerging that senior figures have facilitated, covered up.

      Seems to me - the "balance" which you are crying out for has been way out of kilter for as long as HMRC has been in existence.

      Go back to your whiteboard with your simply thanks vouchers and talk about balance there!

  21. Looks like Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust might not be letting on all they know... From their board meeting on 5th October (

    "I also would like to pass on my gratitude to Mark Nellthorp who has been Interim Chair since the departure of Sir Ian Carruthers in June of this year. Mark will be stepping back into his Non-Executive Director role once Melloney takes up the role of Chair, from the 1st November 2017."

    Then from their board meeting on 2nd November (

    "The Chairman thanked Mark Nellthorp for his support, commitment and sterling contribution to the Trust throughout his term as a Non-Executive Director and, more recently, whilst Interim Chairman. He will be leaving the Trust at the end of November. The Chairman reported that the Non-Executive Director recruitment campaign was well underway and that interviews will be scheduled for the end of November."

    Seems like a bit of a u-turn, no? In October it's announced that Mark is "stepping back" into his previous role as effective from 1st November 2017, and then on the meeting literally the day after(!), all of a sudden it's announced that he's leaving the trust at the end of that month, with interviews for a successor noted to be taking place "at the end of" November. Seems a bit hasty, no?

    It doesn't quite square with the trust's statement that Mark left "at the end of his tenure", which seems to imply that it was planned from the off that Mark would step down from his Interim Chairman role, do another month in his previous role as non-Executive Director, and then leave. Was this really the plan all along, as they seem to be suggesting? I think that's highly unlikely.

    A spokeswoman for the trust (see Guardian article) said that “The trust was made aware of allegations against Mark Nellthorp several months after he had left his roles. We immediately contacted HM Revenue & Customs, who confirmed that they were conducting an ongoing investigation into allegations against Mark Nellthorp while he was employed at HMRC." This implies that HMRC didn't think it important to pass this information on to the trust at the time, surely a massive safeguarding concern for someone who had a role which gave him access to children and vulnerable adults.

    Looks like Nellthorp is jumping before he's pushed, which seems strange given that HMRC are saying that the first allegation came the following month in December 2017. Alas, the Trust mention that "several months" had passed until someone informed them independently of the internal HMRC investigation involving Nellthorp, but if you take a close look at their board meeting minutes from February 1st 2018, you see the following, indicating that the shit has certainly hit the fan by then:

    "Resolution :
    That the remainder of the meeting shall be held in private Committee because publicity would be prejudicial to the public interest. By reason of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960’s s1(2)"

    This resolution (kicking out public and press from what is usually a very public meeting demonstrating accountability) doesn't appear in any of the year's previous board meeting minutes, it again comes up in their 2018 meetings on March 1st, April 5th, May 3rd, June 7th, July 5th, August 2nd, September 6th, and October 4th. The confidentiality resolution is finally removed during their meeting on December 6th 2018.

    Sounds like their problem has all been cleared up, right? I wonder how proactive the trust were in looking for any victims that Nellthorp may have had... Certainly sounds like they were discussing the issue a fair bit! Some food for thought.....

    1. I guess the inner Sherlock in me would conclude from the above evidence that:

      a) It's highly likely that Nellthorp would have been tipped off internally as to the upcoming allegations BEFORE the date that HMRC are giving as the date that the first allegation was "officially registered", giving him the chance to quietly resign from the Portsmouth Hospitals Trust. Staff have reported that Nellthorp surrounded himself with "cronies" throughout his tenure - maybe one of them gave him the heads-up?

      b) Portsmouth Hospitals Trust were not keen on letting on that Nellthorp was a serious risk to vulnerable patients, and would have been more than happy to sweep the embarrassing debacle under the carpet rather than alert people and allow victims a process to come forward if they had been affected. Looks like their board looked to "manage the situation" for nearly a full year. What was actually done?

      c) HMRC did not take safeguarding regulations seriously, and failed to report Nellthorp to the trust after multiple allegations of sexual assault against him different women from all across the country.

      Pretty damning stuff, really. I would urge all victims to have the strength to come forward - you are not alone.

    2. Looks like the HMRC bullies learned nothing from the Jimmy Saville scandal and put vulnerable people at risk. Who is officially investigating this? Has it been raised with Parliamentarians?

  22. To use a couple of clich├ęs.

    This is a can of worms.

    HMRC cannot be allowed to mark their own homework on this one!

  23. Have a quick browse of the 7 principles of public life, as below;

    Now, please be so good as to indicate where HMRC are adhering to them?

  24. It's HMR Coverup these days.

    First glance, he looks like a total slug. Weasel. I hope the Police are involved, that he is charged and spends some time within the HM Prison System. No rail journeys and business breakfasts there.

    The enablers who where rewarded with promotions should be down the road too. The other one, who dismissed seven grievances will no doubt be paid off or allowed to take his retirement blood money.

    The Public Relations brigade trotted out the 'wont be tolerated' platitudes. Really. I'm sure that gives lots of comfort to the victims. How long did they spend coming up with the spin.

    The courage the victims showed by putting grievances in the first place, only to be dismissed, only illustrates what a cesspit the place is. How many reviews is it now? More recommendations?

  25. Seeke and ye shalle finde;

    The fit and proper test and HMRC approval technical guidance
    Appendix 1
    Part A: honesty and integrity

    (3) whether the person has been the subject of, or interviewed in the course of, any existing or previous investigation or disciplinary proceedings, by HMRC, by other regulatory authorities (including a previous regulator), clearing houses and exchanges, professional bodies, or government bodies or agencies.

    (4) whether the person is or has been the subject of any proceedings of a disciplinary or criminal nature, or has been notified of any potential proceedings or of any investigation which might lead to those proceedings.

    5) whether the person has contravened any of the requirements and standards of HMRC or other regulatory authorities (including a previous regulator), clearing houses and exchanges, professional bodies, or government bodies or agencies.

    (10) whether the person has been dismissed, or asked to resign and resigned, from employment or from a position of trust, fiduciary appointment or similar.

    (12) whether, in the past, the person has been candid and truthful in all his dealings with any regulatory body and whether the person demonstrates a readiness and willingness to comply with the requirements and standards of HMRC and with other legal, regulatory and professional requirements and standards.

    I think you all get the picture...

  26. And Sir Cunt Thompson has appeared from under is stone on the internal HMRC internet on video...he has dropped his Sir Jonathan...because he is pretending to be a man of the people.
    This bastard has no shame....he claims the HMRC is becoming a great place to work...what the fuck ??
    He regrets pay restraint but is working hard on trying to find "other ways" of rewarding staff....what the fuck again ??
    The sooner this imbecile goes the better.....he is a fucking disgrace.
    The comments from the staff well and truly put him in his place.....but he doesn't give two fucks.....what a bastard.

    1. Anything above the prescribed 1% pay rise always involves taking away something from hard won terms & conditions.

      Meanwhile - he'll hoover up his customary annual bonus.

      In many ways he's worse than Lin Homer.

      Giving it the big one about his Christian values and man of the people act is just bullshit.

      He is out for himself with his nose in the trough.

      He's got his knight hood - time to move on before Brexit hits the fan. Some sort of consultancy with a defence contractor would be my bet!

  27. Wouldn't be surprised at all if Jon is gone within the next couple of months, only for the revolving door of inadequate management and "it didn't happen on my watch" excuses to continue.

    If you look at the departure and honours dates of Dodgy Dave "Sweetheart Deals" Hartnett and Lin "Dame Disaster" Homer, they're literally 1 month apart for each. Now that Jon's knighthood is confirmed, he'll be off as soon as his chunky bonus hits his account. I wonder if his pension pot is going to eclipse Lin's £2.2m?

  28. I'm pondering on this: if the HMRC Chief Executive lies & misleads an MP, would that amount to a Contempt of Parliament?

    I detailed HMRC misconduct, bullying and law-breaking in a 10-page letter to my MP back in 2016. Mr Jonnie Thompson replied in an utterly contemptuous and dishonest manner. With a stinking attitude like that from the top, is it any wonder that the vile creature Nellthorp behaved as he did. I have no doubt that Nellthorp knew his behaviour was wrong (he's not that much of a simpleton) but nevertheless felt he would get away with it due to HMRC's corrupt culture. I feel hugely sorry for his victims and trust that HMRC will be subject of a criminal investigation both as regards the alleged offences but also the orchestrated cover-up which left other HMRC staff in danger, and could also have put patients at the NHS Portsmouth Hospital at risk.

  29. A concerned party6 February 2019 at 19:12

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  30. Be careful on this one. It could come under the national security brigade. They will circle your letters and steer your life down the toilet if they need too to protect the higher echelons of the tax system. Believe me this happens.

  31. A rotten organisation that sadly I am an employee of.....the higher you go up the more rotten it becomes.

    I am so sorry to hear about your case...I hope you get justice.

  32. 'Lewis Hills' please tell 'Mr Anthony' to go shove it and stop spamming this site which is exposing serious HMRC misconduct!!!

  33. Are you that Nigerian Prince that keeps writing to me, by any chance?

  34. After recent comments, I am concerned that victims of HMRC have little support:
    Call the Samaritans helpline: 116 123, or speak to your GP or other health professional.

    Your health & wellbeing is the top priority.

    In terms of moving the issues forward it is a matter for individuals to decide whether to seek legal advice or speak with the media due to the wider public interest.

    The following comment was left on this site on 04/02/19:

    Unknown4 February 2019 at 11:02
    I'd be interested to speak (anonymously) with you about this. Trying to get multiple sources on some things I've been told about Nellthorp and others.

    You can reach me on or 07768864928. My twitter is @willhumphries_

  35. Yoda Quotes;
    "Clear your mind must be, if you are to find the villains behind this plot."
    “Many of the truths that we cling to depend on our point of view.”

    "However beautiful the strategy you should always look at the results." Winston Churchill

  36. Interesting NHS connection here. In 2015 Ursula Ward the the CEO of Portsmouth NHS Trust thought he was getting too fat. 34 is a bit overweight. Ater a board meeting at QA Hospital (He was part time non-exec director of trust) as well as HMRC senior pervert she took him down to see the top Gastro surgeon and he had the operation 2 weeks later.... Perhaps someone needs to look at Portsmouth NHS Trust too.

    1. He commented he had to sack a close friend at NHS. Perhaps it was Ursula? Maybe she would like to comment?

  37. The commenter above isn't seeing the woods because of the trees. The fact that Nellthorp jumped the queue for his gastric band is nothing compared to the serious sexual offences that he has serially perpetrated (unfortunately, NHS execs arranging queue jumping for friends and family does happen more than you'd think).

    Ironically (and hopefully), the gastric band that he got should help to keep him alive so that he can actually face justice for the crimes that he's committed, unlike Savile and the many other historical sexual offenders who passed away before they were brought to justice for their crimes.

    1. Oh I agree. But don't you think we nail all his cronies who protected him whichever way we can so some animal isn't allowed to run around preying on staff with date rape drugs? No they story didn't mention that.....

  38. Have police got info the info they need to investigate? What disclosures were made? NHS were not informed by HMRC so why would police be different?

    1. Now those are interesting questions. I've been following the case on Twitter, and there's a person going under the pseudonym of "Paul Garlick" ( who seems to know a lot more than most.
      This tweet suggests that police either weren't informed or were unable to coordinate together, mentioning the following constabularies:
      Avon & Somerset Police
      Bedfordshire Police
      Hampshire Police
      Greater Manchester Police
      Lincolnshire Police
      Metropolitan Police
      Merseyside Police
      Staffordshire Police
      West Yorkshire Police
      Northumbria Police
      Then comes this tweet from a few days later, demanding that HMRC report their findings to the "relevant" police force.

      Paul seems to be implying that HMRC reported their findings to the police, but seemly reported them to a constabulary that was not where the crimes took place. A constabulary only has the power to investigate within their boundaries, so it may be possible that HMRC reported them to an incorrect constabulary. Either this was a grave error which has not been corrected retrospectively, or a very clever way for HMRC to spike a potential investigation whilst seeming to act in the interest of victims.

      Lots of questions to be answered...

    2. I have now embedded Paul Garlick's tweets into the site

    3. Thank you Ken.

      For any Nellthorp victims that wish to anonymously add weight to this groundswell please contact me via

      If you are happy to do so, with permission, I will pass your details to selected press and MPs that have shown an interest.

      A new gmail address or for those that wish, you may want to buy a payg replacement sim card to give anonymous contact info for a press person to contact you at a specified time.

      I could be anyone and I understand if you have misgivings about giving your information, I am happy to confirm that I am PG8 by posting an image or text proposed here, once.

      I know far more than has been posted but wish to leave a story to be told by the press and/or MPs without it being in the public domain beforehand.

      I'm not going away anytime soon, if this story doesn't get aired, I will name names (not victims, although I do know who they are), places, times and actions.

      You're not alone.

    4. Neither are You Paul. Why not just get everything out here? Let the media feast. If one starts everyone will.

  39. Hat tip to The Guardian for publishing the story, which other news outlets have referenced.

    I am sure PR Poli and the rest of the overpaid do nothing ilk would like this story to disappear forever. By putting the maximum pressure on the scum and shining a light on the guilty parties, we can do our utmost to ensure that justice is served.

    1. I have now made it the featured post, as such it now also appears in the right hand menu as "Featured Post" irrespective of whatever the latest post in the main body of the site it.

    2. Excellent. Great idea. Let's see how they manage the reputational risk and perhaps put a stop on further unwarranted, undeserved gongs. HMRC has nothing to crow about, that's for sure.

  40. There appears to be different standards applied when an establishment figure is accused of wrongdoing.

    When HMRC eventually reported this matter to the police, one would expect the police system to allocate the investigation to the appropriate force.

    It always seems too long and responsibilities blurred before proper investigations are commenced.

    In this particular case, those in HMRC who wanted this case to go away are presumably still within HMRC.

    It is important that they are held to account. Named and shamed and dismissed.

    The victims of Nellthorp deserve this.

    So too do all HMRC employees.

    This issue is crucial so that the cover up culture aided and abetted by the comms/ propaganda team, is exposed for all to see.

    This issue can't be allowed to go away otherwise Thompson and his ilk will say what a wonderful place HMRC is to work.

    The Respect at Work report will be used to focus on things like stopping anyone claiming a beer on an overnight stay and the main thrust of the report will be lost.

    Thompson will then go before select committees and point to his commissioning the Report as evidence as to how serious he is about making HMRC a fantastic place to work.

    I want these nasty bastards out!

    I want this issue and the Respect at Work report in the news.....not hidden away.

    Not allowed to be lost among Brexit!

    1. well said. my only surprise is that an hmrc management/hr/fast-track troll hasn't popped up on here to dismiss everything, as is usually the case with stories of misconduct.
      it is in the interests of government, taxpayers and staff (past & present) for a full investigation into the cover-up culture at hmrc which has been in existence since the dept's 2005 inception. good work people - keep the heat on the corrupt

  41. Surprised to see that the local newspaper for Portsmouth "The News" has not covered the revelations as regards Mark Nellthorp.

    Surely the local people using the local hospital would want to know about the former Trust Chairman? Clearly not a fit and proper person for any public service...

    1. Of course they won't cover the story. He has a few senior 'friends' working there.

    2. Is there not another local paper that will cover it?

    3. Seems to be only 1 local Portsmouth paper. A Portsmouth journalist did like original Guardian Tweet though and oddly no follow up.

      Liverpool Echo have been tagged due to enabler links and again silence.

      If you brag you got your criminal record wiped then can't be too hard to silence some papers.

    4. Shame on Portsmouth News! This is in the public interest ffs ��������

    5. Portsmouth Evening News have had the story for years. Nellthorp was N-E Director of the NHS Trust when he made the old people smell comments. Ask. Why the disinterest from the paper?

    6. Masons indeed I think too Ken. Give me a better explanation of how so many protected or ignored. I mean a local paper ignoring a scoop like this. It all happened on their doorstep. If he is being protected then might just be time to step away and let things take their course.

    7. The copy desk emailed me yesterday to say they will run a story.

    8. Any news on when it'll run? Not spotted yet.

  42. Sir cunto Thompson has taken a battering on the internal intranet after his "HMRC is becoming a better place to work" video...and finally had the balls to coming out with the same old bollox "taking everything on board" and will reply in my next blog.....what a twat.
    Sooner he goes the better.....surely couldn't get any worse....but i wouldn't bank on it.
    We are well and truly in the sewer...really need to hit these bastards with a good long strike.

    1. What is PCS Union doing to protect staff from bullies and alleged sexual predators roaming free on the HMRC estate ? The silence is deafening...

    2. Sadly....we can do fuck all...PCS are like a chocolate teapot...when the IRSF union was diluted to PTC then PCS it was the beginning of the end.
      There are other ways to get a pay rise.

      It is incredible how badly senior management have treated us their staff

      It is now time we used their tactics.....

      What employer takes leave off his employee when he gets promoted ? The HMRC does

      Just watch this employer offer us 12% pay rise over 4 years....but want us to work an hour more per week,lose 1 day's annual leave and 1 month sick leave.

      They know that there are those in the HMRC that are thick and see the 12%....and grab it......little do they know that they are actually losing money.

      Fuck them where it hurts.....get your GP to hit them with a long sickline.

      What a toxic shithole!!!

    3. PCS as a Union is a joke. There are a lot of good reps at local level, but as a whole they've sat by and done nothing over the years.

      Hence changes to terms on promotion, more than a decade of stagnant pay, no real opposition to building their future (which is a done deal now), pensions being trashed, draconian attendance policies...............the list could go on.

      Yes, they may start campaigns to e-mail MP's but what has that achieved ? Nothing, or at best very little.

      The problem is, their failure to act has led to increasing apathy. Votes get lower each ballot, and given their track record of the odd one day strike, this isn't surprising. Staff just lose a days pay and nothing changes.

      Make no mistake, HMRC are despicable as an employer. But PCS as the Union should have been attacking these changes very strongly.

      Too late now, and way too late for me personally.

  43. The Paul Garlick Twitter feed cites alleged rape, use of date rape drugs and behaviours at a Hospital towards vulnerable that remind many people of Saville.

    Similarities claimed with multiple allegations not actioned over many years, numerous police forces sort of but not really involved and now a suggestion that HMRC Press Office are sending inappropriate texts to "alleged victims"?


    1. I wasn't aware of this, you make some very valid points.

      There is an article on Veterans Today last week by Preston James called 'Dirty Evil Secrets'. It isn't pleasant reading and may very well shake up your current worldview. Which is going to be changed anyway in the very near future.

      Ask yourself the questions:-

      How do these 'people' manage to get away with it for so long?
      How do they just go from top job to top job?
      What taxation qualifications does this upright vermin hold to be qualified for an SCS job?

      You can draw your own conclusions.

  44. There are more than 60 victims that have come forward as part of the enquiry. 8 or 10 sexual abuse 50 other stuff mainly severe bullying. HMRC have done their absolute utmost to keep the victims from knowing one another and offered little support to the bullying victims. A friend who almost killed themselves over Nellthorps' behaviour has just been left to get on with it.

    Jon Thompson here is Your chance to take a lead and look after all the people that are hurting after this. 60 or more people.

    1. Just about run out of patience. He wants to scarper at the first opportunity so that next muppet can 'draw a line' under the past and 'move forward', that's obvious.

      It would be an absolute tragedy for laughing boy if his HMRC email and direct line ended up on this blog.

      For a Chief Executive he shouldn't be trusted to lead an Ice Cream Van

      There would be no hiding behind pre recorded videos on the propagandaweb anymore.

    2. Ah yes - the old tactic of ensuring victims never talk to each other as it would prejudice a fair trial.

      A trial that will never take place as so much time will elapse.

      The victims will gradually disappear from the organisation. Their mental health in tatters.

      No one can take them seriously as they are not credible. It was a long time ago.They must be mistaken/ confused.

    3. I was violently bullied out of HMRC a few years ago now. Criminal and civil law-breaking from the Department. Mental health and life in tatters. Not mistaken or confused and have retained all of the evidence of their wrongdoing - a concerted effort by the HR function to subvert the grievance procedure from start to finish, turned a blind eye to fabricated documents & outright lies and after playing tactical games for over 2 years they proceeded to submit the same outright lies in county court proceedings. Needless to say my stress level was severe and I was left suicidal & homeless as a result. Until HMRC clean up their act, including the disgusting recent revelations documented on this site and in the newspapers, I will not be silenced. Those who can not or will not abide the law of the land or the civil service code or any basic sense of honesty, integrity & decency need to be held to account for their behaviour. These people have acted as though they are some god and as though the law does not apply to them for far, far too long.


  45. Nothing short of a thorough, independant investigation covering all areas of the allegations since inception or earlier where relevant, across criminal and lesser allegations at the highest investigatory level e.g. by IOPC;
    "We investigate the most serious and sensitive incidents and allegations involving the police.

    We also carry out investigations into serious complaints and conduct matters relating to staff at: Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC)

    Anything else not adjudged to fall within the remit of the IOPC should be investigated at the next highest level appropriate.

    Given the utter failings of HMRC 'management', other Senior Civil Service 'manager', PAC and NAO there will be a lack of confidence if any of this shower get embroiled in managing any further investigations into HMRC.

    Institutional management conspiracy and complicity must be brought to account for the efficient running of the country, the Tax Base is at risk and suffering whilst literally billions have been wasted across HMRC activities, inactivities and associated issues.

    I applaud wholeheartedly all those prepared to stand and insist on being listened to.

    HMRC's own managers have set the ball rolling with what has been reported here and elsewhere, highlighting in particular bullying, harrassment and the corrupt grievance/appeals procedure.

    "In a dark place we find ourselves, and a little more knowledge lights our way" - Yoda, again ;)

    Civil Service

    1. I sympathise with Your plight. Several friends were treated the same by this arsehole. Because their lot was only bullying it was swept under the carpet. Hardly anyone known to have suffered was warned of the Guardian article by HR. One colleague described reading it as having a scab torn off a slowly healing wound. What do HR actually do?

    2. They cover up!

      On this site, those of us that raise our voices are still careful to be "anonymous "

      On stories on HMRC intranet that comms dein suitable for comment, dissident voices are carefully monitored.

      There is a 2 strikes and your out polily. It is wise to keep a copy of your post because if it is pulled and you have no record of it then it is your word against theirs.

      I once had a shot across my bows that a Deputy Director thought I was spending too much time commenting. I defended by saying that the posts were made during breaks.

      HMRC do not like to be challenged.

      Doesn't matter how factual or polite the challenge is.

      It is a nasty, spiteful body that does not even collect tax or protect revenue fairly.

      What was Nellthorps role?

      Diversity....or some such bollocks!

      How many other high paid non core jobs are there?

      Awful - just bloody awful - and corrupt!

  46. Perhaps Mrl Stride who is of course "responsible" for HMRC can explain how it is that:

    so many vile human beings operate at senior level within HMRC.

    Huge numbers of staff are wholly miserable and anybody who can move into a decent job elsewhere does

    Bigger IT is always the answer: the next wonder system will do it all solve everything. Always.

    Career enhancing vanity projects and initiatives are allowed to flourish whilst basics are not being done.

    The retreat into 13 regional mega hubs matches the reality of demands for service provision.

    Off you go. Oh wait you can't because you have no real oversight, have to parrot what people who are actually the core of the problem tell you

  47. Several Hmrc employee reviews on Indeed have consistently hinted that it is not a safe place to work...the clues are/were and yet nobody did/is doing anything to change the culture. Laura Whyte's report is an insult to victims of Hmrc.

  48. The corrupt culture has been widely known about for years it would seem:

    Notice the threatening attitude from the HMRC officer in the reply.

    1. SOP

      There is so much waiting to come out, a rotten culture of complacency, self congratulation and systemic intimidation.

      You only have to met these creatures to see what they are.

      I left HMRC some years ago, final straw having been told that my appraisal and review of a particular individual was far too generous. Why?

      Expression of incredulity: "Well if you keep writing stuff like this how can we keep him down!"

      The individual concerned was "wrong type" for promotion. His crime had been to point out the idiocy of attempting to hold conflicting views on the same technical point with different taxpayers to get to the "right" result.

      That "wrong type" is now Director in a leading accounting firm.

    2. Please tell me why the HMRC is like this ?????????

  49. "Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence!" -- Donald Rumsfeld, although Wikiquote does attribute elsewhere?

    Just in case anyone needs reminding!

  50. Ken. You as the question who were the enablers. Well one the the Assistant directors referred to in the Guardian on suspension has been enabling Nellthorp behavior since 2008. Promoted 4 times under Nellthorp (quite literally) and fudged an MBE in 2011 by bullying colleagues to recommend her. Are the Palace aware of this. This has been common knowledge across HMRC for 6 years....


    2. Fenella the Witch MBE

  51. Feck me! This thread has gone off like a hand grenade thrown into a cesspit, as Blaster Bates was wont to say, best not to be standing downwind, aye!

    The momentum seems like a factor of warpspeed and has somewhat blown the lid off HMRC's viscious cesspit in the process. Turning this rather large and expanding negative into anything remotely close to a positive seems unlikely.

    Keep up the good work peeps!

  52. So good work Bootleboy for outing the first woman helping the vile slug do this stuff. Who was the other one?

  53. 18 April 2005.......this is when the poison started.

    1. What a ridiculous comment. To blame the abhorrent behaviours of these individuals on the merger of customs and IR!

    2. I was referring to the whole HMRC debacle.

  54. ExCo commissions former John Lewis personnel director Laura Whyte to review whether the department meets its own standards of respect at work. Results:

    “a significant amount of so-called low level poor behaviour” not be acceptable in other environments.

    “Swearing, breaching confidentiality, mocking colleagues, seemed to be unremarkable,”

    “This creates a snowball effect where the environment may not feel a safe space for some colleagues, and more serious or extreme behaviours may emerge.”

    1,400 contributions from staff, 90 interviews, 11 focus groups in 6 locations. Result?

    “did not find any individual within HMRC who had confidence in the grievance process”.

    Concludes “it is fair to say that HMRC does not currently fulfil its ambitions to create a great experience at work”.

    If that is what is in an ExCo report (no doubt commissioned with an confident expectation of nothing to see here, few modest improvements required) the truth must be so utterky appalling it can no longer be denied.

    Nellthorp explodes with allegations of rape and numerous vile episodes all enabled and covered up by serially over promoted minions. No effective oversight or control.

    Somebody said recently that this was all rather similar to behaviours and noise around the early stage Saville scandal.

    HMRC obviously Lawyered up and will say nothing. When the Civil cases have finished, hopefully one can expect the Criminal proceedings to begin.

    (That is exactly the pattern with Alex Salmond)

    Appalling as this may seem, this abusive mindset seems to extend to taxpayers as well. Not big corporates who can hit back of course, just the classic easy targets of the oppressive bully.

    HMRC is indeed Shite. Appalling place to work. No wonder so many of the new graduate recruits are bailing

  55. Taken from an initiative called "Engage for Success";
    The 2016 Civil Service People Survey scores showed Mark Nellthorp’s Strategy and Change team in the top five teams for innovation.
    Mark Nellthorp:
    “Regular senior leader face to face engagement with staff is key
    to building trust and partnership. You have to discover what works
    best for your team. LTY has worked particularly well for our team
    dispersed over so many locations. Whilst some of the sessions are
    key information updates we also build organisational learning into the events in a fun way through the games. Staff really appreciate the opportunity to work face-to-face with others having fun and seeing things improve as a result of their input.”
    There are also qoutes from Lesley Dooley (deputy director CAD) regarding this initiative. Full PDF format available thanks to Google search engine.

    1. This is the fixed staff survey Ken refers to in his blog �� no wonder top 5. Omits the bullying & harassment scores of over 33% of his staff reporting they had experienced bullying and harassment. Reports are published at a granular level internally so (David Richardson specifically) and other ExCom members will have seen issues year after year and ignored! #culpable

    2. But you can see from this initiative that visiting all locations, face to face with staff, games etc. No escaping this facilitated and organised access to victims, aided and abetted by deputies. Staff must have felt absolutely desperate and probably continue to feel unsupported and cowed.

    3. Absolutely. Conferences were real danger zone though.

    4. Conferences were danger zones. Funny thing is I saw David Richardson witness his echerous behaviour of an evening and do nothing. In fact hushed people up when they complained!

    5. I wonder if it's a training need. Seriously, we have to have fire drills to ensure we safely react to the alarm - human behaviour would have retrace our steps even though that took us towards the danger. I wonder if people, even those in senior positions, need hard core training on what to do when they witness bullying or harassment. The normal thing for people is to do nothing when confronted by an emergency or unusual situation. Mr Richardson has clearly thought nothing of his own reputation in order to protect someone else's - very odd behaviour and now it's to be shared, widely.

    6. Sorry. This post offends me and I don't think it was meant that way.

      HMRC put things to one side and make them go away because it's easier. Turning a blind eye is unacceptable. It is self preservation with total disregard for those that work so hard to keep HMRC functioning. Senior managers knew this behaviour was unacceptable and made conscious decisions to hide it. If you make SCS you should be accountable for your actions or lack of.

  56. Assumptions;

    Lean/Pacesetter exists to improve the customer experience.

    Common Purpose seeks to make management more efficient.

    Excom and above appointments are to Civil Service standards plus the individuals are shown to be fit and proper persons thereby ensuring the most effective are appointed.

    All contracts that are business related are fully transparent, value for money and thoroughly researched.

    So, what has gone wrong?

  57. [POST 1 OF 2]
    Right then... Some truth needs to be spilled here. As an ex-HMRC employee, I feel that I can offer some insight here that others haven't been able to. One of the reasons why many current HMRC staff feel unable to come forward to authorities or internal governance is because of the draconian culture that HMRC has against whistleblowers. They are more concerned with reputation management rather than anything else, not giving two fucks about tax justice or helping victims. This stronghold over whistleblowers is only compounded by the powerful investigative techniques that are at their disposal, which SHOULD only be used to pursue tax cheats, but are instead used to ABSOLUTELY CRUSH people who might want to highlight any injustice within the organisation, whether it's to staff within the organisation, or to highlight the disparity of treatment between multinationals and regular taxpayers. I use this case from back in 2013 as an example of how HMRC use their digital powers (which have since then only grown) in order to silence whistleblowers:

    Another point regarding Nellthorp and his supposed "clean DBS check", as Portsmouth Hospitals Trust have commented on. During his time at HMRC, I know that Nellthorp has boasted to multiple staff about previously having a criminal record, and then having it wiped before he started his post with HMRC. He mentioned that the offence was one of Public Indecency, and supposedly the case was concerning sex in a public place (park, in this instance). There is no way of me knowing whether Nellthorp was lying to show others his "power over the law", or whether this was true, but Mark seemed to indicate that this particular offence took place in London. For journalists looking to follow this up, I would be looking to put your Freedom Of Information requests into the Metropolitan Police to see what can be dug up.

    Secondly, I'm pretty sure that I can safely assume that ExCom will be poring over every single comment on this thread and looking to cover their backs via multiple methods. Previous cases have seen how over zealous HMRC can be with their digital powers, and only today I see the Paul Garlick (who has been very brave in coming forward and pushing this case) Twitter account indicating that someone has been trying to hack his account, personally implicating Esther Wallington, who is the current Chief People Officer of HMRC.

    ExCom will be looking to shut this shit down via any method that they can and sweep it under the carpet, and I truly hope that critical mass on this case is achieved soon, so that they are unable to. As has been alluded to previously, there are still multiple employees of HMRC still in post who have actively participated in Nellthorp's grooming and bullying, some of which Nellthorp put in post personally. HMRC staff need to be safeguarded against this toxic culture of bulling, rape and harassment, and I would recommend that anyone reading this writes to their MP immediately, linking this post and the Guardian piece.

    1. The way Mr Mba was treated is absolutely chilling. That case alone shows the lengths HMRC SCS will go to to go after a whistleblower and their family. But when challenged in Parliament, Lin Homer wouldn't rule out using RIPA and associated methods again to uncover any future whistleblower. And Ms Homer was awarded with a Damehood thereafter? Turns my stomach inside out. One of the most shameful episodes in HMRC history.
      And now we have another disgusting cover up being exposed. No oversight. No safeguarding. No shame.

    2. The 'authoritarian' way HMRC treated Mr Mba seems like a threat from HMRC management, a threat which hangs over every member of staff who dares to expose how the department REALLY operates.

      Forget all the fine words about equality, diversity & inclusion, and anti-bullying policies, the TRUTH is HMRC is a dangerous place to work and that has ramifications for the honesty (lack of), and overall quality of service, which taxpayers can expect from them.

      Once the public's eyes have been opened to the problem which is HMRC's rotten culture then change will be unavoidable.

      From a long-serving former HMRC officer.

  58. [POST 2 OF 2]
    Justice will hopefully be done in the next decade, but I get the feeling that this is going to be a long and arduous process, with many obstacles. Victims - DO NOT GIVE UP. Once the floodgates have opened, it will be safe to come out and give your story publicly. In the meantime, I would recommend contacting Paul Garlick and Will Humphries from The Times in an anonymous fashion.

    Remember what I said about the draconian digital powers of HMRC. They will be able to check what numbers are calling/texting Will Humphries, and what e-mails are going to his account. It is necessary to conduct yourselves totally anonymously at this point. New sim cards and fresh e-mail addresses/Twitter accounts are mandatory, and I would also recommend using a VPN if at all possible.

    Best of luck. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

    Contact details for Will @ The Times: or 07768864928. His twitter is @willhumphries_

    Twitter account for Paul Garlick:

    A final thought to ExCom (and I know that you're reading this)... Fuck all of you cunts. You all deserve what's coming to you. When the Savile case spilled out, people asked "how could so many people know and it not have got out?" It's because of toxic organisational cultures like yours, and you should be thoroughly ashamed that your actions have directly brought so much suffering. Cunt Thompson is rumoured to be leaving in March/April now that he's got his knighthood, by the way, which, as one commenter above pointed out, is utterly unsurprising.

    Is "Sir Jonathan" going to do the right thing and start up a TRULY independent inquiry into this before he fucks off and enjoys his £2m+ pension pot and inevitably highly paid private role that milks public services and the taxpayer? FAT FUCKING CHANCE.

    1. Ken - Can I please ask that the comments section here is archived or mirrored in multiple safe places? I know that this may seem extreme, but as BlogSpot is a Google-owned organisation, you can imagine that it would be easy for HMRC to exert pressure in the right places to get this page shut down, along with all of the other anonymous evidence collected here. In this modern world of social media and Twitter/Facebook et al, anonymity can be very hard to retain, especially with a public group discussion such as this, and it's ironic that it's taken an antiquated system such as BlogSpot to allow victims to come together and pool their knowledge about this case and the surrounding issues. Given HMRC's digital powers, coordinating this one one of the more major platforms would just not have been possible.

  59. As someone close to two of the bullying victims it breaks My heart that this is the only forum where more than 60 people can try to get justice. Everything said above about how HMRC treat whistleblowers is true and I have personally experienced this after escalating a sexual harassment allegation against an SCS I had also witnessed the victim be subject to. Not Nellthorp. The whole thing was covered up and My card marked for good, and I was subject to harassment ever since.
    I am in utter despair. There is no safety in HMRC for us. No doubt HMRC are poring over these posts trying to identify us. Look in the mirror. You are bullying people already at their wits end.

  60. What is it with the HMRC ? Is it just an evil organisation ?? And for what gain ?

  61. I currently work in the HMRC....i have a Grade 7 who scares the shit out of all their HEOs....who then turn on their Band Os....and they in turn attack the AO grade....the AAs don't get attacked by the AOs because we have a modicum of decency...and there are many AAs left...even though there needs to be.
    This whole rotten department is run on didn't used to be.
    It used to be a case of crap work but at least there were good people working with they have set us against's dog eat's a HORRIBLE place to work....i go in there each day and look forward to getting so sad.

    1. Thats exactly how I remember it, I left in 2009, and can't believe this is still going on.

      I believe they destroyed communication, moral and atmosphere deliberately in order to get people to leave, in which case it worked with me and others.

      Sounds petty now but there were grades and people who never spoke to each other again.

      Such a pity from the years before the merger when there was team work and an atmosphere that allowed tax payers to be helped.

      A shame.

    2. has become a place where people gather in corners and whisper about each go for the low hanging out the weak and force them into doing their dirty work...if they don't they are then threatened and eventually forced into submission or out the door.
      We have one particularly nasty bastard who nonchalantly bullies his staff in full view of others but they are too timid to challenge him.
      But this individual won't go near anyone who will stand up to him....a fucking coward.
      Any managers who show a human side are seen as weak....and moved on.
      Despicable bastards.

  62. At the moment and for a variety of reasons, the absolute mess that is HMRC is carrying on as though nowt has happened, on the outside at least.
    I am sure that a case of serious Titanic sinking panic is currently being played out within.
    WRT all the allegations of criminal and civil lawbreaking, bulying, harrassment and various wastes of customers revenues that continue to occur, whilst viewed in isolation the sheer scope and breadth of the problem is shielded from scrutiny.
    Join the dots, I and others have cried for years now. Should all this begin to be drawn together it will become impossible to kick this particular can any further down the street.
    A fair few have begun to gel as this current blog reveals and if the reporters and MP's can get it together the rest will follow suit.
    There must be a fair old amount of shredding and deleting going on at present, but everything leaves its footprints, and technology can work for the oppressed as well as the oppressors.
    Truth will out, the cracks and divides are widening!

  63. Apologies, it has been a busy weekend. I have checked my inbox, you're all so brave, thank you for your messages.

    Personal info will be redacted/re- written with an overview draft crafted and messaged back to you to ensure you're happy for it to be released to press/MPs.

    Thank you so much for reaching out each of you.

    You're not alone.


    1. Jon Thompson and Excom. I wish You all a great Monday. xxxx

  64. Will Humphries. Why don't you provide these kind folks with a postal address. Bullying, sexual misconduct, and corporate misfemeanors may have accumulated lots of paper evidence. So much harder to trace or intercept without a warrant. And interference with said such material without one highly criminal. Sometimes the old ways are the best...

  65. Could be a good week for the oppressed then?

    Co-ordination is beginning to run parallel with dot joining, now, if only the politicians can learn to paint by numbers the rest will be easy!

  66. I'm reading the piece linked below and wondering if Portsmouth Hospitals Trust and HMRC have some sort of wrong'un exchange programme?!

    HMRC pass over sex offenders such as Nellthorp to the trust to gain vulnerable access to patients, and staff at Queen Alexandra Hospital make recommendations for fraudsters with a penchant for fleecing the vulnerable to join HMRC.

    Beggars belief how this Andrew McGill character has a job offer with HMRC after being convicted on 8 counts of fraud. It's literally the last place that you'd want a convicted fraudster to work! From the comments above, I bet they're looking to put him on the Field Force team so that he can continue his work taking advantage of the vulnerable!

    Also, it sounds like his mother (who has either been nicking the cards for him, or giving him keycard access to vulnerable patients) hasn't been investigated or sacked by the trust. McGill was putting through payments of £500 and £600, which implies that someone (either him or his mother) has been able to get the PIN for the card from the vulnerable patients (one victim is described as having dementia).

    If I was a cynic, I'd suggest that McGill was offered a job by one of the wrong'uns at HMRC due to both his willingness to commit heinous acts, and also his vulnerability to being controlled due to his previous record.

    If his job offer at HMRC hasn't been rescinded yet, it's beggars belief.


      Is it a coincidence that a lot of staff at Portsmouth Hospitals Trust are getting bullied the shit out of as well? Here's a little section to give you a flavour:

      "Hundreds of staff confessed they have been victim to harassment or bullying behaviour during a nine-month probe this year. Consultants barking orders, a worker berated in a store cupboard and racism were all highlighted. In one case, a hospital worker told researchers: ‘That day, I was feeling particularly low (because of how they were treated) and I purposely cycled in front of a lorry. I went to my GP and was signed off for a month.’"

    2. Huge similarities with the HMRC bullying culture. I was left suicidal due to their law-breaking and harassment - to this very day I have never received an apology. Absolute scum.

  67. You can leak stuff in confidence and anonymously here at the Loan Charge Action Group Whistleblower portal. They have now their own APPG and connects with MPs etc. Great opportunity shining a light on Hmrc institutionalised misconduct etc. :

    1. Please can you advise how it is anonymous and also how MP'S can use/access info? People here are scared hence all anonymous posts.

      I would suggest Nellthorp info best kept seperate? Alleged rape is different issue to retrospective legislation. If the two are seems to be combined the perception will be that angry tax payers are diluting the message of Saville type figure at heart of HMRC.

      I do support your cause.

      Share with PG8. He may have info that will assist?

    2. No one should be using the allegations here as a stick to attack the loan charge. It's tenuous and disrespectful.

  68. Media not interested.Authorities not interested.MPs not interested.Government not interested.99.99% tax payers not interested. Guessing Hmrc corruption will continue ??

  69. My empathy is with victims of HMRC. I left the place some years ago due to violent injuries they inflicted. You can blow the whistle at the following (worth a try):

  70. If HMRC have broken the law , then the police should investigate?

    1. Yes, where is the police presence in all of this,and escalation to pcs. The victims must have gone to police at the time. Justice will be done and go through crown court with jury to decide fate, it's just a matter of waiting to see when trial in court date. So proud of victims and on this occasion of the justice system.

  71. Maybe it is time PCS took their finger out and used section 44 employment rights act 1996. That would get some attention. Staff removing themselves from a dangerous bulling working environment.

  72. So shall we begin? The two Assistant directors facilitating his behaviour? Who are they and why haven't the been named and shamed?

    1. Because they're both on suspension.

    2. Er no. Little Ms MBE (for aiding and abetting predation) was sacked a while back. Working in retail and telling everyone she retired early.

    3. Names in the public intetest. ?

    4. You'd be comfortable with her working at your kids' school then given the behaviour she assisted? Not in the public interest because of the MBE. Maybe call the whole awards process into question for HMRC?

    5. Little Miss MBE has not been fired (yet) she is on suspension as mentioned.

      She may well say she is retired, but she is not - still on full pay FFS.

      She knows what she has done, she knows the evidence against her, she knows she's not coming back any time soon.

    6. Reading this I think there is a mix up you two. I think you are referring to the other miscreant on suspension. This one is Little miss 'I am meeting Mark Nellthorp tonight and wearing a long coat with nothing under it'.... No wonder that vile bastard thought he could do anything to women. Rot in hell Nellthorp.

    7. To be clear junior grade miscreant fired.

      Two Assistant Director Miscreants still on suspension and full pay 12 months on!

      If little miss MBE does have another job, is she allowed whilst still employed by HMRC on full pay?

    8. Nope you are talking about the AO. This thread is Talking about the other Assistant director that he was shagging. Didn't know about one? She boasted about it often enough to an inner circle.

    9. According to honour records, MBE awarded in 2010 when individual was an SO. Meteoric rise to deputy director by 2017,or earlier! Isn't DD an SCS grade? Hope the investigation is looking at the merits of this promotion.

    10. Ref @ 20:30 above,

      Saw many women utilise their ability to 'prostitute' themselves in order to climb the greasy pole. Known as management whores or tarts, they would normally be at a management level one or two places below their 'sponsor' and would act as a bag carrier or team colleague often travelling around the country together.
      It was sad to watch most of the time as most of the women I worked alongside were there on their work ability not for any nefarious attributes!
      It was a practice carried over from pre-HMRC days, but at least more women got promoted. LOL

  73. If 'Paul Garlick' has so much information to support the numerous victims of various misconduct , why the reticence to share it ??

    1. You cannot guess the reason why? Really?

    2. Why then,please explain, because none of this is making any sense. This forum just seems to want to rant and rave about senior directors. what's going on? This appears to being a forum to express anger, where is the substance? Is it just a forum to say whatever? Lets get back to the real issues within HMRC for the taxpayer and workers, and the injustice imposed on law abiding taxpayers when things go wrong.

    3. Because some of the detail exposes the identity of the victims, some victims are suicidal, some do not want their information in the public domain, there may be a criminal case.

      This thread gives an overview of the Nellthorp activity, his enablers, the cover-up and lack of empathy or responsibility from HMRC.

      It also gives contact details of a few that will endeavour to help by collating stories, joining the dots, putting pressure on MPs, making and retaining press contacts to ensure the FULL story gets out allowing the victims to maintain their anonymity and dignity.

      By all accounts, The Guardian article seems like the beginning, the story is now reaching a wider more influential audience whom seem horrified, as they should.

      There will be questions being asked and answers will need to be given - Press, MPs & Police.

  74. HMRC corruption has a human cost. Staff left suicidal & Jon Thompson lies about HMRC's conduct. This from a man who calls himself a christian? Take his ill-gotten knighthood away for his overall poor performance and total lack of honesty.


  76. Sven, email me again please, PG8

  77. In my time at HMRC (2002-16), I never heard anything positive about this man.

  78. Wonder if he is asking his wife for legal advice?

  79. What happened in the end with all of this? I followed Garlick and posts on here and it seems to have all died a death.

    Did Nellthorp sail off with his pension and only hit the headlines of the Guardian? Nothing about the NHS or police taking further?

    Did Lesley Dooley MBE and Denise Bradley sail off with pensions in tact too and only ever referred to as 'two women' in the Guardian?

    What became of all the accusations that many people knew what these people were up to for years? Bootle buddies? Senior officers? Did they all get away with it?

    Anyone know what happened? Did it end with Nellthorp, Dooley and Bradley or did others pay the price for their involvement?

    On reflection this did start out as the silence will fall.

    1. They all got away with it! HMRC enable misconduct and corruption. Shame on them!

  80. HMRC shut up shop, and stopped the victims from knowing about one another. Not a thing changed, and yes; Dooley, Bradley and Nelthorp all walked away with full pensions.

  81. The media have gone very quiet about HMRC's Serious Misconduct issues.

    As someone who would stand up and say that HMRC perverts the course of justice to avoid accountability for their misdeamours, and given their long track record of cover ups, this does not surprise me.

    Sir Jonathan Thompson - bullying, misconduct and cover-up as occurred on your watch, you have been made aware and done nothing. Do the decent thing: resign, apologise, and repent: work with the survivors of HMRC to help out the guilty staff, past & present, before the courts.

  82. I was shocked by the things that went on in that place. Bullying. Management looked the other way. An employee who apparently had been suffering workplace stress and worked in a highly vetted high security wing of HMRC went bonkers and mowed down a group of people in his van. One of the head honchos pulled a few strings to keep HMRC's name out of the media reports. Corrupt, professional cover up artists.

    1. This is shocking. I wonder whether journalists such as Will Humphries at The Times know of this case, it's absolutely in the public interest. HMRC seemingly practicing their usual dirty tactics - amoral, corrupt & nasty as ever I see.

    2. Yes indeed. Some of the news reports did mention who he was employed with but I think that most left that information out. Hmmmm.

  83. HMRC version of Epstein had mobility problems it appears. Even calling train rules 'perverse'. I'm guessing that was a Freudian slip. Amazing how crimes are committed, then hushed up, witnesses muzzled. All in a days work

  84. This is true,he often entertained his ladies whilst in a disability scooter, those scouse women are into some perverse stuff.

    Muzzled....not for much longer it would seem. My partner was a victim and they have had enough of the cover up and destroying of people's lives by this lot and HMRCs covering up of so many deeds connected to this horrific story.

    1. I hope this is true and the whole truth comes out. Shame victims can't be put in touch with each other.

    2. I hope this is true and the whole truth is told.

    3. I so hope this is true and the horrors will come out.

  85. Hi Ken, Have you been asked to approve posts before they are seen as this seems to be a new feature? Would be interested to know who by if you have been?

    1. Please see admin announcement :)

    2. I didn't ask the question about comment approval but am reassured by what Ken has said.

      The unsavoury truth about workplace abuse inside HMRC is very much in the public interest and sites such as this are one of the few places online where information and facts can be shared without censorship.

      Facts exposing the toxic bullying culture inside HMRC are being removed from some other sites, including Time to Change, and I fear 'sinister forces' have been at play with some of this censorship.

      Instead of paying people £40k per year to sit in HMRC's Press Office/Comms Team trawling the internet for facts which are uncomfortable for them, might it not be more productive, and cheaper, if HMRC tackled the root of all these problems.

      As a victim of workplace violence in HMRC I would very much welcome steps taken against this rogue organisation to bring it into line with the law. LETS MAKE HMRC HONEST!!!

      I suffer with PTSD, severe depression and anxiety due to the criminal behaviour of a female 'Senior Officer' manager who bullied and harassed me over a period of time, with her tactics escalating to misusing my medical and private data, and her/a third party acting on her behalf turning up unannounced at my home address leaving me in constant fear.

      It is very much in the public interest to prosecute HMRC staff where they have broken the criminal law, and where the evidence exists of such misconduct, you have to wonder why such prosecutions are not taking place.

    3. If I may share my story as an ex HMRC staff member forced to take legal proceedings against HMRC with regard to their bullying and other law-breaking; in addition to their dirty tactics, such as deliberate delays, abusive behaviour from people at Grade 7 through to the Chief Executive, and outright lies etc etc, another deeply worrying aspect was the corruption of documents by conflation, amendment and post-dated creation (data protection act does not apply to HMRC or so they think...).

      Given HMRC's position and power, if this is how they treat loyal time-served staff (left suicidal and broken by HMRC violence), how can any taxpayer expect to win a case when HMRC will just invent the 'truth' to fit their narrative? It's long overdue that HMRC are brought to heel starting with a thorough investigation, including of certain people in CS HR Casework (Manchester), with all criminal & civil law options to be pursued.

      After serving this organisation with integrity over 3 decades, it saddens me to conclude that the 'modern' HMRC are CORRUPT and out of control law-breakers!

  86. September 2018 the Guardian article said Mark Nellthorp was dismissed. What has he been doing for 12 months, does anyone know where he is, if he is employed, still involved with NHS Portsmouth? What happened to his female facilitators? Has everyone who was dismissed gained other employment outside the Civil Service?

  87. No one seems to know about Nellthorp but they all went with pensions in tact! Facilitators all sacked too but husband who represented nd had access too all accusations still works there.

    Dooley is probably polishing her MBE before it's hopefully removed but Bradley is working in a vets. Poor animals.

    Bootle lot are probably still selling handbags and not declaring tax to ex employer!

  88. “There is no honour in staying silent.” The silence fell in Saint John's House Bootle for years. You chose to say nothing, claimed to be intimidated and persecuted yet you took promotions and other gifts for your silence. We know who the brave were and we know who the cowards were. The truth will out.

    1. Who could you possibly be referring to?

    2. " The truth will out" So you've said a few thousand times.

      What is the truth? Tell us precisely? Name & shame with full names? What are you doing to advance any investigation into alleged criminal wrongdoing at HMRC?

    3. 1.30 you forgot Lesley Dooley MBE and Denise Bradley in your list of sexual assault facilitators, fiddled promotions and corrupt subsistence & expenses.

      12.15 My partner has been approached by the media to speak. PCS advised against it for now for legal reasons.

      There is a gang of silencers in Counter Avoidance making sure people are scared to speak about what happened like when Dooley and Bradley silenced people nothing changes.

    4. Have the media got contact details for lead investigator?

  89. Put in an FOI about no of dismissals or resignations following investigation in CA and follow tribunal listings. There are lots to come.

  90. HMRC are above the law. Fact. That's what the fast trackers believe anyway...

  91. What happened to Paul Garlick8? He was fighting the good fight and then went silent?
    Dooley seen shopping in Primark so that must be a come down and apparently she's having a few marital problems...

    1. Just needs stripping of her MBE now!

  92. Nelthorp now living with his mum. Divorce left him broke I hear! Whilst he kept his pension his most recent ex got a substantial chunk of it. Must be gutted to lose the house Mark.

  93. What happened to the woman from the Portsmouth office that Nellthorp got pregnant? 2015 when that happened.

  94. Shipped out on some sort of secondment pretty sheepish when it all started to come out about Nellthorp and him arranging a fast track abortion...

    1. It didn't come out until late 2018! Did the department know about this in 2015? What else did they know and not act on?

    2. Apparently his director David Richardson did know and covered for him. A few at Portsmouth NHS trust where he used his position as non-exec director knew as well and covered up.

    3. Explains why he never got his standard retirement honours! Would love to get a copy of NHS report they must have completed one.
      Hopefully this will all come out in court or tribunal and be widely reported on. Surprised LCAG haven't made more of it along with the sacking of the other Deputy Director in CA. People Survey will be interesting.

  95. Who is exposing the truth about HMRC corruption now? There's a big story about outright dishonesty and thuggery to be told, if only the media would raise the alarm...