HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Morale Collapses

Morale Collapses
In November of 2007 HMRC conducted a staff survey, to find out their views and attitudes towards the organisation that they should be proud to work for.

20062 members of staff (63%) responded, the results make grim reading for the senior management of HMRC and the government; morale is sinking fast. One response particularly stands out, 30% of staff of HMRC did not know that the role of HMRC was to administer the UK's tax and customs system.

What is HMRC for then?

The full results can be accessed here. However, here are a few highlights:
  • 33% are not proud to work for HMRC, the figure for June 2007 was 23%

  • 41% are not satisfied with their job, in June 2007 it was 37%

  • A mere 17% would recommend the HMRC as a good place to work (it was 30% in June)

  • 72% think that working for HMRC has got worse, and 53% think it will be even worse in one year's time

  • A staggering 70% think that change is not managed well

  • 78% think that it is changing for the worse

  • Quite alarmingly 30% of staff of HMRC did not know that the role of HMRC was to administer the UK's tax and customs system. What one earth do they think that HMRC is meant to do then?

  • 50% think that the integration of HMRC has been a bad thing for their customers (that's HMRC's word to describe taxpayers)

  • 55% believe that they are not valued

  • 52% do not have confidence in their senior managers
A truly dismal set of findings, one that HMRC and the government should be very ashamed of and worried about.

The question is, are the government and senior management of HMRC able and willing to improve the situation?

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. According to the survey: "Our aim is ensuring society's financial

    Excuse me??????? How on earth is HMRC supposed to achieve that????!!!!!

  2. I laugh when I read about the troubles of the Revenue nowadays but at teh same time feel sorry its employees, the poor souls who have not found the courage to leave it for a better life. I use to work for the Revenue for a number of years having previously worked in private companies what a big mistake my choice of employer was. Oh well we live and learn the Revenue was quite honest the poorest quality run organisaiton you can imagine; the quality (or lack of it) was so bad you wouldnt believe the things i saw and had to 'work with' on a daily basis. The 'management' were to put in mildly self serving cretins who coudlnt grasp the concept of their roles let alone do anything. the day i handed my notice in was agood day , as i thought life was too short! Though i must say that many staff in the lower ranks if i can put it that way showed to be hard able workers it too bad they get little help from the management and the rest of teh staff who in all actions and appearances seemed to be a bunch of dribbling retards lost when the bus from the local care home went early leaving them with no-one to clean the dried soup off their oh so fashionable tank tops.

  3. What about pay rises I have worked for HMRC for almost 7 years and should have been on my max two years ago, but we were encouraged to sign up to the new HMRC which would see our wages come in line with everyone else. What fools not only have we had to wait until the end of February 09 to get our June 08 award, we have now been told that we are no longer eligble to go onto our max, one again the poor getting poorer. I noted with interest that all the top dogs got their bonus's and also pay rises in OCTOBER 08 good god what is happening here. The government took over Northern Rock and all of their staff got a £2000. bonus for not even doing a good job (after all they needed to be bailed out). What a crock of shit.

  4. To be fair to the Northern Rock lot, if you're talking about £2k bonuses you're obviously referring to the ordinary staff. There's nothing to suggest they didn't do a good job. It's the high-rollers who were messing about with Structured Investment Vehicles who broke the bank.

  5. the earlier comments don't even begin to tell the real story. It is a total schizophrenic shambles!! There is a total abdication of responsibility within the management streams Jobsworth is an inadequate phrase. You can't apply production line techniques when dealing with 'people'

  6. Its that bad these days the Senior managers are saying when it comes to closing offices we will look at morale & engagement. If it's low we will close that office. Now can you guess how the scores will move in the next staff survey!
    HMRC is run by muppets and Im talking Excom & dogs like cheyl fielder