HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Friday, 8 May 2009

The Culture of Hostility

Money With Menaces
Accountancy Age warns of the dangers of a culture of hostility setting root in HMRC, as a result of the pressure to close the "tax gap" (the actual size of which is not precisely known):

"The central focus on closing the gap could create a culture of hostility towards tax payers in a way that would trigger people into taking risks, pushing them towards avoidance or even evasion.

Combined with increased tax rates for the better off, this is a real danger unless HMRC finds a more co-operative approach

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. "dangers of a culture of hostility setting root in HMRC"

    You what? there's no danger of it - it's well and truly embedded and this was over 2 years ago.

    There is already a culture of "hostility" and I would say CONTEMPT towards the tax payer and I dont blame anyone for evading it. That's right, evading! It makes no fucking difference to these ruthless bastards whether you avoided it or evade - you are treated the same.

    Now, today this government lost all credibility with their disgusting expense habits at the taxpayer's expense.

    I am duly looking forward to the next one these fuckers from HMRC try and preach the rules of expense conduct to me!

    Everyone should stand up to them. They're full of shit, wrong, out of order and they know it. They also know that their time will soon be up.

  2. You're quite an angry person, aren't you?

    Care to talk about it? What did they do to you?

  3. This makes me laugh!!!!! Contempt towards the tax-payer, being an HMRC employee I am subjected to abuse numerous times a day FROM the taxpayer. Today i was racially abused by a scotsman and i'm english !!!

  4. Talk about what? The name of this website kinda says it all dont you think?

    It's alright for you getting paid by the taxpayer with one hand and abusing them with your policies with the other. Not so long ago on TV there were horrific examples how HMRC conducted themselves with resulted in destroying peoples lives. (the very people who pay their fucking wages)

    The only reason you are getting abused is because of the way HMRC are abusing normal hardworking people. There's a limit to how much injustice any human being can cope with. If you choose to work within that organisation, then whatever issues you have result from the shit HMRC bestow.

    People trying to earn a living and paying taxes and then getting fucked is a whole different matter.

    Whatever issues I had and have I am addressing and dealing with. But that doesnt stop me from warning other people to protect themselves from the shite that is HMRC now does it?

  5. OK, now i'm angry.

    I get paid by the taxpayer !!!! I'm a taxpayer too, does that mean i pay my own wages because believe me i'd pay me a lot more than than £15K i get a year. We deserve it just for the crap we take on a daily basis.

    This forum is meant for employees as well as taxpayers.

    As for choosing to work for them, yes at the moment i do choose to work for them, it fits in with my young family, and yes its a crap job and yes i dont agree with some of the policies but i wont give it up as my family would suffer.

    The culture of hostility will only grow while people with attitudes like yours continue to spout off. If you seriously disagree with the governments policies then try to do something about it instead of complainig about everything.

  6. If people volunteer to be in an army they can't really complain about being shot at.

  7. Yes, but you don't expect to be shot at by your own generals.

  8. You have no Idea about how we are so Mico Managed now in HMRC that there is no allowance for common sense or judgement calls any longer.
    My work is checked,checked and re checked to a finite degree I am no longer able to give anyone the benefit of the doubt.
    It's by the book and no leeway

  9. xoggoth - you just nailed it in one sentence!

    Anyway, I hear you have some MPs to investigate?

  10. It's a very pretty little analogy, Xoggoth. However, armies do rather have a tendency to shoot back.

    All this anonymousness is unfortunately rather confusing but some of us do have the small matter of theOfficial Secrets Act hanging over our head so we'll just have to put up with it. For the record i'm the one who posted at 1619 on the 8th.

    You clearly have a few problems with HMRC, CryBaby (mind if I call you Baby?). In fact, having been through most of the comments on this blog over the time it's been running, I don't think I've seem any comments that are angrier than yours. This led me to wonder why: were you on the receiving end of one of these "horror stories" or is it just that you don't like paying tax so you're very open to believing such stories at face value?

  11. Dear 1619, yes you can call me baby. I have been on the receiving end of extreme unjustified shite and has nothing to do with paying tax which I pay.

    I've never claimed benefits like some scum-sucking immigrants do and what pisses me off is my company gets fucking terrorised by HMRC whilst benefit seeking scum take take take and get clean away with it. They're even allowed to multiply and carry on claiming! And Jaqui Smith keeps paying them whilst she and her husband wank over a porn film?

    There's loads more examples, but the whole system is wrong, its unjust, unreasonable and I'm not the only one whose angry about it.

  12. "....the whole system is wrong, its unjust, unreasonable and I'm not the only one whose angry about it."

    You are very right, and most of us poor suckers unfortunate enough to work in HRMC think so too - but when the generals are more keen on shooting their soldiers in the back and dreaming up ever more absurd regulations than actually collecting tax, then there's not much you can do.

    I for one would very much like to get my teeth into inspecting some MPs expense claims, but sadly I know all too well what the "guidelines" from up top will be.(Uncle Dave Hartnett and Viscount Rothermere ring any bells?)

  13. we have a duty to ourselves, our country and the future of our children do our bit to change things and stop these people. I did lie down and take it for a while but soon realised that is exactly what they want.

    You guys in HMRC might have this secrecy act over your head at work, but that doesnt stop you from raising your voice in other matters on a personal level.

    Here's one for starters.

    Get rid of the filth at the top and the rest of these weasels will soon crumble. Things will change for us and you as well.

    If we fail, so what? I can die knowing I damn well tried.

  14. Believe you me Cry Baby, we are trying - but the rampant Stalinist bullying culture imposed by management makes it exceedingly risky when you have your mortgage to think about.

  15. My husband works for this shite organisation and when I tried to do an online self assessment (32 days to send the activation code which only lasts 28)and twice received a late code, he admitted that the tax part of HMRC is fucking shite. 2 months of shite advise, incorrect advice, and arrogant twats on the end of the phone (which i am paying for) and we still can't register online. Now waiting for the fuckers to send me a bill for a late return. What an absolute shower of shite HMRevenue is. As for that guy in charge ...what a fucking waste of space.