HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Tuesday, 22 December 2009

I Am The law

Judge Dredd
New HMRC, in the shape of guidance note EM1609, seems to allow inspectors to retain tax rebates for self assessment tax payers whilst reviewing the case but without the need to open a formal invetsigation.

Mike Warburton of Grant Thornton and the Chartered Institute on Taxation's John Whiting claim that there is no basis in law that allows inspectors to do this.

HMRC claim that the note "broadens the options" available to tax inspectors.

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. "broadens the options"...

    Sounds like a feeble excuse to me, but then HMRC is fast becoming, if it hasn't already, a feeble/laughable organ tied up with its own red tape and bureaucracy. No-one who works for HMRC can do just about anything, eg lifting a teacup or visiting the loo, without firstly obtaining authority from a more senior manager, filling out reams of spreadsheets, subjecting the proposed actions to a risk assessment, considered possible H&S implications, checked (either informally or formally) with a colleague in other tax regimes for potential risks/losses to revenue, considered budgetary costs such as travel & subsistence, notified umpteen IT systems (none of which interface with each other), ensured there is a clear audit trail to justify the decision to take (or not to take as the case may be) the proposed actions, while at the same time providing Mr Tax Payer with factsheets on how to complain/appeal and reminding the customer of his/her human rights and pointing out that their personal data is safe and secure and that HMRC will at all times deal with you fairly and consistently... ho, ho, ho... Merry Christmas!!!

  2. …bang on right mate, well said!!

    Anything is more important in HMRC these days than boring old collecting tax.

    The latest shockwave to hit us is that “we have turned the corner” in our environmental efforts. We have evidently reduced “official waste” by a staggering 29% - but from where I sit it seems like it has increased by 1000% since we were taken over by the Inland Revenue.

  3. Interesting.

    My claim for a rebate was confirmed back in March subject to 'checks' for potential fraud. Apparently.

    Nothing was paid and attempts to make contact by phone were failures.

    I tried again in the week before Xmas and got straight through. Nice lady. Apparently they had not repaid because they did not know where to send it. No bank details on the internet based return (apparently). I'm sure there was at my end and they had details from the previous years.

    She promised to process the payment. I have not yet seen it of course, though I have not checked for today.

    The excuse is pathetic but all too likely a real 'no ones fault' result of a system in disarray.

    Words are beginning to fail me ....

  4. Maybe HMRC isn't shite anymore there been no new updates since Dec 22. I would have thought Mike Clasper's departure to ITV would have been mentioned he seems to have been paid a lof of money just to develop a vision then quickly pisses off.

  5. Good point above.
    HMRC made sure everyone knew who Clasper was in June 2008.
    But hes fucked off to ITV now and there isnt a peep out of them.

  6. A little bird tells me that there will be wee article on this site on Monday about this issue;)