HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Wednesday, 26 January 2011


My thanks to a loyal reader who sent me a link to this parliamentary question and answer regarding unreconciled NI payments, dated 24 January 2011:

Ian Liddell-Grainger (Bridgwater and West Somerset, Conservative)

To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer how many national insurance (NI) contributions deducted from pay and recorded on form P14 were not credited to NI accounts in each year since 5 April 2004; and what the monetary value is of the contributions yet to be credited.

David Gauke (Exchequer Secretary, HM Treasury; South West Hertfordshire, Conservative)

The number of unmatched P14s and the associated monetary values of the contributions received for the tax years requested are as follows:

Tax year P14s not matched Monetary value of contributions (£)
2004-05 1,839,143 263,101,931.24
2005-06 2,016,761 289,212,918.76
2006-07 1,974,081 278,618,228.99
2007-08 1,947,065 258,603,899.93
2008-09 1,542,773 194,623,653.05
2009-10 (1)- (1)-

(1) Figures not yet available.

The levels seems reasonably consistent. The next question Liddell-Grainger needs to ask is, how many and what value of these still remains unreconciled.

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. Ken,

    As the question included the phrase "what the value is of the contributions yet to be credited " (my emphasis), my reading is that these figures do refer to the ones that remain to be reconciled, but I may be wrong.

    Stew G


    For the fun of it.

  3. It's OK, HMRC made a reassuring statement about this earlier.

  4. I see HMRC is blamed for other peoples incompetence again. P14 = A Smith, Address (blank), NINO (blank), DOB (blank). Who do you credit the NI to?

  5. To: 26 January 2011 23:33

    I blame HMRC for the depression in this country. If people dont fill in their forms properly, I blame HMRC for making them difficult - the forms should be in line with the pathetic education system we have in place. We are becoming a nation of qualified burger flippers and HMRC forms should reflect that.

    Can HMRC's image sink any lower? - yes. it. can.

  6. To: 26 January 2011 23:33

    Maybe someone could get the numbers for P14's that are filled in correctly but not matched.

  7. To: 27 January 2011 09:18

    Easy - 0.

    To: 27 January 2011 08:42

    The P14 is easy to fill in. All you have to do is ask your employees name, DOB, address and NINO. Any three of the above would allow the record to be matched. Most employers file online so they don't even have to fill the form in. Its just that they put an initial, a surname, a fake DOB and NINO and then you have complaints like this.

    This has always happened with NI and the the number of cases is reducing - because employers now have to file online. And people complain about that because it demands this information. So they make it up instead. A lot of people working in this country were born on 01/01/1901 and have no fixed address for some reason.

    I really can't understand employers paying people money when they don't know their employees first name or where they live.

  8. 27 January 2011 10:21

    There we are then. Some employers struggle with the basics of DOB and Names etc. I told you... nation of qualified burger flippers.

    So rather than ask DOB, how about breaking it down into:-

    "when is your birthday?"
    "What age will you be celebrating on your next birthday?"


  9. So, now it is all done on line there will not be any problems next year?

  10. There will be problems next year. As I said - employers don't provide the info required. I was being sarcastic when I said a lot of people working in this country were born on 01/01/1901 and have no fixed address.