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HMRC Is Shite
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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Lean On Me - Toyota In Another Massive Recall

Toyota, the company that bequeathed the world and HMRC "LEAN", has had to issue yet another recall of cars along with Nissan and Honda.

Reuters reports that 3.4 million cars are being recalled because of issues over airbags.

As per a loyal reader this morning:

Memo to all managers and evangelista's

Its all gone pear-shaped, again!

Manufacturer's of what are sometimes known as "rice burners" such as Toyota, Nissan & Honda would appear to have been involved in yet another round of multi-millon, world-wide vehicle recalls involving safety issues (don't forget, recalls are usually a last resort after ignoring the problem with collective insertion of heads into places where the sun don't shine).

Is there a lesson to be learnt from this?

There is, despite all the hype, Pacesetter/Lean systems, as developed from the land of the rising sunny (Nissan), are unable to cope with the rigours of mass production environments.

What does this mean? Despite years of man/women hours and billions of Yen, Pounds and Dollars it is now there for all to see, it does not work, and continues to fail regularly.

Watch out for falling lemmings and other practitioners of hari kari (that's falling on your sword for Excom!)
Sadly I suspect that HMRC will not give up using LEAN, whatever the cost!

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. There appears to be a common denominator or two at work somewhere, methinks.

    Could someone explain this Pacesetter lean thing to me? I get the impression that it is a combination of Scientology and Pyramid selling gone wrong.

    The staff do not appear to have been fooled by false prophets, and engagement with management over this issue let alone anything else appears minimal at best.

    Who has oversight on this department and what are they doing about this gross waste of public funds and mismanagement on a huge scale?

    Where does the nightmare that is common purpose dwell within this debacle?

    Yes, many questions, but demanding many answers now.

  2. From

    Key Departmental Target – deliver a better customer
    Lean in the Public Sector:
    What, What, What?
    Warwick Business School

    Lean within Public Services can be considered in the broadest sense to be a philosophy, which aims to develop good practice of process/operations improvement that allows a reduction of waste,
    improvement of flow and better concept of customer and process
    view through a culture of continuous improvement involving
    everyone. (Radnor et al, Scottish Executive Report, 2006)

    And there you have in one sentence the root of all evils!

    However, further into the report, appears this;_
    Key Departmental Target – deliver a better customer

    Now even the most gushing of pacesetter evangelistas and the most psychophantic of shills let alone Stew G would have to accept that this target has been missed completely?

    1. You're probably right!

      Stew G

    2. Have you really got nothing else to do in your life, you sad tosser, with your ridiculous " shill" bollocks?

    3. Evidently not, whereas the time you've spent on your cogent and insightful contribution has (no doubt) enhanced your own life while expanding the depth and breadth of human understanding. Future students of 21st-century English language will debate whether your comment is best described as poetry, prose or a whole new form. Sociologists, meanwhile, will marvel at the power and pervasiveness of your rhetoric.

      I'm just so pleased to have contributed in some humble way. Who would have thought that "you're probably right" (which I had naively thought to be an innocuous throwaway) would inspire such profound insights...

      Stew G
      (On a train, with nothing else to do...)

  3. There is an article in the magazine Public Servant in it's March edition 25 interview with Ian Beggs head of HMRC's Pacesetter program,he quotes 300 pacesetter practitioners keeping pacesetter alive complete industry on it's own. that's 300 at band HO and above BTW so what is it costing?

    1. And why? Why are we bothering when, in reality, it is a long way to say 'use your common sense'.