HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Taxpayers Are Not Customers!

My thanks to a loyal reader who sent me an article that contains a most marvellous quote by judge Barbara Mosedale, who found that HMRC’s decision wrt taxpayers filing VAT returns online was a breach of the appellants’ human rights and unlawful under EU law.

The judge is quoted by Finance and Tax Tribunals:
"I note in passing that all the reports mentioned below refer to HMRC’s ‘customers’. 

While this is a regrettable misuse of language by HMRC as it implies people have a choice whether to interact with HMRC and that therefore the payment of taxes is voluntary, nevertheless it is clear that references to ‘customers’ are meant to be references to taxpayers. 

Needless to say the payment of taxes is not voluntary despite the misnomer and the submission of VAT returns by VAT registered entities is a legal requirement."
Quite so!

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. Touche'

    Great to be reminded as to why British Law is best! This is common sense as opposed to common purpose, and what a difference.

    Well done the Judge.

    Of course, everyone has known for years how stupid HMRC were referring to Taxpayers as Customers, Goodness, HMRC will be wanting to "Grow The Business" next.

  2. And yet you dismiss Lord Nolan's definition of tax avoidance in the CIR v Willoughby case. Hmm.

    Stew G

  3. If tax payers were treated as tax payers then we might expect better service in return.

    The powers that be insist on using the pink & fluffy sounding (but entirely wrong) term 'customer services' while at the same time dishing out an inept level of service to the public. Makes you wonder if the term is used deliberately to disguise the reality of the distain in which they have for tax payers unlucky enough to have to communicate with them by the force of law.